AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-18Add unset-rule.HEADmasterBruno Cichon
2017-03-20Update author mail.Bruno Cichon
2017-02-24Fix rules. Add conditions in rules.Bruno Cichon
2017-02-19Add some documentation.Bruno Cichon
2016-11-04Fix some of semantics mistakes.Bruno Cichon
2016-11-04Clear l-system.Bruno Cichon
2016-11-03Update README.Bruno Cichon
2016-11-03Add context sensitive grammars.Bruno Cichon
2016-10-22Fix small mistake in last commit.Bruno Cichon
2016-10-21Ugrade paremeters of rules.Bruno Cichon
2016-10-20Better syntax.Miscellaneous rename.Update example.Bruno Cichon
2016-07-18Fix some english.Bruno Cichon
2016-07-13Miscellaneous renaming. Deleted unrelated code.Bruno Cichon
2015-11-20Fix examplesBruno Cichon
2015-11-20Add test geometryBruno Cichon
2015-11-18Finish refactoring of turtleBruno Cichon
2015-11-15Refactoring turtle-systemBruno Cichon
2015-11-04Add deflsysBruno Cichon
2015-10-27Add documentation and one example.Bruno Cichon
2015-10-19Turtle system is now parametricBruno Cichon
2015-10-13l-system is now parametricBruno Cichon
2015-10-07Small fix for rotate left on axis xBruno Cichon
2015-09-12Add coordinate systemBruno Cichon
2015-09-09Miscellaneous changesBruno Cichon
2015-09-05Add support for volume.Small refactoring.Bruno Cichon
2015-08-31Small fixBruno Cichon
2015-08-31Add bracketed system for turtleBruno Cichon
2015-08-28Add turtle-systemBruno Cichon
2015-08-18Add evaluation to l-systemBruno Cichon
2015-08-15first commitBruno Cichon