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diff --git a/maintenance/archives/patch-change_tag.sql b/maintenance/archives/patch-change_tag.sql
index 030e086b..3079a5bb 100644
--- a/maintenance/archives/patch-change_tag.sql
+++ b/maintenance/archives/patch-change_tag.sql
@@ -13,20 +13,3 @@ CREATE UNIQUE INDEX /*i*/change_tag_log_tag ON /*_*/change_tag (ct_log_id,ct_tag
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX /*i*/change_tag_rev_tag ON /*_*/change_tag (ct_rev_id,ct_tag);
-- Covering index, so we can pull all the info only out of the index.
CREATE INDEX /*i*/change_tag_tag_id ON /*_*/change_tag (ct_tag,ct_rc_id,ct_rev_id,ct_log_id);
--- Rollup table to pull a LIST of tags simply without ugly GROUP_CONCAT that only works on MySQL 4.1+
-CREATE TABLE /*_*/tag_summary (
- ts_rc_id int NULL,
- ts_log_id int NULL,
- ts_rev_id int NULL,
- ts_tags BLOB NOT NULL
-) /*$wgDBTableOptions*/;
-CREATE UNIQUE INDEX /*i*/tag_summary_rc_id ON /*_*/tag_summary (ts_rc_id);
-CREATE UNIQUE INDEX /*i*/tag_summary_log_id ON /*_*/tag_summary (ts_log_id);
-CREATE UNIQUE INDEX /*i*/tag_summary_rev_id ON /*_*/tag_summary (ts_rev_id);
-CREATE TABLE /*_*/valid_tag (
- vt_tag varchar(255) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY
-) /*$wgDBTableOptions*/;