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masterDeprecate 'repository' property, use 'context' insteadfr33domlover4 months
pythonsquashme - pythonbill-auger8 months
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2019-08-28Deprecate 'repository' property, use 'context' insteadHEADmasterfr33domlover
2019-08-12Make text color of light theme a bit darker for contrast with backgroundfr33domlover
2019-08-08expand fediverse link in README.mdbill-auger
2019-08-06Add combined CSS theme, thank you ikomi!fr33domlover
2019-07-30Dark theme color tweaks that ikomi askedfr33domlover
2019-07-30Add dark theme by ikomi :)fr33domlover
2019-07-26Add some more commit-related properties to the vocabulary specfr33domlover
2019-07-26Start section headers from h2, reserving h1 for the page titlefr33domlover
2019-07-24Remove old CSS, rename new theme.css to light.cssfr33domlover
2019-07-24List some commit related properties in vocab specfr33domlover