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2015-03-04Add copyright statements to the big 2 main filesHEADmasterLuke Shumaker
2015-03-04fiddle with the things to make jflex workLuke Shumaker
2015-03-04Makefile: add support for `file|` specsLuke Shumaker
2015-03-04Makefile: add either `-t` or `-T` to all invocations of cp(1).Luke Shumaker
2015-03-04Makefile: omit the `/` or `|` between the (m)url and extra if no extra.Luke Shumaker
2015-03-04Makefile: fix murl2urlLuke Shumaker
2015-03-04Fix typo in a commentLuke Shumaker
2014-11-20Implement spec2 and file2 entirely in Make.Luke Shumaker
2014-11-20Makefile: add rest and merge functions, use them to simplify a bitLuke Shumaker
2014-11-19Makefile: clean up deps2{class,}pathLuke Shumaker
2014-11-17FixupLuke Shumaker
2014-11-17Makefile: only shell out in rules/ onceLuke Shumaker
2014-11-17Makefile: memoize the spec2 and file2 functions (for performance)Luke Shumaker
2014-11-16Makefile: build/compile became build/workdir a loooong time ago.Luke Shumaker
2014-11-16Makefile: make bindir configurableLuke Shumaker
2014-11-16Makefile: preserving timestamps when copying directories is a bad ideaLuke Shumaker
2014-11-16Support stubbing entry points without exposing the entire classpathLuke Shumaker
2014-11-16Makefile: touch upLuke Shumaker
2014-07-25Fix thingsLuke Shumaker
2014-07-25Add janino. Required creating a 'union' type for Shumaker
2014-07-25Have the generic rules begin with an underscoreLuke Shumaker
2014-07-25Makefile: cut out the middle man (package) in the magic foreach loopLuke Shumaker
2014-07-25Generalize the utils to make the target an argument.Luke Shumaker
2014-07-25Makefile: avoid shelling out inside of a loop. Also fix a 'download:' bug.Luke Shumaker
2014-07-25Makefile: Pull $(shell) operations into $(call) macros.Luke Shumaker
2014-07-25Makefile: touch upLuke Shumaker
2014-07-22Also build Guice extensionsLuke Shumaker
2014-07-20fix grammar mistake in commentLuke Shumaker
2014-06-15Makefile: also set PATH from dependenciesLuke Shumaker
2014-06-15Makefile: generalize tarbomb protectionLuke Shumaker
2014-06-12add asm{1..3}Luke Shumaker
2014-06-10I am stupidLuke Shumaker
2014-06-10Makefile: handle package failure correctlyLuke Shumaker
2014-06-10Makefile: support comments in delete.listLuke Shumaker
2014-06-10Makefile: drop build/packages/allLuke Shumaker
2014-06-07Makefile: pull the recurse logic into a variable so it isn't repeatedLuke Shumaker
2014-06-07Makefile: pull program names into $(CAPS) variables. Fix issues as found.Luke Shumaker
2014-06-06Makefile: fix issue causing some things to be compiled multiple timesLuke Shumaker
2014-06-03minor fixes to the main MakefileLuke Shumaker
2014-06-03Clean up some variable names, generalize the extra makefile logicLuke Shumaker
2014-06-03clean upLuke Shumaker
2014-05-31get subdir-deps workingLuke Shumaker
2014-05-31Re-arrange the directories to keep everything for a package togetherLuke Shumaker
2014-05-30oopsLuke Shumaker
2014-05-30Makefile: bump timestamps when extracting a tarballLuke Shumaker
2014-05-30fiddle with directory namesLuke Shumaker
2014-05-30fix bug in tar subdirectory extract codeLuke Shumaker
2014-05-30add mechanism to delete files during placeLuke Shumaker
2014-05-30Makefile: add commentLuke Shumaker
2014-05-30Makefile: add missing backslashLuke Shumaker