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*** Know issues
-** (1) On shutdown there are two steps that [FAIL]:
- "Unmounting Swap-backed Filesystems" and "Unmounting Non-API Filesystems",
- These filesystem are in use at this stage by archiso, but...
+** (1) On shutdown lots of messages from systemd like:
+ "Could not unmount /run/archiso/<ABC>: Device or resource busy"
+ "Could not delete loopback /dev/loop<N>: Device or resource busy"
This is not a real issue since, all mounted filesystem, loopback devices
and device mapper devices made by archiso will be "free" on "shutdown tmpfs"
(A.K.A deinitramfs), build at initramfs by [archiso_shutdown] initcpio hook.
+ Proper shutdown is mostly important when persistent is used.
** (2) syslinux 4.05 bug with relative directories on FAT: