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There's an experimental PHP extension module which wraps the ICU library's
normalization functions. This is *MUCH* faster than doing this work in pure
-PHP code. This is in the 'normal' directory in MediaWiki's CVS extensions
-module. It is known to work with PHP 4.3.8 and 5.0.2 on Linux/x86 but hasn't
-been thoroughly tested on other configurations.
+PHP code. This is at
+It is used by the WMF, which currently runs PHP 5.3.10 on Linux. It hasn't been
+thoroughly tested on other configurations, but may work.
If the module is loaded in php.ini, the normalization functions
will automatically use it. If you can't (or don't want to) load it in php.ini,
-you may be able to load it using the dl() function before include()ing or
-require()ing UtfNormal.php, and it will be picked up.
+you may be able to load it using the dl() function before the inclusion of
+UtfNormal.php, and it will be picked up.