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-This directory contains media files for use with the
-tests in includes/media directory.
-Image credits:
-GNU Lesser General Public License
-~~helix84 (16.4.2007), Philverney (6.12.2005) David Vignoni
-GNU Lesser General Public License
-David Vignoni
-CC-BY 3.0
-TastyCakes on English Wikipedia
-greyscale-na-png.png, rgb-png.png, Xmp-exif-multilingual_test.jpg
-greyscale-png.png, 1bit-png.png, Png-native-test.png, rgb-na-png.png,
-test.tiff, test.jpg, jpeg-comment-multiple.jpg, jpeg-comment-utf.jpg,
-jpeg-comment-iso8859-1.jpg, jpeg-comment-binary.jpg, jpeg-xmp-psir.jpg,
-jpeg-xmp-alt.jpg, animated.gif, exif-user-comment.jpg, animated-xmp.gif,
-iptc-timetest-invalid.jpg, jpeg-iptc-bad-hash.jpg, iptc-timetest.jpg,
-xmp.png, nonanimated.gif, exif-gps.jpg, jpeg-xmp-psir.xmp, jpeg-iptc-good-hash.jpg,
-jpeg-padding-even.jpg, jpeg-padding-odd.jpg
-Are all by Bawolff. I don't think they contain enough originality to
-claim copyright, but on the off chance they do, feel free to use them
-however you feel fit, without restriction.
- (originally )
-Public Domain
-Holger Will