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+Skins, such as the default skin Vector, are distributed separately. Drop them
+into this directory and enable as per the skin's installation instructions.
+You can find a list of available skins at
+and more information about installing and configuring skins at
+If you are a developer, you might want to fetch the skin tree in another
+directory and make a symbolic link:
+ mediawiki/skins$ ln -s ../../skins-trunk/FooBar
+Most skins are available through Git:
+Please note that under POSIX systems (Linux...), parent of a symbolic path
+refers to the link source, NOT to the target! You should check the env
+variable MW_INSTALL_PATH in case the extension is not in the default location.
+The following code snippet lets you override the default path:
+ $IP = getenv( 'MW_INSTALL_PATH' );
+ if( $IP === false ) {
+ $IP = __DIR__ . '/../..';
+ }
+ require_once "$IP/maintenance/Maintenance.php"; // a MediaWiki core file