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2011-03-03apply indentation with tabs everywhereDieter Plaetinck
2010-12-05make AIF track needed filesystem packagesDieter Plaetinck
2010-04-18implement consistent/generic, more stable {en,de}coding of fs_params and fs_o...Dieter Plaetinck
2010-04-16change infofy calls to inform, because libui-sh changed function nameDieter Plaetinck
2010-03-05add the `-D' option to the sfdisk call.Mark Pustjens
2009-07-29fix some invalid show_warning invocationsDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-26enable repo so we can get aifDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-26no more need for the grub thingDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-26add unit test for "dm_crypt on top of lvm on top of raw" setupDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-26no more need for the grub hacksDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-26fix leftover devicename incorrectness after also making swap encryptedDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-25make a testing repo available so we can install aifDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-25BLOCKDATA syntax fixDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-25make the $ret variable local everywhereDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-24fix for error message during automatic procedureDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-24sfdisk invocation fix: use megabytesDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-24add automatic-reuse-fs-sda test, which tests the "user has an existing partit...Dieter Plaetinck
2009-07-22typo fixDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-22test suite fixes and cleanupsDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-22syntax fixesDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-21set +x flagsDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-21make tests separate reusable files + make the testing thing a bit betterDieter Plaetinck
2009-07-21experimental test suite, with one testDieter Plaetinck
2009-02-28check_is_in fixes.. and this time i mean it.. i think. hopefully. + test scri...Dieter Plaetinck
2009-02-28fixes in menu testingDieter Plaetinck
2009-02-28ask_option now supports optional (skippable) and required menus. labels and e...Dieter Plaetinck
2008-12-11possibility for extra info in ask_option cause we couldnt cram everything in ...Dieter Plaetinck
2008-11-03lib-ui implementation (cli+dia) for ask_option + tests directory to test itDieter Plaetinck