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+ GeSHi - GEneric Syntax HIghlighter
+ ----------------------------------
+ Version 1.0.8
+Author: Benny Baumann, Nigel McNie
+GeSHi Website:
+GeSHi is a generic syntax highlighter, written in PHP. You simply
+input the source code you wish to highlight with the language you
+wish to use, and the output will be a file syntax highlighted to
+XHTML standards.
+For more information on how to use GeSHi, please consult the
+documentation. If you got this readme from a GeSHi package, then
+the documentation is available in the docs/ directory. Documentation
+is also available at
+If you think you've found a bug in GeSHi, contact me with a bug
+report at, or submit it to the bug tracker at
+ Be
+aware that minor highlighting errors may well just be incorrect
+language files, but if you do find something major please contact me.
+And if you're using GeSHi as a plugin/mod for some other software,
+please tell me about it! It's worth a link to you, and I can give
+you specialist help if you need it.
+GeSHi is free software, released under the GNU GPL. Please see the
+COPYING file for more information. If you do modify this program,
+please tell me about it! Perhaps you've made a good improvement that
+I can learn from :) \ No newline at end of file