AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-21more hellosHEADmasterbill-auger
2019-04-21change memo confirmation messagebill-auger
2019-04-21refactor is_injected_msg handlingbill-auger
2019-04-21add more factoidsbill-auger
2019-04-21teach pbot to parse to forum postsbill-auger
2018-10-02ignore predictable spambot nicks in spamfilter modulebill-auger
2018-10-02throttle spam filter relay messagesbill-auger
2018-10-02allow delayed delivery of IPC injected noticesbill-auger
2018-10-02allow custom ii dirbill-auger
2018-10-02handle numeric 328 RPL_CHANNEL_URL gracefullybill-auger
2018-10-02be more verbose when killing/stopping/dyingbill-auger
2018-10-02pass shared lib errors through spam filterbill-auger
2018-10-02add more factoidsbill-auger
2018-10-02process PRIVMSG hooks before 'process_event' triggersbill-auger
2018-10-02implement "translate a user" featurebill-auger
2018-10-02implement factoids list commandbill-auger
2018-10-02make colon char optional for 'tell' commandbill-auger
2018-10-02refactor help messages into flat filesbill-auger
2018-10-02refactor translate feature into a modulebill-auger
2018-10-02hook spamfilter module on_PRIVMSG instead of on_rawbill-auger
2018-10-02format cgit page titles - (allow backslashes)bill-auger
2018-10-02add more spam triggersbill-auger
2018-10-02refactor spam filter modulebill-auger
2018-09-28refactor memo reminderbill-auger
2018-09-28normalize whitespace in memo reminderbill-auger
2018-09-28fix missing 'announcements/*/you_have_mail' error in memo reminderbill-auger
2018-09-28filter nonsense messagesbill-auger
2018-09-28add more spam triggersbill-auger
2018-09-28refactor spam filter modulebill-auger
2018-09-14add more spam triggersLuke Shumaker
2018-09-14refactor known spam into a listLuke Shumaker
2018-09-14initial spam filter modulebill-auger
2018-09-06ask for op upon joinbill-auger
2018-09-06initial translate commandbill-auger
2018-09-06allow pbot group to read logsbill-auger
2018-08-13add .gitignorebill-auger
2018-08-13remove memosbill-auger
2018-08-13add factoidsbill-auger
2018-08-13indicate presence of password when logging loginbill-auger
2018-08-13refactor internal dummy nick into a constantbill-auger
2018-08-11normalize whitespacebill-auger
2017-06-03Disabled ability to tell pbot to tell someone else a factoid. SomeoneJoseph Graham
2017-05-29Tweak to not keep file open for writing for days on end. Hope it mightJoseph Graham
2016-09-29Fixed extremely specific bugJoseph Graham
2016-08-28Big refactor of hack_of_all_hacksJoseph Graham
2016-08-28Removed that rediculous announcements featureJoseph Graham
2016-08-28Remove randomising of confirmation messagesJoseph Graham
2014-10-03re-enabled labs_change_detector and updated the install instructionsJoseph Graham
2014-09-30Fixed annoying bug in footnotes. It no longer matches unless the filename mat...Joseph Graham