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and device mapper devices made by archiso will be "free" on "shutdown tmpfs"
(A.K.A deinitramfs), build at initramfs by [archiso_shutdown] initcpio hook.
Proper shutdown is mostly important when persistent is used.
+** (2) ISOHYBRID-MBR does boot on some hardware:
+ Some firmwares (BIOS) gets confused about using this hack
+ (first partition start at offset 0 -> MBR "infinite recursion").
+ Solutions:
+ (a) Do not use this method, instead copy files manually and
+ setup the bootloader [PC-BIOS (MBR)] (See README.transfer).
+ (b) Change offset of the partition on the ISO or on the target medium
+ (if ISO is already dumped):
+ # -offset 1 <ISO-SOURCE>
+ OR
+ # -offset 1 <DEV-TARGET>