AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2008-10-20Trim spaces from the package list before usingAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-10-20Minor modifications to usage outputAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-10-20Enable mkinitcpio hook to use the 'mounts' fileAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-10-19Remove mkinitcpio functionalityAaron Griffin
We don't want to tie the archiso scripts to the way the ISO should boot the live system. This can and should be done at the build (Makefile) level beforehand Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-10-19Move mountfile copying codeAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-10-19Rename 'img' command to 'image'Aaron Griffin
Additionally, remove the "all" command Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-10-19Default IMG_TYPE to 'iso'Aaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-10-19Default ISO config cleanupAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-10-19Fail install if no packages specifiedAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-10-19Code cleanup: usage and commentsAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-10-19Minor documentation updatesAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-10-19Add some config output on calling mkarchisoAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-10-19Remove all 'package file' usage in favor of command line packagesAaron Griffin
This is just simpler and more intuitive. Shell tools can easily be used to install from a file. For instance: $ mkarciso ... -p "$(cat package-file)" Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-10-19Rename all uses of 'archlive' to 'archiso'Aaron Griffin
Additionally change grub prompts to use "ArchLinux LiveCD" as the boot item name Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-09-13Capitalize "global" variables IMGROOT and INSTROOTAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-09-13Refactor commands out into functions (for the future)Aaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-09-06Added Simo's XFCE4 configAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-09-06Update install-iso versionsAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-09-06Rename default-config -> overlayAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-09-06Makefile cleanupAaron Griffin
Use -D flag for install binary instead of mkdir Remove old boot-{cd,usb} hooks Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-09-06Make gen_grubscan executableAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-09-06Convert to unified archiso hookAaron Griffin
No longer any difference between USB and CD booting Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-09-06Unify initcpio hooks to one glorious archiso hookAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-09-06Rename "default-config" to "overlay"Aaron Griffin
I like difficulty and then name was annoying me Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-09-06Split mkarchiso and configs into logical partsAaron Griffin
Signed-off-by: Aaron Griffin <>
2008-06-21Fix CD-ROM EjectionSimo Leone
Fixes FS#10206 Setting the drive to autoeject causes udevadm trigger to always eject the device if it isn't mounted. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-06-21Fix USB image corruption issuesSimo Leone
Fixes FS#10614 sfdisk and the kernel cannot accurately detect disk geometry from the disk image file, causing automatic partition size calculations to fail. The whole partition table is now calculated in mkusbimg rather than letting sfdisk do it. mkusbimg doesn't directly use losetup anymore either, eliminating some code. This also fixes issues with needing to make the partition much larger than necessary, so image size has been minimized. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-06-20One more ide-cd fixSimo Leone
I missed a hook last time, so it was producing some scary, but harmless output. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-05-17Changed ide-cd to ide-cd_modSimo Leone
Damnit 2.6.25 Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-05-17modprobe loop moduleSimo Leone
udev doesn't modprobe loop by itself so we have to ask it nicely. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-05-17Added loop module to archiso hookSimo Leone
Loopbacks became a module in 2.6.25. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-04-15Removed backticksSimo Leone
Yes. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-04-02Add USB modules to boot-cd hooksSimo Leone
This should allow the disk to find itself on external CD-ROM drives. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-04-02Use -noappend on all mksquashfs callsSimo Leone
Otherwise unexpected things can happen. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-04-02Wait for USB devices to settle before scanningSimo Leone
We weren't able to pick up usb devices at all, because the kernel takes its sweet time realizing that they're there. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-03-30Changed mkusbimg size to 25% over rootsizeSimo Leone
This is plenty to compensate for filesystem overhead. Cutting the size too close to the minimum makes the image unbootable. No idea why. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-03-30Integrate mkusbimgSimo Leone
Added to makefile and mkarchiso. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-03-30Added USB image creation scriptSimo Leone
mkusbimg creates bootable raw disk images that can be written to USB devices. It's intended to be on the same functional level as mkisofs. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-03-30Removed kernel26 referenceSimo Leone
Better not to hardcode in case someone wants to use another kernel. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-03-29Update boot-usb to use dirs similar to boot-cdDan McGee
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2008-03-27Cleanups and bugfixesDan McGee
* /etc/copyright was all sorts of messed up, it was looked for on the host system instead of the ISO, etc. Just kill it. * Remove extra default-config code. We want to implement it as an overlay and not copy it into our pristine ISO root. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <> Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2008-03-27Print a message when copytoram is being usedDan McGee
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <> Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2007-10-30Add a few more things to the Makefile to get it ready for releaseDan McGee
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2007-10-25Fix install rule in makefileSimo Leone
Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2007-10-24Remove tmpfs at /tmp in default fstab, as our whole system is a tmpfsDan McGee
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2007-10-24testiso: use 256 megs of RAMDan McGee
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2007-10-24Update rc.conf a bit moreDan McGee
* Remove lo interface as we don't need it anymore with the new initscripts * Make clock configurable on the command line * Remove unnecessary stuff Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2007-10-24Add some pregenerated locales to the default configDan McGee
This adds a locale.gen file with the default generated locales uncommented, and a prebuilt locale-archive containing the following locales: $ locale -a C POSIX en_US en_US.iso88591 en_US.utf8 Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2007-10-24Remove dupe code for mounting base imageSimo Leone
Also improved variable naming. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>
2007-10-24Make _mnt_squashfs more genericSimo Leone
No longer assume the image is in the addons directory. Signed-off-by: Simo Leone <>