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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-10-25Move grub/isolinux stuff to Makefile levelAaron Griffin
2008-10-25Fix archiso hook to deal with new udevAaron Griffin
2008-10-20Rework image creationAaron Griffin
2008-10-20Trim spaces from the package list before usingAaron Griffin
2008-10-20Minor modifications to usage outputAaron Griffin
2008-10-20Enable mkinitcpio hook to use the 'mounts' fileAaron Griffin
2008-10-19Remove mkinitcpio functionalityAaron Griffin
2008-10-19Move mountfile copying codeAaron Griffin
2008-10-19Rename 'img' command to 'image'Aaron Griffin
2008-10-19Default IMG_TYPE to 'iso'Aaron Griffin
2008-10-19Fail install if no packages specifiedAaron Griffin
2008-10-19Code cleanup: usage and commentsAaron Griffin
2008-10-19Minor documentation updatesAaron Griffin
2008-10-19Add some config output on calling mkarchisoAaron Griffin
2008-10-19Remove all 'package file' usage in favor of command line packagesAaron Griffin
2008-10-19Rename all uses of 'archlive' to 'archiso'Aaron Griffin
2008-09-13Capitalize "global" variables IMGROOT and INSTROOTAaron Griffin
2008-09-13Refactor commands out into functions (for the future)Aaron Griffin
2008-09-06Makefile cleanupAaron Griffin
2008-09-06Make gen_grubscan executableAaron Griffin
2008-09-06Unify initcpio hooks to one glorious archiso hookAaron Griffin
2008-09-06Rename "default-config" to "overlay"Aaron Griffin
2008-09-06Split mkarchiso and configs into logical partsAaron Griffin