AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-12Update READMEHEADmasterLuke Shumaker
2018-11-12Populate all keyringsLuke Shumaker
2018-11-12Add just a touch of niceness to the MakefileLuke Shumaker
2018-11-12Get it to build Parabola imagesLuke Shumaker
2018-11-09GH-9: Prefer rackspace over leasewebPierre Schmitz
2018-11-09GH-9: Add rackspace mirrorPierre Schmitz
2018-03-01Only push the current imagePierre Schmitz
2017-12-30GH-4: Set default locale to en_US.UTF-8Pierre Schmitz
2017-12-30Clean environment variables for pacstrapPierre Schmitz
2017-12-30Fix typoPierre Schmitz
2017-12-30Add systemd to create system usersPierre Schmitz
2017-10-08Merge pull request #6 from archlinux/minimalPierre Schmitz
2017-09-01Move the repo to the Arch Linux organizationPierre Schmitz
2017-08-30Add simple mission statementPierre Schmitz
2017-08-30Use the most minimal package setPierre Schmitz
2017-08-30Keep the pacman sync databasePierre Schmitz
2017-08-30Use a HTTPS mirror by defaultPierre Schmitz
2017-05-26Move image to archlinux organization on dockerhubPierre Schmitz
2017-05-26Add editor configPierre Schmitz
2017-04-23Use /run and not the symlink /var/runPierre Schmitz
2017-04-23Use image variable for test as wellPierre Schmitz
2017-04-23Add travis build status to README.mdPierre Schmitz
2017-04-23Mount /run/shm to allow build on UbuntuPierre Schmitz
2017-04-23Use tmpfsPierre Schmitz
2017-04-23Update the image before building a new onePierre Schmitz
2017-04-23Add self test that can be run by travisPierre Schmitz
2017-04-23Ensure that the image does not include a private keyPierre Schmitz
2017-04-15Fix permissions and add basic image testPierre Schmitz
2017-04-10Add task to push local imagePierre Schmitz
2017-04-10Use pacman.conf from devtoolsPierre Schmitz
2017-04-10Cleanup the package cache after install or upgradePierre Schmitz
2017-04-08Add initial implementationPierre Schmitz
2017-04-08Create README.mdPierre Schmitz