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2011-05-22Added zile to editorsHEAD2011.08.312011.05.22masterNicolás Reynolds
2011-04-03debug calls to die_error, they are very importantDieter Plaetinck
2010-12-31allow backslash codes in die_error messageDieter Plaetinck
2010-12-28implement more convenient $EDITOR-based _cli_ask_checklist for longer listsDieter Plaetinck
2010-12-28create $LIBUI_TMP_DIR on startupDieter Plaetinck
2010-12-28add function which aids in setting $EDITORDieter Plaetinck
2010-12-17ask_option(): stricter argument checking and prevent endless loops on argumen...Dieter Plaetinck
2010-12-17make ask_checklist() support an extra field with elaborate explanation per itemDieter Plaetinck
2010-12-17bugfix: enable backslash interpretation in _cli_ask_yesno() to allow newlines...Dieter Plaetinck
2010-12-17make ask_string_multiple () return array, make dialog code actually workDieter Plaetinck
2010-12-17make ask_checklist() return array instead of ugly, hard-to-parse quoted stringDieter Plaetinck
2010-12-13Make sure math operators don't run on empty/unset variableDieter Plaetinck
2010-08-18clarify default options for libui_sh_init2010.08.19Dieter Plaetinck
2010-08-18libui_sh_init: validate requested UI typeDieter Plaetinck
2010-08-18automatically call libui_sh_init at the end of the fileDieter Plaetinck
2010-05-08make init function name compatible with posix shDieter Plaetinck
2010-04-16add unfinished ask_string_multiple function2010.04.18Dieter Plaetinck
2010-04-16rename infofy functions to inform. what was i smoking to come up with such a ...Dieter Plaetinck
2010-04-04you can only pass one array as argument to a function, and even that is a lit...Dieter Plaetinck
2010-04-04fix argument checking in debug()Dieter Plaetinck
2010-03-25error out when asked to use a UI type which cannot be foundDieter Plaetinck
2010-03-24support logging to more then one file, fixes for debugging and logging functi...Dieter Plaetinck
2010-03-24bash syntax fixesDieter Plaetinck
2010-03-24remove old aif debug categories and support setting debug categories through ...Dieter Plaetinck
2010-03-24rename lib-ui to libuiDieter Plaetinck