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+/** Scots (Scots)
+ *
+ * @addtogroup Language
+ *
+ * @author editors
+ * @author SPQRobin
+ * @author Nike
+ * @author OchAyeTheNoo
+ * @author לערי ריינהארט
+ * @author Siebrand
+ * @author Malafaya
+ */
+$messages = array(
+# User preference toggles
+'tog-underline' => 'Unnerline airtins:',
+'tog-highlightbroken' => 'Format brucken airtins <a href="" class="new">like this</a> (alternative: like this<a href="" class="internal">?</a>).',
+'tog-justify' => 'Justifee paragraphs',
+'tog-hideminor' => 'Hide smaa edits in recent chynges',
+'tog-extendwatchlist' => 'Mak watchleet bigger tae shaw aw chynges',
+'tog-usenewrc' => 'Enhanced recent chynges (no for aa brousers)',
+'tog-numberheadings' => 'Auto-nummer heidins',
+'tog-showtoolbar' => 'Shaw edit toolbar',
+'tog-editondblclick' => 'Edit pages on dooble-dab (JavaScript)',
+'tog-editsection' => 'Enable section editin via [edit] airtins',
+'tog-editsectiononrightclick' => 'Enable section editin bi richt-dabbin on section teitles (JavaScript)',
+'tog-showtoc' => 'Shaw table o contents (for pages wi mair nor 3 heidins)',
+'tog-rememberpassword' => 'Mynd password ower sessions',
+'tog-editwidth' => 'Edit box haes fou weenth',
+'tog-watchcreations' => 'Add pages ye mak tar yer watchleet',
+'tog-watchdefault' => 'Add pages ye edit tae yer watchleet',
+'tog-watchmoves' => 'Eik pages A move tae ma watchleet',
+'tog-watchdeletion' => 'Eik pages A get rid o tae ma watchleet',
+'tog-minordefault' => 'Mairk aa edits "smaa" bi defaut',
+'tog-previewontop' => 'Shaw scance afore edit box an no efter it',
+'tog-previewonfirst' => 'Shaw scance on first edit',
+'tog-nocache' => 'Disable page cachin',
+'tog-enotifwatchlistpages' => 'Send me an email on page chynges',
+'tog-enotifusertalkpages' => 'Send me an email whan ma uiser collogue page is chynged',
+'tog-enotifminoredits' => 'Send me an email for smaa edits o pages an aa',
+'tog-enotifrevealaddr' => 'Shaw ma email address in notification mails',
+'tog-shownumberswatching' => 'Shaw the nummer o watching uisers',
+'tog-fancysig' => 'Raw seignaturs (athoot automatic airtin)',
+'tog-externaleditor' => 'Uise external editor bi defaut',
+'tog-externaldiff' => 'Uise external diff bi defaut',
+'tog-showjumplinks' => 'Enable "loup til" accessibility airtins',
+'tog-uselivepreview' => 'Uise leeve preview (JavaScript) (Prattik)',
+'tog-forceeditsummary' => 'Gie me a jottin when A dinnae put in a edit summary',
+'tog-watchlisthideown' => 'Hide yer ain edits frae yer watchleet',
+'tog-watchlisthidebots' => 'Hide bot edits frae yer watchleet',
+'tog-watchlisthideminor' => 'Dinna shaw sma edits on ma watchleet',
+'tog-ccmeonemails' => 'Gie me copies o emails A write tae ither uisers',
+'tog-diffonly' => 'Dinna shaw page contents ablo diffs',
+'underline-always' => 'Aye',
+'underline-never' => 'Niver',
+'underline-default' => 'Brouser defaut',
+'skinpreview' => '(First Leuk)',
+# Dates
+'sunday' => 'Sunday',
+'monday' => 'Monanday',
+'tuesday' => 'Tysday',
+'wednesday' => 'Wadensday',
+'thursday' => 'Fuirsday',
+'friday' => 'Friday',
+'saturday' => 'Seturday',
+'sun' => 'Sun',
+'mon' => 'Mon',
+'tue' => 'Tue',
+'wed' => 'Wed',
+'thu' => 'Thu',
+'fri' => 'Fri',
+'sat' => 'Sat',
+'january' => 'Januar',
+'february' => 'Februar',
+'march' => 'Mairch',
+'april' => 'Apryle',
+'may_long' => 'Mey',
+'june' => 'Juin',
+'july' => 'Julie',
+'august' => 'August',
+'september' => 'September',
+'october' => 'October',
+'november' => 'November',
+'december' => 'Dizember',
+'january-gen' => 'Januar',
+'february-gen' => 'February',
+'march-gen' => 'March',
+'april-gen' => 'Apryle',
+'may-gen' => 'May',
+'june-gen' => 'Juin',
+'july-gen' => 'Julie',
+'august-gen' => 'August',
+'september-gen' => 'September',
+'october-gen' => 'October',
+'november-gen' => 'November',
+'december-gen' => 'Dizember',
+'jan' => 'Jan',
+'feb' => 'Feb',
+'mar' => 'Mai',
+'apr' => 'Apr',
+'may' => 'Mey',
+'jun' => 'Jui',
+'jul' => 'Jul',
+'aug' => 'Aug',
+'sep' => 'Sep',
+'oct' => 'Oct',
+'nov' => 'Nov',
+'dec' => 'Diz',
+# Bits of text used by many pages
+'categories' => 'Categories',
+'pagecategories' => '{{PLURAL:$1|Category|Categories}}',
+'category_header' => 'Pages in category "$1"',
+'subcategories' => 'Subcategories',
+'category-media-header' => 'Eetems in category "$1"',
+'category-empty' => "''This category haes no pages or eetems at the meenit.''",
+'mainpagetext' => "<big>'''MediaWiki haes been installit wi speed.'''</big>",
+'mainpagedocfooter' => "Aks the [ Uiser's Manual] for speirins aboot using the wiki saftware.
+== Gettin startit ==
+* [ Configuration settins leet]
+* [ MediaWiki FAQ]
+* [ MediaWiki releese mailin leet]",
+'about' => 'Aboot',
+'article' => 'Content page',
+'newwindow' => '(opens in new windae)',
+'cancel' => 'Cancel',
+'qbfind' => 'Rake',
+'qbbrowse' => 'Brouse',
+'qbedit' => 'Edit',
+'qbpageoptions' => 'This page',
+'qbpageinfo' => 'Context',
+'qbmyoptions' => 'Ma pages',
+'qbspecialpages' => 'Byordinar pages',
+'moredotdotdot' => 'Mair...',
+'mypage' => 'Ma page',
+'mytalk' => 'Ma collogue',
+'anontalk' => 'Collogue for this IP',
+'navigation' => 'Navigation',
+'and' => 'an',
+# Metadata in edit box
+'metadata_help' => 'Metadata:',
+'errorpagetitle' => 'Error',
+'returnto' => 'Return tae $1.',
+'tagline' => 'Frae {{SITENAME}}',
+'help' => 'Help',
+'search' => 'Rake',
+'searchbutton' => 'Rake',
+'go' => 'Gang',
+'searcharticle' => 'Gang',
+'history' => 'Page history',
+'history_short' => 'History',
+'updatedmarker' => 'chynged sin ma hindermast visit',
+'info_short' => 'Wittins',
+'printableversion' => 'Prent version',
+'permalink' => 'Permanent airtin',
+'print' => 'Prent',
+'edit' => 'Edit',
+'editthispage' => 'Edit this page',
+'delete' => 'Delete',
+'deletethispage' => 'Delete this page',
+'undelete_short' => 'Undelete {{PLURAL:$1|ane edit|$1 edits}}',
+'protect' => 'Fend',
+'protect_change' => 'chynge fend',
+'protectthispage' => 'Fend this page',
+'unprotect' => 'Loose fend',
+'unprotectthispage' => 'Loose the fend for this page',
+'newpage' => 'New page',
+'talkpage' => 'Blether ower this page',
+'talkpagelinktext' => 'Collogue',
+'specialpage' => 'Byordinar Page',
+'personaltools' => 'Personal tuils',
+'postcomment' => 'Eik a jottin',
+'articlepage' => 'Leuk at content page',
+'talk' => 'Collogue',
+'views' => 'Views',
+'toolbox' => 'Tuilkist',
+'userpage' => 'View uiser page',
+'projectpage' => 'View project page',
+'imagepage' => 'Leuk at eimage page',
+'mediawikipage' => 'View message page',
+'templatepage' => 'View template page',
+'viewhelppage' => 'View help page',
+'categorypage' => 'Scance category page',
+'viewtalkpage' => 'Scance ower collogue',
+'otherlanguages' => 'In ither leids',
+'redirectedfrom' => '(Reguidit frae $1)',
+'redirectpagesub' => 'Redirect page',
+'lastmodifiedat' => 'This page wis hindermaist chynged $2, $1.', # $1 date, $2 time
+'viewcount' => 'This page haes been accesst $1 {{PLURAL:$1|once|$1 times}}.',
+'protectedpage' => 'Protectit page',
+'jumpto' => 'Lowp tae:',
+'jumptonavigation' => 'navigation',
+'jumptosearch' => 'rake',
+# All link text and link target definitions of links into project namespace that get used by other message strings, with the exception of user group pages (see grouppage) and the disambiguation template definition (see disambiguations).
+'aboutsite' => 'Aboot {{SITENAME}}',
+'aboutpage' => 'Project:Aboot',
+'bugreports' => 'Mishanter reports',
+'bugreportspage' => 'Project:Bug reports',
+'copyright' => 'Aa text is available unner $1',
+'copyrightpagename' => '{{SITENAME}} copyricht',
+'copyrightpage' => '{{ns:project}}:Copyrichts',
+'currentevents' => 'Gaun on the nou',
+'currentevents-url' => 'Project:Gaun on the nou',
+'disclaimers' => 'Disclamation',
+'disclaimerpage' => 'Project:General_disclamation',
+'edithelp' => 'Editin help',
+'edithelppage' => 'Help:Editin',
+'faq' => 'ASQ',
+'faqpage' => 'Project:ASQ',
+'helppage' => 'Help:Contents',
+'mainpage' => 'Main Page',
+'policy-url' => 'Project:Policy',
+'portal' => 'Commonty yett',
+'portal-url' => 'Project:Commonty Yett',
+'privacy' => 'Privacy policy',
+'privacypage' => 'Project:Privacy policy',
+'sitesupport' => 'Propines',
+'sitesupport-url' => 'Project:Site support',
+'badaccess' => 'Permeission mishanter',
+'badaccess-group0' => 'WARNIN: Ye arnae alloued tae dae whit you hae requestit!',
+'badaccess-group1' => "The action ye hae requestit is limitit tae uisers in the group: ''$1''.",
+'badaccess-group2' => "The action ye hae requestit can limitit tae uisers in ane o the groups: ''$1''.",
+'badaccess-groups' => "The action ye hae requestit is limitit tae uisers in ane o the groups: ''$1''.",
+'versionrequired' => 'Version $1 of MediaWiki requirit',
+'versionrequiredtext' => 'Version $1 o MediaWiki is requirit tae uise this page. Tak a keek at the [[Special:Version|version page]].',
+'ok' => 'Okay',
+'retrievedfrom' => 'Taen frae "$1"',
+'youhavenewmessages' => 'Ye hae $1 ($2).',
+'newmessageslink' => 'new messages',
+'newmessagesdifflink' => 'diff wi last-but-ane reveision',
+'youhavenewmessagesmulti' => 'Ye hae neow messages on $1',
+'editsection' => 'edit',
+'editold' => 'edit',
+'editsectionhint' => 'Edit section: $1',
+'toc' => 'Table o contents',
+'showtoc' => 'shaw',
+'hidetoc' => 'scouk',
+'thisisdeleted' => 'View or cower $1?',
+'viewdeleted' => 'View $1?',
+'restorelink' => '{{PLURAL:$1|one delete edit|$1 delete edits}}',
+'feedlinks' => 'Feed:',
+'feed-invalid' => "This feeds subscrieve's teep isnae habile.",
+'site-rss-feed' => '$1 RSS Feed',
+'site-atom-feed' => '$1 Atom Feed',
+'page-rss-feed' => '"$1" RSS Feed',
+'page-atom-feed' => '"$1" Atom Feed',
+# Short words for each namespace, by default used in the namespace tab in monobook
+'nstab-main' => 'Page',
+'nstab-user' => 'Uiser page',
+'nstab-media' => 'Eetem page',
+'nstab-special' => 'Byordinar',
+'nstab-project' => 'Project page',
+'nstab-image' => 'Eimage',
+'nstab-mediawiki' => 'Message',
+'nstab-template' => 'Template',
+'nstab-help' => 'Help page',
+'nstab-category' => 'Category',
+# Main script and global functions
+'nosuchaction' => 'Nae sic action',
+'nosuchactiontext' => "The action specifiee'd bi the URL isna recognised bi the wiki",
+'nosuchspecialpage' => 'Nae sic byordinar page',
+'nospecialpagetext' => "<big>'''Ye hae requestit an invalid byordinar page.'''</big>
+A leet o valid byordinar pages can be funnd at [[Special:Specialpages]].",
+# General errors
+'error' => 'Error',
+'databaseerror' => 'Database error',
+'dberrortext' => 'A database query syntax error haes occurt. This micht indicate a bug in the saftware. The last attemptit database query wis: <blockquote><tt>$1</tt></blockquote> frae athin function "<tt>$2</tt>". MySQL returned error "<tt>$3: $4</tt>".',
+'dberrortextcl' => 'A database query syntax error haes occurt. The last attemptit database query wis: "$1" frae athin function "$2". MySQL returned error "$3: $4".',
+'noconnect' => 'Sorry! The wiki is experiencin some technical difficulties, and canna contact the database server. <br /> $1',
+'nodb' => 'Cuidna select database $1',
+'cachederror' => 'The follaein is a cached copy o the requestit page, an micht no be up tae date.',
+'laggedslavemode' => 'Warning: Page micht nae contain recent updates',
+'readonly' => 'Database lockit',
+'enterlockreason' => "Enter a raeson for the lock, includin an estimate o whan the lock'll be lowsed",
+'readonlytext' => "The databae is lockit tae new entries an ither modifeecations the nou,
+likely for routine database maintenance; efter that it'll be back tae normal.
+The adminstration that lockit it gied this explanation:
+'missingarticle' => 'The database didna fin the text o a page that it shuid hae funnd, named "$1". <p>This is for ordinar caused bi follaein an ootdatit diff or history airtin tae a page that haes been delete. <p>Gin this isna the case, ye micht hae funnd a bug in the saftware. Please report this til an administrator, makkin a note o the URL.',
+'readonly_lag' => 'The database haes been autaematically lockit while the sclave database servers catch up tae the maister',
+'internalerror' => 'Internal mishanter',
+'internalerror_info' => 'Internal error: $1',
+'filecopyerror' => 'Cuidna copy file "$1" tae "$2".',
+'filerenameerror' => 'Cuidna rename file "$1" tae "$2".',
+'filedeleteerror' => 'Cuidna delete file "$1".',
+'directorycreateerror' => 'Culdnae mak directory "$1".',
+'filenotfound' => 'Cuidna fin file "$1".',
+'fileexistserror' => 'Culdnae write tae file "$1": file is already here',
+'unexpected' => 'Vailyie isnae expectit: "$1"="$2".',
+'formerror' => 'Error: cuidna submit form',
+'badarticleerror' => 'This action canna be duin tae this page.',
+'cannotdelete' => "Cuidna delete the page or eimage specifee'd. (It micht hae aareadies been delete bi some ither bodie.)",
+'badtitle' => 'Bad teitle',
+'badtitletext' => 'The requestit page teitle wis invalid, tuim, or a wranglie airtit inter-leid or inter-wiki teitle. It mibbe haes ane or mair chairacters that canna be uised in teitles.',
+'perfdisabled' => 'Sorry! This featur haes been temporarily disabled sith it slaws the database doun tae the pynt that naebodie can uise the wiki.',
+'perfcached' => 'The follaeing data is cached an michtna be richt up tae date:',
+'perfcachedts' => 'The followin data is cached, an wis hindermaist chynged $1.',
+'querypage-no-updates' => 'Updates for this page ar disablit at the meenit. Data here wilnae be refreshit at the meenit.',
+'wrong_wfQuery_params' => 'Wrang parameters tae wfQuery()<br />
+Exerce: $1<br />
+Aks: $2',
+'viewsource' => 'View soorce',
+'viewsourcefor' => 'for $1',
+'actionthrottled' => 'Action devalit',
+'actionthrottledtext' => 'As an anti-spam meisur, ye ar limitit frae daein this action ower mony times in a ower short tid, an ye hae exceedit this limit. Please try again in a wee.',
+'protectedpagetext' => "Sairy, this page haes been '''lockit''' tae hinder vandalism.",
+'viewsourcetext' => 'Ye can leuk at an copy the soorce o this page:',
+'protectedinterface' => 'Sairy, but this page provides interface text for the saftware, an is lockit to hinder abuise.',
+'editinginterface' => "'''Warnin:''' Ye'r editin a page that's uised tae provide interface text for the saftware. Chynges tae this page will affect the appearance o the uiser interface for ither uisers.",
+'sqlhidden' => '(SQL query hidden)',
+'cascadeprotected' => 'This page haes been protectit fra editin, acause it is includit in the followin {{PLURAL:$1|page|pages}}, that are protectit wi the "cascading" option turnit on:
+'namespaceprotected' => "Ye dinna hae permeession tae edit pages in the '''$1''' namespace.",
+'customcssjsprotected' => "Ye dinna hae permeession tae edit this page, sin it hauds anither uiser's personal settins.",
+'ns-specialprotected' => 'Pages in the {{ns:special}} namespace cannae be editit.',
+'titleprotected' => 'This teetle haes been protectit frae bein makkit by [[User:$1|$1]]. The grunds for this are: <i>$2</i>.',
+# Login and logout pages
+'logouttitle' => 'Uiser logoot',
+'logouttext' => "Ye'r nou loggit oot. Ye can continue to uise {{SITENAME}} namelessly, or ye can log in again as the same or as a different uiser. Mynd that some pages micht continue tae be displayed as if ye war aye loggit in, till ye clear yer brouser cache.",
+'welcomecreation' => '== Guid tae see ye, $1! ==
+Yer accoont haes been creatit. Mynd an chynge yer {{SITENAME}} preferences.',
+'loginpagetitle' => 'Uiser login',
+'yourname' => 'Yer uiser name',
+'yourpassword' => 'Yer password',
+'yourpasswordagain' => 'Retype passwaird:',
+'remembermypassword' => 'Mynd ma password across sessions.',
+'yourdomainname' => 'Yer domain:',
+'externaldberror' => "Aither the wis an external authenteication database mishanter, or ye'r no alloued tae update yer external accoont.",
+'loginproblem' => '<b>Thare haes been a problem wi yer login.</b><br />Hae anither shot!',
+'login' => 'Log in',
+'loginprompt' => 'Ye maun hae cookies enabled tae log in tae {{SITENAME}}.',
+'userlogin' => 'Mak an accoont or log in',
+'logout' => 'Log oot',
+'userlogout' => 'Log oot',
+'notloggedin' => 'No loggit in',
+'nologin' => 'Dinna hae a login? $1.',
+'nologinlink' => 'Mak an accoont',
+'createaccount' => 'Mak new accoont',
+'gotaccount' => 'Got an accoont afore? $1.',
+'gotaccountlink' => 'Log in',
+'createaccountmail' => 'bi email',
+'badretype' => 'The passwords ye entered disna match.',
+'userexists' => 'The uiser name ye entered is aareadies in uiss. Please chuise a different name.',
+'youremail' => 'Yer email:',
+'username' => 'Uisername:',
+'uid' => 'Uiser ID:',
+'yourrealname' => 'Yer real name:',
+'yourlanguage' => 'Interface leid:',
+'yourvariant' => 'Leid variant',
+'yournick' => 'Yer byname:',
+'badsig' => 'Raw signature nae guid; check HTML tags.',
+'badsiglength' => 'Yer nickname is ower lang; it haes tae be unner $1 leeters.',
+'email' => 'E-mail',
+'prefs-help-realname' => 'Rael name is optional an gin ye chuise tae provide it this will be uised tae gie ye attreibution for yer wark.',
+'loginerror' => 'Login mishanter',
+'prefs-help-email' => 'Email is optional, an lats ithers contact ye throu yer uiser or uiser_collogue page athoot you haein tae reveal yer identity.',
+'prefs-help-email-required' => 'Yer e-mail address is needit.',
+'nocookiesnew' => "The uiser accoont wis creatit, but ye'r no loggit in. {{SITENAME}} uises cookies tae log uisers in. Ye hae cookies disabled. Please enable them, than log in wi yer new uisername and password.",
+'nocookieslogin' => '{{SITENAME}} uises cookies tae log in uisers. Ye hae cookies disabled. Please enable thaim an gie it anither shot.',
+'noname' => "Ye hivna specifee'd a valid uisername.",
+'loginsuccesstitle' => 'Login fine',
+'loginsuccess' => 'Ye\'re nou loggit in tae {{SITENAME}} as "$1".',
+'nosuchuser' => 'The\'r nae sic uiser as "$1". Check yer spellin, or uise the form ablo tae mak a new uiser accoont.',
+'nosuchusershort' => 'The\'r nae sic uiser as "<nowiki>$1</nowiki>". Check yer spellin.',
+'nouserspecified' => 'Ye hae tae merk up a uisername.',
+'wrongpassword' => 'The password ye entered is wrang. Please gie it anither shot.',
+'wrongpasswordempty' => 'The password ye entered is blank. Please gie it anither shot.',
+'passwordtooshort' => 'Yer password is ower short. It maun hae at laest $1 characters.',
+'mailmypassword' => 'E-mail passwaird',
+'passwordremindertitle' => 'Password reminder frae {{SITENAME}}',
+'passwordremindertext' => 'Somebodie (maist likely you, frae IP address $1)
+requestit that we send ye a new {{SITENAME}} login password ($4).
+The password for uiser "$2" is nou "$3".
+Ye shuid log in an chynge yer password richt awa.
+Gin some ither bodie made this request or gin ye\'v myndit o yer password an
+ye dinna want tae chynge it onie mair, ye can ignore this message an cairrie on uisin
+yer auld password.',
+'noemail' => 'The\'r nae e-mail address recordit for uiser "$1".',
+'passwordsent' => 'A new password haes been sent tae the e-mail address registert for "$1". Please log in again efter ye receive it.',
+'blocked-mailpassword' => 'Yer IP address is blockit frae editin, sae it
+canna uise the password recovery function, for tae prevent abuiss.',
+'eauthentsent' => "A confirmation email haes been sent tae the specifee'd email address.
+Afore onie ither mail is sent tae the accoont, ye'll hae tae follae the guidance in the email,
+tae confirm that ye ar aucht the accoont.",
+'throttled-mailpassword' => "A passwaird minder haes been sent already, in the
+hindermaist $1 hoors. To hinder abuise, only ''ane'' passwaird minder will be gettin sent in
+$1 hoors.",
+'mailerror' => 'Error sendin mail: $1',
+'acct_creation_throttle_hit' => "Sorry, but ye'v aaraedies made $1 accoonts. Ye canna mak onie mair.",
+'emailauthenticated' => 'Yer e-mail address wis checkit on $1.',
+'emailnotauthenticated' => 'Yer e-mail address hasnae been checkit! Nae e-mail
+will be sent for ony o the followin featurs.',
+'noemailprefs' => "Nae email address haes been specifee'd, the follaein featurs willna wirk.",
+'emailconfirmlink' => 'Check yer e-mail address',
+'invalidemailaddress' => 'The email address canna be acceptit syne it seems tae be formattit wrang.
+Please enter a weel-formattit address or mak that field tuim.',
+'accountcreated' => 'Accoont creatit',
+'accountcreatedtext' => 'The uiser accoont for $1 haes bin creatit.',
+'createaccount-title' => 'Accoont makin for {{SITENAME}}',
+'createaccount-text' => 'A body ($1) makit an accoont for $2 on {{SITENAME}}
+($4). The passwaird for "$2" is "$3". Ye should log in an chynge yer passwaird
+Ye can sling a deifie on this message, if this accoont wis creatit by mistak.',
+'loginlanguagelabel' => 'Leid: $1',
+# Password reset dialog
+'resetpass' => 'Set yer accoont passwaird again',
+'resetpass_announce' => 'Ye loggit in wi a short term e-mailed code. To be duin logging in, ye hae tae mak a new passwaird here:',
+'resetpass_header' => 'Reset passwaird',
+'resetpass_submit' => 'Mak passwaird an log in',
+'resetpass_success' => 'Yer passwaird chynge wis braw! Nou loggin ye in...',
+'resetpass_bad_temporary' => 'Yer short term passwaird wisnae habile. Ye micht hae already chynged yer passwaird or requestit a new short term passwaird.',
+'resetpass_forbidden' => 'Passwairds cannae be chynged on this wiki',
+'resetpass_missing' => 'Nae form data!',
+# Edit page toolbar
+'bold_sample' => 'Bauld text',
+'bold_tip' => 'Bauld text',
+'italic_sample' => 'Italic text',
+'italic_tip' => 'Italic text',
+'link_sample' => 'Airtin teitle',
+'link_tip' => 'Internal airtin',
+'extlink_sample' => ' airtin teitle',
+'extlink_tip' => 'Airtin tae an outby steid (mynd the http:// prefix)',
+'headline_sample' => 'Heidline text',
+'headline_tip' => 'Level 2 heidline',
+'math_sample' => 'Pit yer formula here',
+'math_tip' => 'Mathematical formula (LaTeX)',
+'nowiki_sample' => 'Insert non-formattit text here',
+'nowiki_tip' => 'Ignore wiki formattin',
+'image_sample' => 'Exemplar.jpg',
+'image_tip' => 'Embeddit eimage',
+'media_sample' => 'Exemplar.ogg',
+'media_tip' => 'Media file airtin',
+'sig_tip' => 'Yer seignatur wi timestamp',
+'hr_tip' => 'Horizontal line (dinna ower uise)',
+# Edit pages
+'summary' => 'Ootline',
+'subject' => 'Subject/headline',
+'minoredit' => 'This is a smaa edit',
+'watchthis' => 'Leuk ower this page',
+'savearticle' => 'Hain page',
+'preview' => 'Scance',
+'showpreview' => 'Scance ower',
+'showlivepreview' => 'Live leuk ower',
+'showdiff' => 'Shaw chynges',
+'anoneditwarning' => "Ye arna loggit in. Yer IP address will be recordit in this page's edit history.",
+'missingsummary' => "'''Mynd:''' Ye hivna gien an edit summary. Gin ye dab on Hain again, yer edit will be haint athoot ane.",
+'missingcommenttext' => 'Please enter a comment ablo.',
+'missingcommentheader' => "'''Mynd:''' Ye hivna gien a subject/heidline for this comment. Gin ye dab on Hain again, yer edit will be haint athoot ane.",
+'summary-preview' => 'Ootline leuk ower',
+'subject-preview' => 'Subject/headline leuk ower',
+'blockedtitle' => 'Uiser is blockit',
+'blockedtext' => '<big>\'\'\'Yer uisername or IP address haes been blockit.\'\'\'</big>
+The block was made bi $1. The raeson gien is \'\'$2\'\'.
+* Start of block: $8
+* Expiry of block: $6
+* Intended blockee: $7
+Ye can contact $1 or ane o the ither [[{{MediaWiki:Grouppage-sysop}}|administrators]] tae discuss the block.
+Mynd that ye canna uise the "email this uiser" featur unless ye hae a valid email address registert in yer [[Special:Preferences|uiser preferences]] an ye hae not been blocked from using it.
+Yer IP address is $3, and the block ID is #$5. Please include this address in onie queries ye mak.',
+'autoblockedtext' => 'Sairy, but yer IP address haes been blockit by the seestem acause it wis uised by an ither uiser, that wis blockit by $1.
+The grunds for this were:
+* Stairt o block: $8
+* End o block: $6
+Ye may contact $1 or ane o the ither
+[[{{MediaWiki:Grouppage-sysop}}|sysops]] tae argie the block.
+Please jot that ye cannae uise the "e-mail this uiser" featur unless ye hae a habile e-mail address
+registerit in yer [[Special:Preferences|uiser preferences]] an ye hinna been blockit frae uisin it.
+Yer block ID is $5. Please include this ID in ony argies ye mak.',
+'blockednoreason' => 'nae grunds put',
+'blockedoriginalsource' => "The soorce o '''$1''' is shawn ablo:",
+'blockededitsource' => "The text o '''your edits''' tae '''$1''' is shawn ablo:",
+'whitelistedittitle' => 'Login needit tae edit',
+'whitelistedittext' => 'Ye hae tae $1 tae edit pages.',
+'whitelistreadtitle' => 'Login requirit tae leuk at this',
+'whitelistreadtext' => 'Ye hae tae [[Special:Userlogin|login]] tae leuk at pages.',
+'whitelistacctitle' => 'Ye arnae alloued tae mak an accoont',
+'whitelistacctext' => 'Tae be alloued tae mak accoonts in this wiki ye hae tae [[Special:Userlogin|log in]] an hae the richt leave.',
+'confirmedittitle' => 'E-mail confirmation needit for tae edit',
+'confirmedittext' => 'Ye maun confirm yer e-mail address afore editin pages. Please set an validate yer e-mail address throu yer [[Special:Preferences|uiser settins]].',
+'nosuchsectiontitle' => 'There isnae a section wi that teetle',
+'nosuchsectiontext' => "Yer tryin tae edit a section that isnae there. Acause there isnae a section $1, there's naegate to sauf yer edit.",
+'loginreqtitle' => 'Login Requirit!',
+'loginreqlink' => 'log in',
+'loginreqpagetext' => 'Ye maun $1 tae view ither pages.',
+'accmailtitle' => 'Passwaird sent.',
+'accmailtext' => "The Password for '$1' haes been sent tae $2.",
+'newarticle' => '(New)',
+'newarticletext' => "Ye'v follaed an airtin til a page that disna exist yet. Tae create the page, stert typin in the box ablo (see the [[{{MediaWiki:Helppage}}|help page]] for mair info). Gin ye'r here by mistak, juist dab yer brouser's '''back''' button.",
+'anontalkpagetext' => "----''This is the collogue page for a nameless uiser that haesna made an accoont yet or that disna uise it. We syne hiv tae uise the numerical IP address tae identifee thaim. Sic an IP address can be shared bi a wheen o uisers. Gin you ar a nameless uiser an feel that irrelevant comments haes been directit at ye, please [[Special:Userlogin|mak an accoont or log in]] tae evyte futur confusion wi ither nameless uisers.''",
+'noarticletext' => "The'r nae text on this page the nou. Ye can [[{{ns:special}}:Search/{{PAGENAME}}|rake for this page teitle]] in ither pages or [{{fullurl:{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}|action=edit}} edit this page].",
+'userpage-userdoesnotexist' => 'Uiser accoont "$1" hasnae been registerit. Please check gin ye wint tae mak or edit this page.',
+'clearyourcache' => "'''Tak tent:''' Efter hainin, ye micht hae tae bypass yer brouser's cache for tae see the chynges. '''Mozilla / Firefox / Safari:''' haud doun ''Shift'' while dabbin on ''Reload'', or press ''Ctrl-Shift-R'' (''Cmd-Shift-R'' on Apple Mac); '''IE:''' haud doun ''Ctrl'' while dabbin on ''Refresh'', or press ''Ctrl-F5''; '''Konqueror:''' juist dab on the ''Reload'' button, or press ''F5''; '''Opera''' users micht hae tae haillie dicht thair cache in ''Tools&rarr;Preferences''.",
+'usercssjsyoucanpreview' => "<strong>Tip:</strong> Uise the 'Show preview' button tae proof yer new CSS/JS afore savin.",
+'usercsspreview' => "'''Mynd that ye'r juist previewin yer uiser CSS, it haesna yet been hained!'''",
+'userjspreview' => "'''Mynd that ye're juist testin/previewing yer uiser JavaScript; it haesna been hained yet!'''",
+'userinvalidcssjstitle' => "'''Warnin:''' There isnae a skin \"\$1\". Mynd that yer ain .css an .js pages uise a lowercase teetle, e.g. {{ns:user}}:Foo/monobook.css instead o {{ns:user}}:Foo/Monobook.css.",
+'updated' => '(Updatit)',
+'note' => '<strong>Mynd:</strong>',
+'previewnote' => 'Mynd that this is juist a scance-ower, an haesna been hained yet!',
+'previewconflict' => 'This scance reflects the text in the upper text editin area like it will kythe gin ye chuise tae save.',
+'session_fail_preview' => '<strong>Sairy! We culdnae process yer edit acause o a loss o term data.
+Please try again. Gin it disnae wairk still, try loggin oot an loggin in again.</strong>',
+'session_fail_preview_html' => "<strong>Sairy! We culdnae process yer edit acause o a loss o term data.</strong>
+''Acause this wiki haes raw HTML habile, the leuk ower is hidden tae hinder JavaScript attacks.''
+<strong>Gin this is a proper edit try, please try again. Gin it disnae wairk still, try loggin oot an loggin back in.</strong>",
+'token_suffix_mismatch' => '<strong>Yer edit haes been rejectit acause yer client made a richt mess o the punctuation characters
+in the edit token. The edit haes been rejectit tae hinder corruption o the page text.
+This whiles happens when ye are uisin a bruken web-based anonymous proxy service.</strong>',
+'editing' => 'Editin $1',
+'editinguser' => 'Editin uiser <b>$1</b>',
+'editingsection' => 'Editin $1 (section)',
+'editingcomment' => 'Editin $1 (comment)',
+'editconflict' => 'Edit conflict: $1',
+'explainconflict' => 'Some ither body haes chynged this page syne ye stertit editin it. The upper text area hauds the page text as it currently exists. Yer chynges is shawn in the lower text area. Ye\'ll hae tae merge yer chynges intae the existin text. <b>Juist</b> the text in the upper text area will be hained whan ye press "Hain page". <p>',
+'yourtext' => 'Yer text',
+'storedversion' => 'Storit version',
+'nonunicodebrowser' => "<strong>WARNIN: Yer brouser isna unicode compliant. The'r a wirkaroond tae allou ye tae sauflie edit airticles: non-ASCII characters will kythe in the edit box as hexadecimal codes.</strong>",
+'editingold' => "<strong>WARNIN: Ye'r editin an oot-o-date reveision o this page. Gin ye hain it, onie chynges made syne this reveision will be lost.</strong>",
+'yourdiff' => 'Differs',
+'copyrightwarning' => "Please mynd that aa contreibutions tae {{SITENAME}} is conseidert tae be released unner the $2 (see $1 for details). Gin ye dinna want yer writin tae be editit athoot mercy an redistribute at will, than dinna submit it here.<br /> Forbye thon, ye'r promisin us that ye wrat this yersel, or copied it frae a public domain or siclike free resoorce. <strong>DINNA SUBMIT COPYRICHTIT WARK ATHOOT PERMEISSION!</strong>",
+'copyrightwarning2' => "Please mynd that aa contreibutions tae {{SITENAME}} micht be editit, chynged, or remuved bi ither contreibutors.
+Gin ye dinna want yer writin tae be editit athoot mercy and redistribute at will, than dinna submit it here.<br />
+YYe'r promisin us forbye that ye wrat this yersel, or copied it frae a
+public domain or siclike free resoorce (see $1 for details).
+'longpagewarning' => "WARNIN: This page is $1 kilobytes lang; some brousers micht hae trouble editin pages approachin or langer nor 32kb. Please conseider brakkin the page intae smaa'er sections.",
+'longpageerror' => "<strong>ERROR: The text ye hae submitted is $1 kilobytes
+lang, an that's langer than the maximum of $2 kilobytes. It canna be hained.</strong>",
+'readonlywarning' => "WARNIN: The database haes been lockit for maintenance, sae ye'll no can hain yer edits richt nou. Ye micht wish tae cut-n-paste the text intil a text file an hain it for later.",
+'protectedpagewarning' => '<strong>WARNIN: This page haes been lockit sae that juist uisers wi administrator privileges can edit it.</strong>',
+'semiprotectedpagewarning' => "'''Warnin:''' This page haes been lockit sae that only registerit uisers can edit it.",
+'cascadeprotectedwarning' => "'''Warnin:''' This page haes been lockit sae that only uisers wi sysop richts can edit it, acause it is includit in the followin cascade-protectit {{PLURAL:$1|page|pages}}:",
+'templatesused' => 'Templates uised on this page:',
+'templatesusedpreview' => 'Templates uised in this scance ower:',
+'templatesusedsection' => 'Templates uised in this section:',
+'template-protected' => '(protectit)',
+'template-semiprotected' => '(semi-protectit)',
+'nocreatetitle' => 'Page makkin limitit',
+'nocreatetext' => 'This site haes restrictit the ability to mak new pages.
+Ye can go back an eik tae an existing page, or [[Special:Userlogin|log in or mak an accoont]].',
+'nocreate-loggedin' => 'Ye dinnae hae the richts tae mak new pages on this wiki.',
+'permissionserrors' => 'Richts Errors',
+'permissionserrorstext' => 'Ye dinnae hae the richts tae dae that, acause o the followin {{PLURAL:$1|grund|grunds}}:',
+'recreate-deleted-warn' => "'''Warnin: Ye are makkin a page that haes been deletit.'''
+Ye shuld check that it is guid tae keep editin this page.
+The deletion log for this page is providit here:",
+# "Undo" feature
+'undo-success' => 'The edit can be undone. Please check the chynges albo tae check that this is whit ye wint tae dae, an then hain the chynges albo tae be duin undooin the edit.',
+'undo-failure' => 'The edit culdnae be undone acause o conflictin edits inatween.',
+'undo-summary' => 'Undo edit $1 by [[Special:Contributions/$2|$2]] ([[User talk:$2|Collogue]])',
+# Account creation failure
+'cantcreateaccounttitle' => 'Canna mak accoont',
+'cantcreateaccount-text' => "Accoont makkin frae this IP address (<b>$1</b>) haes been blockit by [[User:$3|$3]].
+The grund for this, given by $3 is ''$2''",
+# History pages
+'viewpagelogs' => 'Leuk at logs for this page',
+'nohistory' => "The'r nae edit history for this page.",
+'revnotfound' => 'Reveision nae funnd',
+'revnotfoundtext' => 'The auld reveision o the page ye socht cuidna be funnd. Please check the URL ye uised til access this page.',
+'loadhist' => 'Laidin page history',
+'currentrev' => 'Current reveision',
+'revisionasof' => 'Reveision as o $1',
+'revision-info' => 'Revision as o $1 by $2',
+'previousrevision' => '← Aulder reveision',
+'nextrevision' => 'Newer reveision →',
+'currentrevisionlink' => 'see current reveision',
+'cur' => 'nou',
+'next' => 'neist',
+'last' => 'hind',
+'orig' => 'oreeg',
+'page_first' => 'first',
+'page_last' => 'hindermaist',
+'histlegend' => 'Diff selection: mairk the radio boxes o the versions tae compare an press enter or the button at the bottom.<br /> Legend: (cur) = difference frae current version, (last) = difference frae foregaun version, s = smaa edit.',
+'deletedrev' => '[delete]',
+'histfirst' => 'Foremaist',
+'histlast' => 'Hindermaist',
+'historysize' => '({{PLURAL:$1|1 byte|$1 bytes}})',
+'historyempty' => '(empie)',
+# Revision feed
+'history-feed-title' => 'Revision history',
+'history-feed-description' => 'Revision history for this page on the wiki',
+'history-feed-item-nocomment' => '$1 at $2', # user at time
+'history-feed-empty' => 'The requestit page disnae exist.
+It micht hae been deletit frae the wiki, or the name micht hae been chynged.
+Try [[Special:Search|rakin on the wiki]] for new pages ye micht be interestit in.',
+# Revision deletion
+'rev-deleted-comment' => '(jottin removit)',
+'rev-deleted-user' => '(uisername removit)',
+'rev-deleted-event' => '(entry removit)',
+'rev-deleted-text-permission' => '<div class="mw-warning plainlinks">
+This page revision haes been removit frae the public archives.
+There micht be parteeculars in the [{{fullurl:Special:Log/delete|page={{FULLPAGENAMEE}}}} deletion log].
+'rev-deleted-text-view' => '<div class="mw-warning plainlinks">
+This page revision haes been removit frae the public archives.
+Acause yer an admeenistrator on this site, ye can leuk at it;
+there micht be parteeculars in the [{{fullurl:Special:Log/delete|page={{FULLPAGENAMEE}}}} deletion log].
+'rev-delundel' => 'shaw/scug',
+'revisiondelete' => 'Delete/undelete revisions',
+'revdelete-nooldid-title' => 'Nae target revision',
+# Diffs
+'difference' => '(Difference atween revisions)',
+'compareselectedversions' => 'Compare selectit versions',
+# Search results
+'searchresults' => 'Rake results',
+'searchresulttext' => 'For mair information aboot rakin {{SITENAME}}, see [[{{MediaWiki:Helppage}}|Rakin {{SITENAME}}]].',
+'searchsubtitle' => "Ye raked for '''[[:$1]]'''",
+'searchsubtitleinvalid' => "Ye raked for '''$1'''",
+'noexactmatch' => "'''There nae page wi the teetle \"\$1\".''' Ye can [[:\$1|mak this page]].",
+'titlematches' => 'Airticle teitle matches',
+'notitlematches' => 'Nae page teitle matches',
+'notextmatches' => 'Nae page text matches',
+'prevn' => 'foregaun $1',
+'nextn' => 'neist $1',
+'showingresults' => "Shawin ablo up tae {{PLURAL:$1|'''1''' result|'''$1''' results}} stertin wi #'''$2'''.",
+'showingresultsnum' => "Shawin ablo {{PLURAL:$3|'''1''' result|'''$3''' results}} stertin wi #'''$2'''.",
+'nonefound' => "'''Mynd''': unsuccessfu rakes is afttimes caused bi rakin for common words like \"hae\" an \"frae\", that isna indexed, or bi specifeein mair nor ae rake term (juist pages haudin aa the rake terms will kythe in the result).",
+'powersearch' => 'Rake',
+'powersearchtext' => 'Rake in namespaces :<br /> $1<br /> $2 Leet reguidals &nbsp; Rake for $3 $9',
+'searchdisabled' => 'Rakin throu {{SITENAME}} is disabled for performance raesons. Ye can rake via Google juist nou. Mynd that thair indexes o {{SITENAME}} content micht be oot o date.',
+# Preferences page
+'mypreferences' => 'Ma preferences',
+'prefsnologin' => 'No loggit in',
+'prefsnologintext' => 'Ye maun be [[Special:Userlogin|loggit in]] tae set uiser preferences.',
+'prefsreset' => 'Preferences haes been reset frae storage.',
+'changepassword' => 'Chynge password',
+'math' => 'Renderin math',
+'datedefault' => 'Nae preference',
+'datetime' => 'Date an time',
+'prefs-personal' => 'Uiser data',
+'prefs-rc' => 'Recent chynges an shawin stubs',
+'prefs-misc' => 'Antrin settins',
+'saveprefs' => 'Hain preferences',
+'oldpassword' => 'Auld password',
+'textboxsize' => 'Editin',
+'searchresultshead' => 'Rake result settins',
+'resultsperpage' => 'Hits tae shaw per page',
+'contextlines' => 'Lines tae shaw per hit',
+'contextchars' => 'Characters o context per line',
+'recentchangescount' => 'Nummer o teitles in recent chynges',
+'savedprefs' => 'Yer preferences haes been hained.',
+'timezonetext' => 'Enter nummer o hoors yer local time differs frae server time (UTC).',
+'timezoneoffset' => 'Affset',
+'servertime' => 'Server time is nou',
+'guesstimezone' => 'Fill in frae brouser',
+'allowemail' => 'Allou email frae ither uisers',
+'defaultns' => 'Rake in thir namespaces bi defaut:',
+'default' => 'defaut',
+# User rights
+'userrights-groupsmember' => 'Member o:',
+# User rights log
+'rightslogtext' => 'This is a log o chynges tae uiser richts.',
+# Recent changes
+'nchanges' => '$1 {{PLURAL:$1|chynge|chynges}}',
+'recentchanges' => 'Recent chynges',
+'recentchangestext' => 'Follae the maist recent chynges tae the wiki on this page.',
+'rcnote' => "Ablo {{PLURAL:$1|is '''1''' chynge|are the last '''$1''' chynges}} in the last {{PLURAL:$2|day|'''$2''' days}}, as of $3.",
+'rcnotefrom' => 'Ablo is the chynges syne <b>$2</b> (up tae <b>$1</b> shawn).',
+'rclistfrom' => 'Shaw new chynges stertin frae $1',
+'rclinks' => 'Shaw last $1 chynges in last $2 days<br />$3',
+'show' => 'shaw',
+'minoreditletter' => 's',
+'number_of_watching_users_pageview' => '[$1 watchin {{PLURAL:$1|uiser|uisers}}]',
+'rc_categories_any' => 'Ony',
+# Recent changes linked
+'recentchangeslinked' => 'Relatit chynges',
+# Upload
+'upload' => 'Uplaid file',
+'uploadbtn' => 'Uplaid file',
+'reupload' => 'Re-uplaid',
+'reuploaddesc' => 'Gang back tae the uplaid form.',
+'uploadnologin' => 'Nae loggit in',
+'uploadnologintext' => 'Ye maun be [[Special:Userlogin|loggit in]] til uplaid files.',
+'uploaderror' => 'Uplaid error',
+'uploadtext' => "Uise the form ablo tae uplaid new files; tae keek at or rake throu aareadies uplaidit eimages gang tae the [[Special:Imagelist|leet o uplaidit files]]; uplaids an deletions is recordit in the [[Special:Log|project log]]. Ye maun forbye tick the kist affirmin that ye arna brakkin onie copyrichts bi uplaidin the file. Dab the \"Uplaid\" button tae feinish the uplaid. Tae pit the eimage intae a page, uise an airtin i the form '''<nowiki>[[{{ns:image}}:file.jpg]]</nowiki>''', '''<nowiki>[[{{ns:image}}:file.png|alt text]]</nowiki>''' or '''<nowiki>[[{{ns:media}}:file.ogg]]</nowiki>''' for pyntin strecht tae the file",
+'uploadlog' => 'uplaid log',
+'uploadlogpage' => 'Uplaid log',
+'uploadlogpagetext' => 'Ablo is a leet o the maist recent file uplaids.',
+'filestatus' => 'Copyricht status',
+'filesource' => 'Soorce',
+'uploadedfiles' => 'Uplaidit files',
+'ignorewarning' => 'Ignore warnin an hain file oniewey.',
+'ignorewarnings' => 'Ignore ony warnins',
+'illegalfilename' => 'The filename "$1" haes characters that isna alloud in page teitles. Please rename the file an gie uplaidin it anither shot.',
+'badfilename' => 'Eimage name haes been chynged tae "$1".',
+'largefileserver' => 'This file is bigger nor the server is confeigurt tae allou.',
+'fileexists' => "A file wi this name exists aareadies, please check $1 gin ye'r no siccar that ye want tae chynge it.",
+'fileexists-forbidden' => 'A file wi this name aareadies exists; please gang back an uplaid this file unner a new name. [[Image:$1|thumb|center|$1]]',
+'fileexists-shared-forbidden' => 'A file wi this name aareadies exists in the shared file depose; please gang back an uplaid this file unner a new name. [[Image:$1|thumb|center|$1]]',
+'uploadwarning' => 'Uplaid warnin',
+'savefile' => 'Hain file',
+'uploadedimage' => 'uplaidit "$1"',
+'uploaddisabled' => 'Sorry, uplaidin is disabled.',
+'uploadscripted' => 'This file hauds HTML or script code that micht be wrang interpretit bi a wab brouser.',
+'uploadcorrupt' => 'The file is corrupt or haes a wrang extension. Please check the file an uplaid again.',
+'uploadvirus' => 'The file hauds a virus! Details: $1',
+'sourcefilename' => 'Soorce filename',
+'nolicense' => 'Nane selected',
+# Image list
+'imagelist' => 'Eimage leet',
+'imagelisttext' => 'Ablo is a leet o $1 {{PLURAL:$1|eimage|eimages}} sortit $2.',
+'getimagelist' => 'fetchin eimage leet',
+'ilsubmit' => 'Rake',
+'showlast' => 'Shaw last $1 eimages sortit $2.',
+'byname' => 'bi name',
+'bydate' => 'bi date',
+'bysize' => 'bi size',
+'imagelinks' => 'Eimage airtins',
+'linkstoimage' => 'The follaein pages airts tae this image:',
+'nolinkstoimage' => "The'r nae pages airts tae this eimage.",
+'noimage' => 'Nae file wi this name exists, ye can [$1 uplaid it]',
+# MIME search
+'download' => 'dounlaid',
+# Unused templates
+'unusedtemplates' => 'Templates that arena uised',
+'unusedtemplatestext' => 'This page leets aw pages in the template namespace that haena been uised in anither page. Mynd an check for ither links tae the templates afore deletin them.',
+'unusedtemplateswlh' => 'ither links',
+# Random page
+'randompage' => 'Wale page allevolie',
+# Statistics
+'userstats' => 'Uiser statistics',
+'sitestatstext' => "{{PLURAL:\$1|There is '''1''' page|The'r '''\$1''' total pages}} in the database.
+This includes \"collogue\" pages, pages aboot {{SITENAME}}, meinimal \"stub\"
+pages, reguidals, an ithers that likely disna qualifee as content pages.
+Excludin thaim, {{PLURAL:\$2|there is '''1''' page that is a|the'r '''\$2''' pages that's}} maist likely
+legeitimate content {{PLURAL:\$2|page|pages}}.
+'''\$8''' {{PLURAL:\$8|file has|files have}} been uploaded.
+Thare haes been a total o '''\$3''' {{PLURAL:\$3|page view|page views}}, an '''\$4''' {{PLURAL:\$4|page edit|page edits}}
+syne {{SITENAME}} wis set up.
+That comes tae '''\$5''' average edits per page, and '''\$6''' views per edit.
+The [ job queue] length is '''\$7'''.",
+'userstatstext' => "{{PLURAL:$1|There is '''1''' registert [[Special:Listusers|uiser]]|The'r '''$1''' registert [[Special:Listusers|uisers]]}}.
+'''$2''' (or '''$4%''') o thaim {{PLURAL:$2|has|have}} $5 rights.",
+'doubleredirects' => 'Dooble reguidals',
+'doubleredirectstext' => 'Ilka raw hauds airtins tae the first an saicont reguidal, as weel as the first line o the saicont reguidal text, for usual giein the "rael" tairget page, that the first reguidal shuid pynt til.',
+'brokenredirects' => 'Brucken reguidals',
+'brokenredirectstext' => 'The follaein reguidals airts tae pages that disna exist.',
+'withoutinterwiki' => 'Pages athoot leid links',
+# Miscellaneous special pages
+'nrevisions' => '$1 {{PLURAL:$1|reveision|reveisions}}',
+'uncategorizedpages' => 'Uncategoreised pages',
+'uncategorizedcategories' => 'Uncategoreised categories',
+'unusedcategories' => 'Unuised categories',
+'unusedimages' => 'Unuised images',
+'wantedcategories' => 'Wantit categories',
+'wantedpages' => 'Wantit pages',
+'mostlinked' => 'Maist airtit-til pages',
+'mostlinkedcategories' => 'Maist airtit-til categories',
+'mostcategories' => 'Airticles wi the maist categories',
+'mostimages' => 'Maist uised eimages',
+'mostrevisions' => 'Maist revised airticles',
+'allpages' => 'Aa pages',
+'longpages' => 'Lang pages',
+'deadendpages' => 'Deid-end pages',
+'listusers' => 'Uiser leet',
+'specialpages' => 'Byordinar pages',
+'spheading' => 'Byordinar pages for aa uisers',
+'restrictedpheading' => 'Restrictit byordinar pages',
+'ancientpages' => 'Auldest pages',
+'intl' => 'Interleid airtins',
+'move' => 'Flit',
+'movethispage' => 'Flit this page',
+'unusedimagestext' => '<p>Please mynd that ither wabsteids micht airt til an eimage wi a direct URL, an sae micht still be leetit here but be in aictive uiss.</p>',
+'unusedcategoriestext' => 'The follaein category pages exists, tho nae ither airticle or category maks uiss o thaim.',
+'notargettitle' => 'Nae target',
+'notargettext' => "Ye hivna specifee'd a tairget page or uiser tae perform this function on.",
+# Book sources
+'booksources' => 'Beuk sources',
+'categoriespagetext' => 'The follaein categories exist in the wiki.',
+'groups' => 'Uiser groups',
+'alphaindexline' => '$1 tae $2',
+# Special:Log
+'specialloguserlabel' => 'Uiser:',
+'speciallogtitlelabel' => 'Teitle:',
+'all-logs-page' => 'Aw logs',
+'alllogstext' => 'Combined display o uplaid, deletion, protection, blockin, an administrator logs. Ye can narra doon the view bi walin a log type, the uiser name, or the affectit page.',
+'logempty' => 'Nae matchin items in log.',
+# Special:Allpages
+'nextpage' => 'Neist page ($1)',
+'allpagesfrom' => 'Shaw pages stairtin at:',
+'allarticles' => 'Aa airticles',
+'allinnamespace' => 'Aa pages ($1 namespace)',
+'allnotinnamespace' => 'Aa pages (nae in $1 namespace)',
+'allpagesprev' => 'Afore-gaun',
+'allpagesnext' => 'Neist',
+'allpagessubmit' => 'Gang',
+'allpagesprefix' => 'Shaw pages wi prefix:',
+'allpagesbadtitle' => 'The page teitle gien wis wrang or haed a cross-lied or cross-wiki prefix. It micht hae ane or twa characters that canna be uised in teitles',
+'allpages-bad-ns' => '{{SITENAME}} disna hae a namespace "$1".',
+# E-mail user
+'mailnologin' => 'Nae send address',
+'mailnologintext' => 'Ye maun be [[Special:Userlogin|loggit in]] an hae a valid e-mail address in yer [[Special:Preferences|preferences]] tae send e-mail til ither uisers.',
+'noemailtitle' => 'Nae e-mail address',
+'noemailtext' => "This uiser haesna specifee'd a valid e-mail address, or haes chuisen no tae receive e-mail frae ither uisers.",
+# Watchlist
+'watchlist' => 'Ma watchleet',
+'mywatchlist' => 'Ma watchleet',
+'nowatchlist' => 'Ye hivna onie eitems on yer watchleet.',
+'watchnologin' => 'Nae loggit in',
+'watchnologintext' => 'Ye maun be [[Special:Userlogin|loggit in]] tae modify yer watchleet.',
+'addedwatch' => 'Eikit ti watchleet',
+'addedwatchtext' => "The page \"<nowiki>\$1</nowiki>\" haes been eikit ti yer [[Special:Watchlist|watchleet]]. Futur chynges ti this page an its associate Collogue page will be leetit thare, an the page will kythe '''bauldit''' in the [[Special:Recentchanges|leet o recent chynges]] ti mak it mair eith tae pick oot. <p>Gin ye want ti remuve the page frae yer watchleet later, dab \"Stop watching\" in the sidebar.",
+'removedwatch' => 'Remuved frae watchleet',
+'removedwatchtext' => 'The page "[[:$1]]" haes been remuved frae yer watchleet.',
+'notanarticle' => 'No a content page',
+'watchnochange' => 'Nane o yer watched items were edited in the time period displayed.',
+'watchlistcontains' => 'Yer watchleet contains $1 {{PLURAL:$1|page|pages}}.',
+'iteminvalidname' => "Trouble wi eitem '$1', invalid name...",
+'wlnote' => "Ablo is the lest $1 {{PLURAL:$1|chynge|chynges}} in the lest {{PLURAL:$2|hour|'''$2''' hours}}.",
+'wlshowlast' => 'Shaw lest $1 hours $2 days $3',
+'watchlist-hide-minor' => 'Dinna shaw smaa chynges',
+'enotif_reset' => 'Merk aa pages visitit',
+'changed' => 'chynged',
+'created' => 'creatit',
+'enotif_subject' => '{{SITENAME}} page $PAGETITLE haes been $CHANGEDORCREATED bi $PAGEEDITOR',
+'enotif_lastvisited' => 'Hae a leuk at $1 for aa chynges sin yer last visit.',
+# Delete/protect/revert
+'excontent' => "content wis: '$1'",
+'excontentauthor' => "content wis: '$1' (an the ae contreibutor wis '[[Special:Contributions/$2|$2]]')",
+'exbeforeblank' => "content afore blankin wis: '$1'",
+'exblank' => 'page wis tuim',
+'historywarning' => "Warnin: The page ye're aboot tae delete haes a history:",
+'confirmdeletetext' => "Ye'r aboot tae permanently delete a page or eimage alang wi aa its history frae the database.
+Please confirm that ye intend tae dae this, that ye unnerstaun the consequences,
+an that ye'r daein this in accord wi [[{{MediaWiki:Policy-url}}]].",
+'actioncomplete' => 'Action duin',
+'deletedtext' => '"<nowiki>$1</nowiki>" haes been delete. See $2 for a record o recent deletions.',
+'deletedarticle' => 'deletit "[[$1]]"',
+'dellogpagetext' => 'Ablo is a leet o the maist recent deletions.',
+'reverted' => 'Revertit tae aulder reveision',
+'deletecomment' => 'Raeson for deletion',
+'rollback' => 'Row back edits',
+'rollback_short' => 'Rowback',
+'rollbacklink' => 'rowback',
+'rollbackfailed' => 'Rowback failed',
+'cantrollback' => 'Canna revert edit; last contreibutor is the ae author o this page.',
+'alreadyrolled' => 'Canna rowback last edit o [[$1]] bi [[User:$2|$2]] ([[User talk:$2|Talk]]); some ither bodie haes editit or rowed back the page aareadies. Last edit wis bi [[User:$3|$3]] ([[User talk:$3|Talk]]).',
+'editcomment' => 'The edit comment wis: "<i>$1</i>".', # only shown if there is an edit comment
+'revertpage' => 'Revertit edit o [[Special:Contributions/$2|$2]] ([[User talk:$2|Talk]]), chynged back tae last version bi [[User:$1|$1]]', # Additional available: $3: revid of the revision reverted to, $4: timestamp of the revision reverted to, $5: revid of the revision reverted from, $6: timestamp of the revision reverted from
+'protectlogtext' => 'Ablo is a leet o page locks/unlocks. See the [[Special:Protectedpages|protected pages list]] for the list of currently operational page protections.',
+'protectedarticle' => 'protectit "[[$1]]"',
+'unprotectedarticle' => 'unprotectit "[[$1]]"',
+'protectsub' => '(Protectin "$1")',
+'protectcomment' => 'Raeson for protectin',
+'unprotectsub' => '(Unprotectin "$1")',
+'protect-text' => 'Ye can see an chynge the protection level here for the page <strong><nowiki>$1</nowiki></strong>.',
+'protect-level-sysop' => 'Juist administrators',
+# Undelete
+'undelete' => 'Restore delete page',
+'undeletepage' => 'View an restore delete pages',
+'viewdeletedpage' => 'View delete pages',
+'undeletepagetext' => 'The follaein pages haev bin deleted but are aye in the archive an
+can be restored. The archive micht be redd oot noo an then.',
+'undeletehistory' => 'Gin ye restore the page, aa reveisions will be restored til the history.
+Gin a neow page wi the same name haes bin created syne the deletion, the restored
+reveisions will appear in the aulder history, an the current reveision o the live page winna be autaematically replaced.',
+'undeletehistorynoadmin' => 'This airticle haes been delete. The raeson for deletion is
+shawn in the summary ablo, alang wi parteeculars o the uisers that haed editit this page
+afore it wis delete. The actual text o thir deletit reveisions is available tae admeenistrators juist.',
+'undeletedrevisions' => '{{PLURAL:$1|1 reveision|$1 reveisions}} restored',
+'cannotundelete' => 'Undelete didna wirk; some ither bodie micht hae aareadies undeletit the page.',
+# Contributions
+'contributions' => 'Uiser contreibutions',
+'mycontris' => 'Ma contreibutions',
+'nocontribs' => 'Nae chynges wis funnd matchin thae criteria.',
+'ucnote' => "Ablo is this uiser's last <b>$1</b> chynges in the last <b>$2</b> days.",
+'uclinks' => 'See the last $1 chynges; see the last $2 days.',
+'uctop' => ' (tap)',
+'month' => 'Frae month (an afore):',
+'year' => 'Frae year (an afore):',
+# What links here
+'whatlinkshere' => 'Whit airts tae here',
+'linklistsub' => '(Leet o airtins)',
+'linkshere' => "The follaein pages airts tae '''[[:$1]]''':",
+'nolinkshere' => "Nae pages airt tae '''[[:$1]]'''.",
+'isredirect' => 'reguidal page',
+# Block/unblock
+'blockip' => 'Block uiser',
+'blockiptext' => 'Uise the form ablo tae block write access frae a specific IP address or uisername. This shuid be duin juist tae prevent vandalism, and in accord wi [[{{MediaWiki:Policy-url}}|policy]]. Fill in a specific raeson ablo (for exemplar, citin parteicular pages that wis damaged).',
+'ipaddress' => 'IP Address',
+'ipadressorusername' => 'IP Address or uisername',
+'ipbreason' => 'Raeson',
+'ipbsubmit' => 'Block this uiser',
+'ipbother' => 'Ither time',
+'ipboptions' => '2 oor:2 oor,1 day:1 day,3 days:3 days,1 week:1 week,2 week:2 week,1 month:1 month,3 month:3 month,6 month:6 month,1 year:1 year,infinite:infinite', # display1:time1,display2:time2,...
+'ipbotheroption' => 'ither',
+'badipaddress' => 'That IP address is nae guid',
+'blockipsuccesssub' => 'Block succeedit',
+'blockipsuccesstext' => '[[Special:Contributions/$1|$1]] haes been blockit.
+<br />See [[Special:Ipblocklist|IP block leet]] tae review blocks.',
+'unblockip' => 'Unblock uiser',
+'unblockiptext' => 'Uise the form ablo tae restore screivin richts
+tae an afore-blockit IP address or uisername.',
+'ipblocklist' => 'Leet o blockit IP addresses an uisernames',
+'blocklistline' => '$1, $2 blockit $3 (expires $4)',
+'anononlyblock' => 'anon. juist',
+'createaccountblock' => 'accoont-makkin blockit',
+'autoblocker' => 'Autaematically blockit syne yer IP address haes been uised recently bi "[[User:$1|$1]]". The raeson gien for $1\'s block is "\'\'$2\'\'"',
+'blocklogentry' => 'blockit [[$1]] wi an expiry time o $2 $3',
+'blocklogtext' => 'This is a log o uiser blockin an unblockin actions. Autaematically blockit IP addresses isna leetit. See the [[Special:Ipblocklist|IP block leet]] for the leet o bans and blocks on the gae the nou.',
+'unblocklogentry' => 'unblockit $1',
+'range_block_disabled' => 'The administrator abeility tae mak range blocks is disabled.',
+'proxyblockreason' => 'Yer IP address haes been blockit sith it is an open proxy. Please contact yer Internet service provider or tech support an inform them o this serious security problem.',
+'proxyblocksuccess' => 'Duin',
+'sorbsreason' => 'Yer IP address is leetit as an open proxy in the DNSBL.',
+'sorbs_create_account_reason' => 'Yer IP address is leetit as an open proxy in the DNSBL. Ye canna mak an accoont',
+# Developer tools
+'unlockdb' => 'Lowse database',
+'lockdbtext' => "Lockin the database will suspend the abeility o aa uisers tae edit pages, chynge thair preferences, edit thair watchleets, an ither things requirin chynges in the database. Please confirm that this is whit ye intend tae dae, an that ye'll unlock the database whan yer maintenance is duin.",
+'unlockdbtext' => 'Lowsin the database will gie back the abeility for aa uisers tae edit pages, chynge their preferences, edit their watchleets, an ither things needin chynges in the database. Please confirm that this is whit ye ettle tae dae.',
+'lockconfirm' => 'Aye, A raellie want tae lock the database.',
+'unlockconfirm' => 'Aye, A raelly want tae lowse the database.',
+'locknoconfirm' => 'Ye didna tick the confirmation box.',
+'lockdbsuccesssub' => 'Database lock fine',
+'unlockdbsuccesssub' => 'Database lowsed',
+'lockdbsuccesstext' => 'The database haes been lockit. <br />Mynd an tak the lock aff efter yer maintenance is feinisht.',
+'unlockdbsuccesstext' => 'The database haes bin lowsed.',
+'databasenotlocked' => 'The database isna lockit.',
+# Move page
+'movepage' => 'Flit page',
+'movepagetext' => "Uisin the form ablo will rename a page, flittin aa its history tae the new name. The auld teitle will become a reguidal page tae the new teitle. Airtins tae the auld page teitle willna be chynged; be siccar tae [[Special:Maintenance|check]] for dooble or brucken reguidals. You ar responsible for makkin siccar that airtins continues tae pynt whaur thay ar supposed tae gang. Mynd that the page '''willna''' be flittit gin the'r aareadies a page at the new teitle, unless it is tuim or a reguidal and haes nae past edit history. This means that ye can rename a page back tae whaur it wis juist renamed frae gin ye mak a mistak, an ye canna owerwrite an existin page. <b>WARNIN!</b> This can be a drastic and unexpectit chynge for a popular page; please be siccar ye unnerstaun the consequences o this afore proceedin.",
+'movepagetalktext' => "The associate Collogue page, gin onie, will be autaematically flittit alang wi it '''unless:''' *Ye'r flittin the page across namespaces, *A collogue page that isna tuim aareadies exists unner the new name, or *Ye tak the tick oot o the box ablo. In thae cases, ye maun flit or merge the page manually later gin ye hae saicont thochts.",
+'movearticle' => 'Flit page:',
+'movenologin' => 'No loggit in',
+'movenologintext' => 'Ye maun be a registert uiser an [[Special:Userlogin|loggit in]] tae flit a page.',
+'newtitle' => 'Tae new teitle',
+'movepagebtn' => 'Flit page',
+'pagemovedsub' => 'Flittin succeedit',
+'articleexists' => "A page o that name aareadies exists, or the name ye'v waled isna guid. Please wale anither name.",
+'talkexists' => 'The page itsel wis flittit fine, but the collogue page cuidna be flittit sith ane aareadies exists at the new teitle. Please merge thaim manually.',
+'movedto' => 'flittit ti',
+'movetalk' => 'Flit "collogue" page an aa, gin it\'s applicable.',
+'talkpagemoved' => "The airticle's collogue page wis flittit forbye.",
+'talkpagenotmoved' => "The airticle's collogue page <strong>wisna</strong> flittit.",
+'1movedto2' => '[[$1]] flittit til [[$2]]',
+'1movedto2_redir' => '[[$1]] flittit til [[$2]] ower reguidal',
+'movelogpage' => 'Flit log',
+'movelogpagetext' => "A leet o pages that's flitted is ablo.",
+'movereason' => 'Raeson',
+'delete_and_move' => 'Delete an flit',
+'delete_and_move_text' => '==Deletion caad for==
+The destination airticle "[[$1]]" aareadies exists. Div ye want tae delete it for tae mak wey for the flittin?',
+'delete_and_move_confirm' => 'Aye, delete the page',
+'delete_and_move_reason' => 'Delete for tae mak wey for flittin',
+'selfmove' => 'Ootgaun an incomin teitles is the same; canna flit a page ower itsel.',
+'immobile_namespace' => 'Destination teitle is o a speecial kin; canna flit pages intae that namespace.',
+# Export
+'exporttext' => 'Ye can export the text an editin history o a parteicular page or set o pages wappit in some XML. In the futur, this micht can be importit intae anither wiki runnin MediaWiki saftware, altho the\'r nae support for this featur in the current version.
+Tae export airticle pages, enter the teitles in the text box ablo, ae teitle tae ilka line, an wale whither ye want the current version alang wi aa auld versions, wi the page history lines, or the current version juist, wi wittins anent the last edit.
+In the saicont case ye can uise an airtin forbye, for exemplar [[{{ns:special}}:Export/{{MediaWiki:Mainpage}}]] for the airticle "[[{{MediaWiki:Mainpage}}]]".',
+'exportcuronly' => 'Include juist the current revision, no the fou history',
+# Namespace 8 related
+'allmessages' => 'Aa seestem messages',
+'allmessagesdefault' => 'Defaut text',
+'allmessagescurrent' => 'Text the nou',
+'allmessagestext' => 'This is a leet o aa seestem messages available in the MediaWiki: namespace.',
+'allmessagesnotsupportedDB' => "'''{{ns:special}}:AllMessages''' nae supportit acause '''\$wgUseDatabaseMessages''' is aff.",
+'allmessagesmodified' => 'Juist shaw chynged',
+# Thumbnails
+'filemissing' => 'File missin',
+# Special:Import
+'importtext' => 'Please export the file frae the soorce wiki uisin the Special:Export utility, hain it in yer disc an uplaid it here.',
+'importnotext' => 'Tuim or nae text',
+'importsuccess' => 'Importit fine!',
+'importhistoryconflict' => 'Conflictin history revision exists (micht hae importit this page afore)',
+'importnosources' => 'Nae transwiki import soorces haes been defined an direct history uplaids is disabled.',
+# Tooltip help for the actions
+'tooltip-pt-preferences' => 'Ma preferences',
+'tooltip-pt-login' => "It's a guid idea tae log i, but ye dinna hae tae.",
+'tooltip-search' => 'Rake {{SITENAME}}',
+'tooltip-t-contributions' => "View this uiser's contreibutions",
+'tooltip-minoredit' => 'Mairk this as a smaa edit',
+'tooltip-save' => 'Hain yer chynges',
+'tooltip-preview' => 'Scance ower yer chynges, please uise this afore hainin!',
+'tooltip-diff' => 'Shaw the chynges that you made tae the text.',
+'tooltip-compareselectedversions' => 'See the differs atween the twa selectit versions o this page.',
+'tooltip-watch' => 'Add this page tae yer watchleet',
+# Metadata
+'notacceptable' => 'The wiki server canna provide data in a format yer client can read.',
+# Attribution
+'anonymous' => 'Nameless uiser(s) o {{SITENAME}}',
+'siteuser' => '{{SITENAME}} uiser $1',
+'othercontribs' => 'Based on wark bi $1.',
+'others' => 'ithers',
+'siteusers' => '{{SITENAME}} uiser(s) $1',
+'nocredits' => "The'r nae credit info available for this page.",
+# Spam protection
+'spamprotectiontext' => 'The page ye wanted tae save wis blockit bi the spam filter. This is maist likely caused bi an airtin til an outby site.',
+'spamprotectionmatch' => 'The follaein text is whit triggered wir spam filter: $1',
+'subcategorycount' => 'There {{PLURAL:$1|one subcategory|$1 subcategories}} in this category.',
+'categoryarticlecount' => "There's {{PLURAL:$1|the ae airticle|$1 airticles}} in this category.",
+'category-media-count' => "There's {{PLURAL:$1|the ae file|$1 files}} in this category.",
+# Info page
+'infosubtitle' => 'Wittins for page',
+'numedits' => 'Nummer o edits (airticle): $1',
+'numtalkedits' => 'Nummer o edits (collogue page): $1',
+'numwatchers' => 'Nummer o watchers: $1',
+'numauthors' => 'Nummer o distinct authors (airticle): $1',
+'numtalkauthors' => 'Nummer o distinct authors (collogue page): $1',
+# Math options
+'mw_math_png' => 'Aye render PNG',
+'mw_math_simple' => "HTML gin it's gey simple else PNG",
+'mw_math_html' => 'HTML gin the possibility else PNG',
+'mw_math_source' => 'Leave it as TeX (for text brousers)',
+'mw_math_modern' => 'Recommendit for modren brousers',
+'mw_math_mathml' => 'MathML gin the possibility (experimental)',
+# Patrolling
+'markaspatrolleddiff' => 'Merk as patrolled',
+'markaspatrolledtext' => 'Merk this airticle as patrolled',
+'markedaspatrolled' => 'Merkit as patrolled',
+'markedaspatrolledtext' => 'The selectit reveision haes been merkit as patrolled.',
+'rcpatroldisabledtext' => 'The Recent Changes Patrol feature is disabled the nou.',
+# Image deletion
+'deletedrevision' => 'Deletit auld revision $1.',
+# Browsing diffs
+'previousdiff' => '← Gang tae previous diff',
+'nextdiff' => 'Gang tae neist diff →',
+# Media information
+'mediawarning' => "'''Warnin''': This file micht haud mislushious code; bi executin it yer seestem micht be compromised.
+'imagemaxsize' => 'Limit eimages on eimage description pages tae:',
+# Special:Newimages
+'newimages' => 'Gallery o new files',
+'noimages' => 'Naething tae see.',
+# Bad image list
+'bad_image_list' => 'The format is as follows:
+Only list items (lines starting with *) are considered. The first link on a line must be a link to a bad image.
+Any subsequent links on the same line are considered to be exceptions, i.e. pages where the image may occur inline.',
+# EXIF tags
+'exif-copyright' => 'Copyricht hauder',
+'exif-colorspace' => 'Colour space',
+'exif-componentsconfiguration' => 'Meanin o ilka component',
+'exif-compressedbitsperpixel' => 'Eimage compression mode',
+'exif-brightnessvalue' => 'Brichtness',
+'exif-componentsconfiguration-0' => 'disna exist',
+'exif-contrast-1' => 'Saft',
+# External editor support
+'edit-externally' => 'Edit this file uisin an external application',
+'edit-externally-help' => 'See the [ setup instructions] for mair guidance.',
+# 'all' in various places, this might be different for inflected languages
+'recentchangesall' => 'aa',
+'imagelistall' => 'aa',
+'watchlistall2' => 'aw',
+'namespacesall' => 'aa',
+'monthsall' => 'aw',
+# E-mail address confirmation
+'confirmemail_noemail' => 'Ye dinna hae a valid email address set in yer [[Special:Preferences|uiser preferences]].',
+'confirmemail_text' => 'This wiki requires ye tae validate yer e-mail address
+afore uisin e-mail featurs. Activate the button ablo tae send a confirmation
+mail tae yer address. The mail will include an airtin containing a code; laid the
+airtin in yer brouser tae confirm that yer e-mail address is guid.',
+'confirmemail_sendfailed' => 'Cuidna send confirmation mail. Hae a leuk at the address for invalid characters.
+Mailer returned: $1',
+'confirmemail_invalid' => 'Confirmation code nae guid. The code haes mibbe expired.',
+'confirmemail_needlogin' => 'Ye maun $1 for tae confirm yer email address.',
+'confirmemail_success' => 'Yer e-mail address haes been confirmed. Ye can nou log in an enjoy the wiki.',
+'confirmemail_loggedin' => 'Yer e-mail address haes noo been confirmed.',
+'confirmemail_error' => 'Something gaed agley hainin yer confirmation.',
+'confirmemail_body' => 'A bodie, maist likely you frae IP address $1, haes registert an
+accoont "$2" wi this e-mail address on {{SITENAME}}.
+Tae confirm that you ar aucht this accoont an activate e-mail featurs
+on {{SITENAME}}, open this airtin in yer brouser:
+If this *isna* you, dinna follae the airtin. This confirmation code
+will end at $4.',
+# Delete conflict
+'deletedwhileediting' => 'Warnin: This page haes been delete syne ye stertit editin!',
+'confirmrecreate' => "Uiser [[User:$1|$1]] ([[User talk:$1|collogue]]) deletit this airticle efter ye stertit editin, giein the raeson:
+: ''$2''
+Please confirm that ye really want tae recreate this airticle.",
+# HTML dump
+'redirectingto' => 'Reguidin tae [[$1]]...',
+# action=purge
+'confirm_purge' => 'Clair the cache o this page?
+'confirm_purge_button' => 'Aye',
+# AJAX search
+'searchcontaining' => "Rake for airticles wi ''$1'' in them.",
+'searchnamed' => "Rake for airticles cried ''$1''.",
+'articletitles' => "Airticles stairting wi ''$1''",
+# Multipage image navigation
+'imgmultigo' => 'Gang!',
+'imgmultigotopre' => 'Gang till page',
+# Table pager
+'table_pager_next' => 'Page aifter',
+'table_pager_prev' => 'Page afore',
+'table_pager_limit_submit' => 'Gang',
+'table_pager_empty' => 'Nae results',
+# Auto-summaries
+'autosumm-blank' => 'Dichtin aa content frae page',
+'autosumm-replace' => "Replacin page wi '$1'",
+'autoredircomment' => 'Reguidin tae [[$1]]',