AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-12-23Added a usb bootloader TODO itemAaron Griffin
2008-12-23Fix the last "device exists check"Gerhard Brauer
2008-12-23Switch the isolinux bootloader rule to 'syslinux'Aaron Griffin
2008-12-23Properly remove the usb image's tmpdirAaron Griffin
2008-12-23Add some mkarchiso -f related TODOsAaron Griffin
2008-12-23Fix some intending errors in USB creationAaron Griffin
2008-12-23Add existence checks to the boot-media scanAaron Griffin
2008-12-23Remove *.img.part1 files in clean stepAaron Griffin
2008-12-23Add '-f' to mkarchiso calls to build sequentiallyAaron Griffin
2008-12-22Add all-ftp and all-core Makefile targetsAaron Griffin
2008-12-23TODO additions / changesAaron Griffin
2008-12-23install-iso config changesAaron Griffin
2008-12-23README and isomounts additions on creationAaron Griffin
2008-12-23Cleanup archiso hookAaron Griffin
2008-12-21Allow specifying of pacman.conf file in mkarchisoAaron Griffin
2008-12-21Cleanup the install-iso MakefileAaron Griffin
2008-12-21Revamp the simple sample ISO configAaron Griffin
2008-12-19Re-add the if-check that includes grub-gfxAaron Griffin
2008-12-19Remove host system package checksAaron Griffin
2008-12-19Add bootloader requirements to the READMEAaron Griffin
2008-12-19install-iso Makefile cleanupAaron Griffin
2008-12-18Remove mkusbimg from the install MakefileAaron Griffin
2008-12-18Final changes for new nextgen scriptsAaron Griffin
2008-12-18Complete isolinux changes and splash screensGerhard Brauer
2008-12-18localtime/UTC corrections to the TZ scriptGerhard Brauer
2008-12-18Copy isolinux binaries to the target ISOAaron Griffin
2008-12-18isolinux doesn't like hypens in APPEND linesAaron Griffin
2008-12-18Add isolinux boot message fileAaron Griffin
2008-12-18Add basic isolinux config filesAaron Griffin
2008-12-18Fix isolinux support (pkgname)Aaron Griffin
2008-12-18Rework the commands, create and isoAaron Griffin
2008-12-18Change mounts file to isomountsAaron Griffin
2008-12-18Support mutli-arch disks by specifying the archAaron Griffin
2008-12-06Apparently, we've never used this!Aaron Griffin
2008-11-24Modprobe loop module before use in mkusbimgAaron Griffin
2008-11-13Update archiso hook to match root image namingSimo Leone
2008-11-13Fix loop device mountingSimo Leone
2008-11-13Fix CD-ROM mountingSimo Leone
2008-10-30Fail to a shell if boot device not foundAaron Griffin
2008-10-25Add my "Too much crap in the Makefile" gripe to TODOAaron Griffin
2008-10-25Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Griffin
2008-10-25Move grub/isolinux stuff to Makefile levelAaron Griffin
2008-10-25Fix archiso hook to deal with new udevAaron Griffin
2008-10-25More install ISO cleanupAaron Griffin
2008-10-25Change mkinitcpio image namesAaron Griffin
2008-10-25Installer config fixupsAaron Griffin
2008-10-21Add note about $TIMEZONESimo Leone
2008-10-20TODO file additionsAaron Griffin
2008-10-20Rework installer config to support new changesAaron Griffin
2008-10-20Rework image creationAaron Griffin