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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-12-03Update to MediaWiki 1.18.0Pierre Schmitz
2011-06-22update to MediaWiki 1.17.0Pierre Schmitz
2010-10-17fix polish linkPierre Schmitz
2010-10-17remove unneeded pluginsPierre Schmitz
2010-10-17update polish interwiki linkPierre Schmitz
2010-09-20remove whitespace which was causing problems in e.g. atom feedsPierre Schmitz
2010-09-18FunnyQuestion: Fix i18n bugPierre Schmitz
2010-09-18FunnyQuestion: Remeber if user has passed this testPierre Schmitz
2010-09-18Update FunnyQuestion extensionPierre Schmitz
2010-09-16Add CheckUser extensionPierre Schmitz
2010-09-14FunnyQuestion: remove unneeded HTML-Code and methods.Pierre Schmitz
2010-09-14Add FunnyQuestion extensionPierre Schmitz
2010-09-14FunnyDot: make the default hash harder to guessPierre Schmitz
2010-09-14Add Nuke extensionPierre Schmitz
2010-07-28allow special MediaWiki maintenance userPierre Schmitz
2010-07-28update to MediaWiki 1.16.0Pierre Schmitz
2010-06-03Update Auth backend for FluxBBPierre Schmitz
2010-04-14Add interwiki links to international wikisPierre Schmitz
2010-02-19Make sure username is really canonicalPierre Schmitz
2009-10-29more robust spam protection; does not rely on client cachingPierre Schmitz
2009-10-28set cookie for whole domain which is needed for pretty URLsPierre Schmitz
2009-10-25remove ads pluginPierre Schmitz
2009-10-25use https for URLsPierre Schmitz
2009-07-17use ll databsee instead of old currentPierre Schmitz
2009-06-10implement ads for as pluginPierre Schmitz
2009-06-10Update FunnyDot Captcha to version 2Pierre Schmitz
2009-06-10just cosmeticsPierre Schmitz
2009-02-22use MediaWiki DB classes for LLAuthPluginPierre Schmitz
2009-02-22updated to MediaWiki 1.14.0Pierre Schmitz
2008-12-15update to Mediawiki 1.13.3; some cleanupsPierre Schmitz
2008-08-15Anpassung an neue API; CSS-AktualisierungPierre Schmitz
2008-03-21FunnyDot-Verbesserungen von LL übernommenPierre Schmitz
2008-03-21Update auf MediaWiki 1.12.0Pierre Schmitz
2007-12-13removed NewPages extension (does not really work at all)Pierre Schmitz
2007-09-14auf Version 1.11 aktualisiert; Login-Bug behobenPierre Schmitz
2007-07-19Bugfix #122Pierre Schmitz
2007-06-27BugFixPierre Schmitz
2007-06-27Neue Foren-Adresse ( eingefügtPierre Schmitz
2007-05-16Aktualisierung auf MediaWiki 1.10.0Pierre Schmitz
2007-04-15NewPages-Extension hinzugefügtPierre Schmitz
2007-03-02kleine Fehler in der FunnyDot-Extension behobenPierre Schmitz
2007-02-01minimale ÄnderungPierre Schmitz
2007-01-25Bugfix (vorläufig, bis in MediaWiki behoben)Pierre Schmitz
2007-01-25API an neue Version angepasstPierre Schmitz
2006-11-05fix bug #88Pierre Schmitz
2006-10-11MediaWiki 1.7.1 wiederhergestelltPierre Schmitz