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2011-03-05Make master a stable branch, move development to rewritable branchesDieter Plaetinck
2011-02-03remove mkinitcpio dependencyDieter Plaetinck
2010-12-28Make auto_network worker part of prefill_configs()Dieter Plaetinck
2010-12-19add scriptDieter Plaetinck
2010-12-05document dependenciesDieter Plaetinck
2010-11-27remove confusion between new /arch/setup and old (installer.git) basedDieter Plaetinck
2009-09-25update authors fileDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-21experimental test suite, with one testDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-21stupid readme updateDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-21credit contributors for their patchesDieter Plaetinck
2009-04-12refactored, cleaned up and restructured READMEDieter Plaetinck
2009-03-11getting rid of the quickinst port. the automatic procedure will replace itDieter Plaetinck
2009-02-15todo cleanup + alpha -> betaDieter Plaetinck
2009-02-15some more changes related to FHS stuffDieter Plaetinck
2009-02-14tried to make aif FHS/hier compliantDieter Plaetinck
2009-02-14tried to make aif FHS/hier compliant + updated howto/readmeDieter Plaetinck
2009-01-17last second readme updatesDieter Plaetinck
2009-01-17last minute readme updatesDieter Plaetinck
2009-01-11README updatesDieter Plaetinck
2008-12-23mooDieter Plaetinck
2008-12-23readme updates and fixes and MOOOOOODieter Plaetinck
2008-12-20new concept: partial procedures, 2 implementations + documentation + added au...Dieter Plaetinck
2008-12-09this commit goes out to my friend Daenyth who thinks I'm a 'prolific' worker....Dieter Plaetinck
2008-12-09basic overridable implementation of commandline argument parsingDieter Plaetinck
2008-12-07typo fixDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-21small, stupid readme/todo cleanupDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-16updated HOWTO for install using packages, got rid of patch-install-cd script ...Dieter Plaetinck
2008-11-12grub entries fixed. we are in alpha phase now :)Dieter Plaetinck
2008-11-11fifa is now pre-alphaDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-10section about variablesDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-10section about contributingDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-10small section about procedures addedDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-10temporary woraround for broken array indirectionDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-09exit status is maintained for phases and workers. reporting added. phases a...Dieter Plaetinck
2008-11-02runtime packages bugfix + some small stuffDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-02dont source procedures for each loaded module. dont auto source core/base eit...Dieter Plaetinck
2008-11-02file hierarchy overhaul. now a structure that makes more sense: user and cor...Dieter Plaetinck
2008-11-01abstracted the phase launching so now its easier to port the classic installerDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-01improved documentation, cleaned up usage(), implemented some dialog stufDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-01install docs also in /home/arch/fifaDieter Plaetinck
2008-10-31fixes for new lib locationDieter Plaetinck
2008-10-31written howto + documentation fixesDieter Plaetinck
2008-10-30updated file location requirementsDieter Plaetinck
2008-10-30first commitDieter Plaetinck