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-== Details==
-Automated Selenium test scripts written for MediaWiki Installer is available at;a=tree;f=tests/selenium/installer;hb=HEAD.
-Detailed test cases available at
-Version : MediaWiki 1.18alpha
-Date : 27/12/2010
-== Running tests ==
-Test cases can be run independently or can run all the test cases using MediaWikiInstallerTestSuite.php within PHPUnit/Selenium.
-== Dependencies ==
-Value of the 'DB_NAME_PREFIX' should be replace with the database name prefix. Several DB instances will get created to cover different installation scenarios starting with the above prefix.
-You need to change the value of the 'DB_NAME_PREFIX' in MediaWikiInstallationConfig everytime you planned to
-run the tests.
-'DIRECTORY_NAME', 'PORT' and the 'HOST_NAME' should be replaced with your local values.
-You may specify the test browser you wish to run the test using 'TEST_BROWSER'. Default browser is Firefox.
-Note : MediaWikiInstallerTestSuite.php has no dependency on 'Selenium' test framework.
-== Known problems ==
-If you run the MediaWikiInstallerTestSuite.php twice without changing the name of the database, the second run should be falied.
-(Please read the more information on how to change the database name which is avaialable under 'Dependencies' section)