Change notes from older releases. For current info see RELEASE-NOTES-1.20. == MediaWiki 1.18 == === Changes since 1.18.2 === * (bug 35446) Using "{{nse:}}" with an invalid namespace name no longer throws a PHP warning. * (bug 35567) The whole password reminder e-mail is now sent in the same language. == MediaWiki 1.18.2 == 2012-03-21 This is a maintenance and security release of the MediaWiki 1.18 branch. === Changes since 1.18.1 === * (bug 33686) could not get a list of contributor for an article when using a SQLite database. * (Bug 33865) Exception thrown in action=parse when attempting to use the title parameter without setting the text parameter. * UserMailer could potentially throw a fatal error when a MailAddress object had an empty email address. * (Bug 33087) Exchange server rejected mail sent by MediaWiki * (bug 34528) Edit section tooltips show correction section name again * (bug 34246) MediaWiki:Whatlinkshere-summary message is displayed again in Special:Whatlinkshere * (bug 22555) Remove or skip strip markers from tag hooks like <nowiki> in core parser functions which operate on strings, such as formatnum. * (bug 34212) ApiBlock/ApiUnblock allow action to take place without a token parameter present. * (bug 34907) Fixed exposure of tokens through load.php that could have facilitated CSRF attacks. * (bug 35317) CSRF in Special:Upload. == MediaWiki 1.18.1 == 2012-01-11 This a maintenance and security release of the MediaWiki 1.18 branch. === Changes since 1.18.0 === * (bug 32712) Fix for search indexing of pages with certain unicode chars following URL. * (bug 3901) Lang, hreflang attribs added to sidebar interlanguage links for screen readers. * (bug 30774) mediawiki.html: Add support for numbers and booleans in the attribute values and element contents. * (bug 32473) [[Special:PasswordReset]] can not be used on private wiki. * (bug 32853) Fixed CACHE_DBA object cache type. * (bug 32786) Backward compatibility for extension using 1.17's Database::newFromType(). * Fixed exception when using Special:WhatLinksHere on a Media: file. * (bug 32709) Private Wiki users were always taken to Special:Badtitle on login. * (bug 33240) Sort images are missing but referenced in css. * (bug 31921) Magic words REVISIONDAY, REVISIONMONTH and REVISIONYEAR were not showing their values on preview. * (bug 32702) Removed method Skin::makeGlobalVariablesScript() has been readded for backward compatibility. * (bug 30172) The check for posix_isatty() in maintenance scripts did not detect when the function exists but is disabled. Introduced Maintenance::posix_isatty(). * (bug 33305) Make mw.util.addCSS resistant to IE's @font-face bug by setting cssText after DOM insertion. * (bug 29102) Upgrades no longer fail with the error "Unknown character set: 'mysql4'. * (bug 25355) Parser generates edit section links for special pages. * (bug 33321) Adding a line to MediaWiki:Sidebar that contains a pipe, but doesn't have any pipes after being transformed by MessageCache, causes exception on all pages. * Fixed recentchanges FK violation on page delete and cache purge error in updater for Oracle DB. * (bug 33117) prop=revisions allows deleted text to be exposed through cache pollution. == MediaWiki 1.18.0 == 2011-11-24 This is the first stable release of the MediaWiki 1.18 branch. === Summary of selected changes in 1.18 === Selected changes since MediaWiki 1.17 that may be of interest: * Some of the more commonly used MediaWiki extensions are now included in the release tarball. These extensions are ConfirmEdit, Gadgets, Nuke, ParserFunctions, Renameuser, Vector and WikiEditor. * Gender support has been improved, meaning user pages can display the correct gender variant of "User" can now be used. * MediaWiki can now detect the camera orientation of an image from the Exif metadata, and can rotate the image thumbnail appropriately. Metadata support has been generally improved, and can now extract IPTC and XMP metadata. * Improved directionality support in 1.18 means that MediaWiki is better to use for RTL users. * MediaWiki now supports protocol - relative URLs in links, interwiki targets and $wgServer * Math support has been removed from core === Changes since 1.18.0rc1 === * (bug 32228) regression in Special:Search which did not conserve profile on new search * (bug 32460) Categories were improperly aligned in Simple and CologneBlue * (bug 32412) TOC links on [[Special:EditWatchlist]] points to the fieldsets * (bug 32582) Fix TOC show/hide link regression on IE 8 === Changes since 1.18 beta 1 === * (bug 31886) Wrong titles redirecting to Special:Badtitle in the 1.18 deployment. * (bug 32051) Fix description for wlprop=sizes. * (bug 31913) Special:MostLinkedTemplates had an incorrect GROUP BY clause under Microsoft SQL. * (bug 32100) installer complains about suhosin GET limit. * (bug 31933) fix 1.18 regression in Monobook sidebar: huge spacing between portlets on IE 7 and IE 8/9 in compatibility view. * (bug 32126) Fix 1.18 regression in watchlist editor when items already removed from watchlist. * (bug 32183) remove the client-* classes added from user-agent-sniffing onto the element. * (bug 29912) Unit tests break if parsertest tables are still present. * (bug 31694) During installation, tabbing order (cursor focus) goes to logo instead of 'continue'. * (bug 29102) Upgrade fails "Unknown character set: 'mysql4". * (bug 31990) justify paragraphs pref adds extra space to category listing. * (bug 20148) Better title for [[Special:Disambiguations]] page. * (bug 31502) TOC is missing on Special:EditWatchlist. * (bug 32256) API list=search stops at first invalid result. * (bug 32047) jquery.tablesorter.js: thead is before caption. * (bug 29854) Store protocol-relative links twice in the externallinks table, one with http: in el_index and once with https. * (bug 31822) Error during upgrade due to output buffer reset in stdout. === Configuration changes in 1.18 === * The WantedPages::getSQL hook has been removed and replaced with WantedPages::getQueryInfo. This may break older extensions. * The SkinTemplateBuildContentActionUrlsAfterSpecialPage, SkinTemplateContentActions and SkinTemplateTabs hooks have been removed in favor of SkinTemplateNavigation and SkinTemplateNavigation::SpecialPage. * $wgUseCombinedLoginLink controls whether to output a combined login / create account link in the personal bar, or to output separate login and create account links. * Skin names are no longer created based on a ucfirst version of the key in $wgValidSkinNames but now the value. This means for $wgValidSkinNames["monobook"] = "MonoBook"; the skin loader will no longer try loading SkinMonobook and will instead load SkinMonoBook. * $wgMaxUploadSize may now be set to an array to specify the upload size limit per upload type. * $wgAPICacheHelp added in 1.16 is now removed. To disable API help caching, set $wgAPICacheHelpTimeout = 0; * OutputPage::isUserJsAllowed() no longer returns false when scripts are allowed by the page, but $wgAllowUserJs is set to false. * Pure "Skin" class based custom skins are no longer supported, all custom skins should be put together using SkinTemplate and BaseTemplate or QuickTemplate. * The transliteration for passwords in case they were migrated from an old Latin-1 install (previous to MediaWiki 1.5) is now only done for wikis with $wgLegacyEncoding set. * (bug 27508) Add $wgSVGMetadataCutoff to limit the maximum amount of an SVG we look at when finding metadata to prevent excessive resource usage. * $wgSysopUserBans and $wgSysopRangeBans (deprecated in 1.17) are now removed. Use $wgBlockCIDRLimit = array( 'IPv4' => 43, 'IPv6' => 128 ) to achieve the same functionality as $wgSysopRangeBans; you can use the BlockIp hook to replicate $wgSysopUserBans functionality. * The options on the block form have been standardised such that checking a box makes the block 'more serious'; so while "check to prevent account creation" and "check to enable autoblock" remain the same, "check to allow user-talk edit" is reversed to "check to *disable* user-talk edit", and "check to block anon-only" becomes "check to block logged-in users too". The default settings remain the same. * Most of the field names on the Special:Block form have been changed, which will probably break screen-scraping bots. * (bug 26866) The 'trackback' right is no longer granted to sysops by default. $wgUseTrackbacks is already false by default. * (bug 17009) the hiddenStructure CSS class, a highly hackish way of at least *appearing* to hide article elements, has been removed. Use the ParserFunctions extension to actually remove unwanted elements from the output. * (bug 14202) $wgUseTeX has been superseded by the Math extension. To re-enable math conversion after upgrading, obtain the Math extension from SVN or from and add to LocalSettings.php: require_once "$IP/extensions/Math/Math.php"; * $wgProfiler is now a configuration array, see StartProfiler.sample for details. * $wgProfiling has been removed. * The spyc library is now no longer included in phase3. * (bug 28343) Unused preferences contextlines/contextchars have been removed * $wgSkinExtensionFunctions has been removed. Use $wgExtensionFunctions instead. * $wgProto has been removed. You now only need to set $wgServer to change the URL protocol. * $wgRateLimitsExcludedGroups (deprecated in 1.13) has been removed. * $wgInputEncoding and $wgOutputEncoding (deprecated in 1.5) have now been removed. * $wgAllowUserSkin (deprecated in 1.16) has now been removed. * $wgExtraRandompageSQL (deprecated in 1.16) has now been removed. * LogReader and LogViewer classes (deprecated in 1.14) have now been removed. * (bug 26033) Added $wgArticleCountMethod to select the method to use to say whether a page is an article or not. $wgUseCommaCount is now deprecated. * $wgEnableDublinCoreRdf and $wgEnableCreativeCommonsRdf no longer work in core, and the functionality has been moved to the relevant extensions. See and as appropriate. * (bug 21107) Split error "customcssjsprotected" into separate messages for JS and CSS * Removed $wgCheckCopyrightUpload from DefaultSettings, since the relevant feature was removed in about 1.5. * LogPageValidTypes, LogPageLogName, LogPageLogHeader and LogPageActionText hooks have been removed. * New hook "Collation::factory" to allow extensions to create custom category collations. * $wgGroupPermissions now supports per namespace permissions. * $wgEnableAutoRotation enables or disables auto-rotation. Leaving it set to null will cause MediaWiki to determine if auto-rotation is available. === New features in 1.18 === * BREAKING CHANGE: action=watch / action=unwatch now requires a token. * BREAKING CHANGE: Article class hierarchy split into WikiPage (backend). and Article (frontend) hierarchies. Several hooks now pass a WikiPage object instead of an Article object. These hooks all use an $article paramater as documented in hooks.txt. Extensions should be updated to account for this, though most won't require any changes. * (bug 27860) Minor edit after clicking 'new section' tab Now the "This is a minor edit" checkbox is not available when you create a page or new section. * (bug 8130) Query pages should limit to content namespaces, not just main namespace. * Special:Contribs now redirects to Special:Contributions. * (bug 6672) Images are now autorotated according to their EXIF orientation. This only affects thumbnails; the source remains unrotated. * (bug 25708) Update case mappings and normalization to Unicode 6.0.0. * New hook ArticlePrepareTextForEdit added, called when preparing text to be saved. * New parser option PreSaveTransform added, allows the pre-save transformation to be selectively disabled. * Alternative to $wgHooks implemented, using the new Hooks class. * Add width parameter to Special:Filepath to allow getting the file path of a thumbnail. * (bug 26870) Add size to {{filepath:}}. * Upload warnings now show a thumbnail of the uploaded file. * Introduced the edittools-upload message, which will be inserted under the upload form instead of edittools if available. * (bug 26285) Extensions will be automatically generated on upload if the user specified a filename without extension. * (bug 26851) Special:UserRights now allows to prefill the reason field * New maintenance script to fix double redirects (maintenance/fixDoubleRedirects.php). * (bug 23315) New body classes to allow easier styling of special pages. * (bug 27159) Make email confirmation code expiration time configurable. * (bug 29047) CSS/JS for each user group is imported from MediaWiki:Group-sysop.js, MediaWiki:Group-autoconfirmed.css, etc. * (bug 24230) Uploads of ZIP types, such as MS Office or OpenOffice can now be safely enabled. A ZIP file reader was added which can scan a ZIP file for potentially dangerous Java applets. This allows applets to be blocked specifically, rather than all ZIP files being blocked. * (bug 2429) Allow selection of associated namespace in recent changes. * (bug 26217) File size is now checked before uploading in HTML5 browsers. * CSS stylesheet MediaWiki:Noscript.css is now loaded for users with JavaScript disabled (enclosed in the head in a