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-* Installer CD should *NOT* set a timezone in rc.conf, because on shutdown,
- it may undo settings made in the installer (rc.shutdown does nothing special
- if TIMEZONE is blank)
-* We're doing way to much at the Makefile level (see the ISO Makefile). I don't
- like this, but I have no ideas as to a clean way to implement these things in
- the archiso script itself without getting too specific. Ideas would be helpful
-* Fix xfce and defaul config directories.
-* Make the default config more bare - less grub fancieness
-* Complete isolinux support
-* Fix grub / grub-gfx detection and copying
+* Fix xfce and default config directories.
* Add lots and lots of help to the grub menus... also add the
graphics to all submenus
* possible auto-detection of installed systems via nifty grub tricks?
-* (Dan) We should have the ability to add packages in two ways- package lists
- that pull from the sync DBs (-S), and packages files as well (-U).
+* Switch to squashfs-lzma
+* Switch to aufs (less important that lzma)