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@@ -18,10 +18,10 @@ repository-specific configuration is needed, or in static members of File or
FileRepo, where no such configuration is needed.
File objects are generated by a factory function from the repository. The
-repository thus has full control over the behaviour of its subsidiary file
+repository thus has full control over the behavior of its subsidiary file
class, since it can subclass the file class and override functionality at its
whim. Thus there is no need for the File subclass to query its parent repository
-for information about repository-class-dependent behaviour -- the file subclass
+for information about repository-class-dependent behavior -- the file subclass
is generally fully aware of the static preferences of its repository. Limited
exceptions can be made to this rule to permit sharing of functions, or perhaps
even entire classes, between repositories.
@@ -39,22 +39,3 @@ LocalRepo.php. LocalRepo provides only file access, and LocalFile provides
database access and higher-level functions such as cache management.
Tim Starling, June 2007
-File defines an abstract class File.
- ForeignAPIFile extends File.
- LocalFile extends File.
- ForeignDBFile extends LocalFile
- Image extends LocalFile
- UnregisteredLocalFile extends File.
- UploadStashFile extends UnregisteredLocalFile.
-FileRepo defines an abstract class FileRepo.
- ForeignAPIRepo extends FileRepo
- FSRepo extends FileRepo
- LocalRepo extends FSRepo
- ForeignDBRepo extends LocalRepo
- ForeignDBViaLBRepo extends LocalRepo
- NullRepo extends FileRepo
-Russ Nelson, March 2011