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[configs/releng] Support configurable build options via command line
usage ./ [options] command <command options> General options: -N <iso_name> Set an iso filename (prefix) Default: archlinux -V <iso_version> Set an iso version (in filename) Default: 2011.08.18 -L <iso_label> Set an iso label (disk label) Default: ARCH_201108 -D <install_dir> Set an install_dir (directory inside iso) Default: arch -w <work_dir> Set the working directory Default: work -o <out_dir> Set the output directory Default: out -v Enable verbose output -h This help message Commands: build <mode> <type> Build selected .iso by <mode> and <type> purge <mode> Clean working directory except iso/ directory of build <mode> clean <mode> Clean working directory and .iso file in output directory of build <mode> Command options: <mode> Valid values 'single' or 'dual' <type> Valid values 'netinstall', 'core' or 'all' Signed-off-by: Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi <>
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