AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-08Prepare releasedevtoolsPierre Schmitz
2013-04-08makechrootpkg: Add option to build in temp chrootSébastien Luttringer
2013-04-07mkarchroot: Fix creation of btrfs snapshot and remove force optionPierre Schmitz
2013-04-06Prepare releasePierre Schmitz
2013-04-06Bump the chroot version as we changed the default package setPierre Schmitz
2013-04-06Only try to use btrfs snapshots if chroots are on a btrfs partitionPierre Schmitz
2013-04-06Sync pacman.conf and makepkg.conf with pacman 4.1Pierre Schmitz
2013-04-06Simplify update call as pacman does no longer support SyncFirstPierre Schmitz
2013-04-06mkarchroot: code cleanupPierre Schmitz
2013-04-06mkarchroot: Create working directory if neededPierre Schmitz
2013-04-06use nspawn to bind mount needed directoriesDave Reisner
2013-03-17makechrootpkg: Stat chrootdir type after existancySébastien Luttringer
2013-03-17archbuild: only use base-devel to new chrootSébastien Luttringer
2013-03-10makechrootpkg: use var instead of file in $copydirSébastien Luttringer
2013-03-10makechrootpkg: Properly detect filesystem typeSébastien Luttringer
2013-03-10makechrootpkg: Display uniform $copy in messagesSébastien Luttringer
2013-03-10makechrootpkg: -I to handle multiple packagesSébastien Luttringer
2013-01-27Fix crossrepomove for use on nymeriaPierre Schmitz
2013-01-22archbuild: fix default build flagsPierre Schmitz
2013-01-20Use nymeria instead of geroldePierre Schmitz
2013-01-20-I ends early if there is nothing to buildSébastien Luttringer
2013-01-20Allow makechroot options in archbuildSébastien Luttringer
2013-01-20Drop initscripts supportPierre Schmitz
2012-11-15Make sure the usage functions are consistentEric Bélanger
2012-11-15prepare release20121115Pierre Schmitz
2012-11-15crossrepomove: Fix dbscripts path for [community] move to nymeriaEric Bélanger
2012-11-15mkarchroot: Remove unnecessary parameter for usage functionEric Bélanger
2012-11-15checkpkg: replace wget usage by curlEric Bélanger
2012-11-12prepare release20121112Pierre Schmitz
2012-11-11For now only packages and svn from sigurd will be moved to nymeriaPierre Schmitz
2012-11-03prepare release20121103Pierre Schmitz
2012-11-03Use as shared host for developers and trusted usersPierre Schmitz
2012-10-27Prepare release20121027Pierre Schmitz
2012-10-27Use instead of the now moved hostnamePierre Schmitz
2012-10-27Fix return code handlingJan Alexander Steffens (heftig)
2012-10-13prepare release20121013Pierre Schmitz
2012-10-13Fix releasing files with '@' in nameDan McGee
2012-10-13mkarchroot: do not try to bind /etc/timezone from hostPierre Schmitz
2012-10-04prepare release20121004Pierre Schmitz
2012-10-04mkarchroot: use a helper function to simplify bind mountsPierre Schmitz
2012-10-03prepare release20121003Pierre Schmitz
2012-10-03mkarchroot: Use systemd's nspawn if availablePierre Schmitz
2012-10-03Use dedicated trap functions to avoid unsetting the trap when e.g. cleanup is...Pierre Schmitz
2012-10-03makechrootpkg: do not run namcap as rootPierre Schmitz
2012-10-03archbuild: abort if update or creation of the chroot failsPierre Schmitz
2012-09-14Fix ownership when copying files from chroot to systemFlorian Pritz
2012-07-20prepare release20120720Pierre Schmitz
2012-06-25Fix bash completionsEric Bélanger
2012-06-16prepare release20120616Pierre Schmitz
2012-06-16commitpkg: check if there are any packages to process before doing soPierre Schmitz