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"@metadata": {
"authors": [
- "Mdann52"
+ "Mdann52",
+ "Chase me ladies, I'm the Cavalry"
- "interwiki_local_0_intro": "Any external HTTP requests to the local wiki using this interwiki prefix in the URL will result in a \"{{int:badtitle}}\" error page."
+ "interwiki": "View and edit interwiki data",
+ "interwiki-title-norights": "View interwiki data",
+ "interwiki-desc": "Adds a [[Special:Interwiki|special page]] to view and edit the interwiki table",
+ "interwiki_intro": "This is an overview of the interwiki table, which defines the prefix shortcuts used to quickly link to different wikis and other external sites. For recommended use, please see [// the manual on].",
+ "interwiki-legend-label": "Legend",
+ "interwiki_prefix": "Prefix",
+ "interwiki-prefix-label": "Prefix:",
+ "interwiki_prefix_intro": "Interwiki prefix to be used in <code>[<nowiki />[prefix:<em>pagename</em>]]</code> wikitext syntax.",
+ "interwiki_url_intro": "Template for URLs. The placeholder $1 will be replaced by the <em>pagename</em> in <code>[<nowiki />[prefix:<em>pagename</em>]]</code>.",
+ "interwiki_local": "Forward",
+ "interwiki-local-label": "Forward:",
+ "interwiki_local_0_intro": "Any external HTTP requests to the local wiki using this interwiki prefix in the URL will result in a \"{{int:badtitle}}\" error page.",
+ "interwiki_local_1_intro": "External HTTP requests to the local wiki using this interwiki prefix will be redirected to the target URL of the interwiki (i.e. treated like links to local pages).",
+ "interwiki_trans": "Transclude",
+ "interwiki-trans-label": "Transclude:",
+ "interwiki_trans_1_intro": "If wikitext syntax <code>{<nowiki />{prefix:<em>pagename</em>}}</code> is used, allow template/page transclusion from the foreign wiki if interwiki transclusions are enabled in general ([//$wgEnableScaryTranscluding scary transclusion]).",
+ "interwiki_trans_0_intro": "Do not allow <code>{<nowiki />{prefix:<em>pagename</em>}}</code> to transclude foreign templates/pages, rather look for a local page in the template namespace.",
+ "interwiki_1": "yes",
+ "interwiki_0": "no",
+ "interwiki_error": "Error: The interwiki table is empty, or something else went wrong.",
+ "interwiki-cached": "The interwiki data is cached. Modifying the cache is not possible.",
+ "interwiki_edit": "Edit",
+ "interwiki_reasonfield": "Reason:",
+ "interwiki_delquestion": "Deleting \"$1\"",
+ "interwiki_deleting": "You are deleting prefix \"$1\".",
+ "interwiki_deleted": "Prefix \"$1\" was successfully removed from the interwiki table.",
+ "interwiki_delfailed": "Prefix \"$1\" could not be removed from the interwiki table.",
+ "interwiki-logtext": "View log",
+ "interwiki_addtext": "Add an interwiki or language prefix",
+ "interwiki-addtext-local": "Add a local interwiki or language prefix",
+ "interwiki_addintro": "You are adding a new interwiki prefix.\nRemember that it cannot contain spaces ( ), colons (:), ampersands (&), or equal signs (=).",
+ "interwiki_addbutton": "Add",
+ "interwiki_added": "Prefix \"$1\" was successfully added to the interwiki table.",
+ "interwiki_addfailed": "Prefix \"$1\" could not be added to the interwiki table.\nPossibly it already exists in the interwiki table.",
+ "interwiki_edittext": "Editing an interwiki prefix",
+ "interwiki_editintro": "You are editing an interwiki prefix.\nRemember that this can break existing links.",
+ "interwiki_edited": "Prefix \"$1\" was successfully modified in the interwiki table.",
+ "interwiki_editerror": "Prefix \"$1\" could not be modified in the interwiki table.\nIt may not exist.",
+ "interwiki-badprefix": "Specified interwiki prefix \"$1\" contains invalid characters",
+ "interwiki-submit-empty": "The prefix and URL cannot be empty.",
+ "interwiki-submit-invalidurl": "The protocol of the URL is invalid.",
+ "log-name-interwiki": "Interwiki table log",
+ "logentry-interwiki-iw_add": "$1 {{GENDER:$2|added}} prefix \"$4\" ($5) (trans: $6; local: $7) to the interwiki table",
+ "logentry-interwiki-iw_edit": "$1 {{GENDER:$2|modified}} prefix \"$4\" ($5) (trans: $6; local: $7) in the interwiki table",
+ "logentry-interwiki-iw_delete": "$1 {{GENDER:$2|removed}} prefix \"$4\" from the interwiki table",
+ "log-description-interwiki": "This is a log of changes to the [[Special:Interwiki|interwiki table]].",
+ "right-interwiki": "Edit interwiki data",
+ "action-interwiki": "change this interwiki entry",
+ "interwiki-global-links": "Global interwiki prefixes",
+ "interwiki-global-description": "These prefixes are inherited from a global configuration, and can only be edited on the source wiki.",
+ "interwiki-local-links": "Local interwiki prefixes",
+ "interwiki-local-description": "These prefixes exist locally. Any duplicates with the global configuration will override the global definition.",
+ "interwiki-links": "Interwiki prefixes",
+ "interwiki-language-links": "Interlanguage prefixes",
+ "interwiki-language-description": "These prefixes match defined language codes, and will be used to create the \"{{int:otherlanguages}}\" listing when added to a page."