AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-13add .gitignoreHEADmasterbill-auger
2018-08-13remove memosbill-auger
2018-08-13add factoidsbill-auger
2018-08-13indicate presence of password when logging loginbill-auger
2018-08-13refactor internal dummy nick into a constantbill-auger
2018-08-11normalize whitespacebill-auger
2017-06-03Disabled ability to tell pbot to tell someone else a factoid. SomeoneJoseph Graham
2017-05-29Tweak to not keep file open for writing for days on end. Hope it mightJoseph Graham
2016-09-29Fixed extremely specific bugJoseph Graham
2016-08-28Big refactor of hack_of_all_hacksJoseph Graham
2016-08-28Removed that rediculous announcements featureJoseph Graham
2016-08-28Remove randomising of confirmation messagesJoseph Graham
2014-10-03re-enabled labs_change_detector and updated the install instructionsJoseph Graham
2014-09-30Fixed annoying bug in footnotes. It no longer matches unless the filename mat...Joseph Graham
2014-09-30docs improvementJoseph Graham
2014-09-30Wrote installation instructions.Joseph Graham
2014-07-25Made it show corresponding labs project nameJoseph Graham
2014-07-13improvedJoseph Graham
2014-07-13Updated the docsJoseph Graham
2014-07-13dunno what's going on hereJoseph Graham
2014-07-13Updated the docsJoseph Graham
2014-07-13s/pbot-ng/pbot/Joseph Graham
2014-07-13fixed dirJoseph Graham
2014-07-13fixed slight bugJoseph Graham
2014-07-13added dep checkJoseph Graham
2014-07-13made a service file for systemdJoseph Graham
2014-07-13improvementsJoseph Graham
2014-07-13Fixed mistakeJoseph Graham
2014-07-13Added a startup scriptJoseph Graham
2014-07-02fixed bugJoseph Graham
2014-07-02Improved the messages system.Joseph Graham
2014-05-24Added a "footnotes" feature. Seems to work OK so far.Joseph Graham
2014-02-12Fixed bug of him sometimes parsing incorrectly.Joseph Graham
2014-01-23Fix mistakeJoseph Graham
2014-01-22Make him work better when some idiot tells him to tell himself something.Joseph Graham
2013-10-14The new recoding code was not working so wellJoseph Graham
2013-09-24made it easier to invoke helpJoseph Graham
2013-09-24Made him find page title even if the html uses all caps in tag namesJoseph Graham
2013-09-07modificationJoseph Graham
2013-09-07updated dependency checkingJoseph Graham
2013-09-07my attempt at fixing the bot's ability to process utf-8 in page titlesJoseph Graham
2013-09-04Made it not start the old bug tracker change detector codeJoseph Graham
2013-09-03Set the locale so pbot can handle utf-8Joseph Graham
2013-08-30typo fixJoseph Graham
2013-08-30made it more secureJoseph Graham
2013-08-30made it more secureJoseph Graham
2013-08-30modificationJoseph Graham
2013-08-30changeJoseph Graham
2013-08-30he now owns his nickJoseph Graham
2013-08-30made him not add duplicate factsJoseph Graham