AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-23Parabola brandingHEADpurweb/master4Luke Shumaker
2016-11-23doc/i18n.txt: Remove mentions of (non-free) Transifex.Luke Shumaker
2016-11-23Make the instance name and domain configurable.Luke Shumaker
2016-11-23Re-brand to clarify that the software is aurweb; the instance is the AUR.Luke Shumaker
2016-11-23web/html/index.php: improve lookup table a bitLuke Shumaker
2016-11-23PO/Makefile: tidyLuke Shumaker
2016-10-17Release 4.4.1v4.4.1aurweb/masterLukas Fleischer
2016-10-17Make maintenance scripts installableLukas Fleischer
2016-10-17Move configuration to /etc/aurweb/configLukas Fleischer
2016-10-17aurweb/git: Add missing fileLukas Fleischer
2016-10-17Do not show current day if registration date is unknownLukas Fleischer
2016-10-15Release 4.4.0v4.4.0Lukas Fleischer
2016-10-15Translation updates from TransifexLukas Fleischer
2016-10-11git-serve: Close orphan requests upon disownLukas Fleischer
2016-10-11upgrading/4.4.0.txt: Warn about new scriptsLukas Fleischer
2016-10-11git-update: Catch long source URLsLukas Fleischer
2016-10-11Make URL columns 8000 characters wideLukas Fleischer
2016-10-08Update message catalogLukas Fleischer
2016-10-08Update .gitignoreLukas Fleischer
2016-10-08Reorganize Git interface scriptsLukas Fleischer
2016-10-08Add clone hints to 404 error pagesLukas Fleischer
2016-10-01git-serve: Support `git {receive,upload}-pack`Lukas Fleischer
2016-09-30Update message catalogLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29t2200: Check that only non-voters get remindersLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29Use the notify script in testsLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29tuvotereminder: Wait for notify processesLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29Add tests for aurblupLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29aurblup: Drop support for multiple serversLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29Add tests for pkgmaintLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29scripts: Do not use UNIX_TIMESTAMPLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29Add tests for tuvotereminderLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29Add tests for mkpkglistsLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29mkpkglists: Make output files configurableLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29Update READMELukas Fleischer
2016-09-29Reorganize testsLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29Make test suite paths top-level directory relativeLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29Use config and db in scriptsLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29Use setuptools to install Python modulesLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29git-update: Move entry point to a main() methodLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29git-serve: Move entry point to a main() methodLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29git-serve: Pass user and privileges as parametersLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29git-auth: Move entry point to a main() methodLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29Add a main() method to all Python scriptsLukas Fleischer
2016-09-29Send reminders before the TU voting period endsLukas Fleischer
2016-09-18t0002: Add tests for adopt/disown/set-comaintainersLukas Fleischer
2016-09-18git-serve: Add support for setting co-maintainersLukas Fleischer
2016-09-18git-serve: Add support for disowning package basesLukas Fleischer
2016-09-17git-serve: Add support for adopting package basesLukas Fleischer
2016-09-17git-serve: Format usage text automaticallyLukas Fleischer
2016-09-12git-serve: Mark setup-repo as deprecatedLukas Fleischer