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2013-05-12Branding GNOME desktop with backgrounds.HEADmasterDrtan Samos
2013-05-12Enable administrative actions during the GNOME session by providing a passwor...Drtan Samos
2013-05-12Decrease the size of the ISO image by not including rarely used software.Drtan Samos
2013-05-05More careful package selection.Drtan Samos
2013-04-27Pacman configuration updated to the latest version.Drtan Samos
2013-04-27A questionable walkaround removed.Drtan Samos
2013-04-27Walkaround changed to support wider userbase and better performance.Drtan Samos
2013-04-27Auto-login is of no use when enabling GDM and hides the problem with hanging ...Drtan Samos
2013-04-27A walkaround to enable GDM for Intel graphic cards users.Drtan Samos
2013-04-27NetworkManager acts as a DHCP client.Drtan Samos
2013-04-21Introducing GNOME featured ISO.Drtan Samos