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diff --git a/maintenance/archives/patch-math.sql b/maintenance/archives/patch-math.sql
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--- a/maintenance/archives/patch-math.sql
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@@ -8,14 +8,14 @@
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS /*$wgDBprefix*/math;
CREATE TABLE /*$wgDBprefix*/math (
-- Binary MD5 hash of the latex fragment, used as an identifier key.
- math_inputhash varchar(16) NOT NULL,
+ math_inputhash varbinary(16) NOT NULL,
-- Not sure what this is, exactly...
- math_outputhash varchar(16) NOT NULL,
+ math_outputhash varbinary(16) NOT NULL,
-- texvc reports how well it thinks the HTML conversion worked;
-- if it's a low level the PNG rendering may be preferred.
- math_html_conservativeness tinyint(1) NOT NULL,
+ math_html_conservativeness tinyint NOT NULL,
-- HTML output from texvc, if any
math_html text,