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[libre-testing]: barebox: Add installation instructions
The barebox binaries built with this package were tested with a beaglebone green, with an already configured barebox environment. The system booted fine. TODO before migrating to libre: - Package the utilities - Make sure that Parabola can fully boot once barebox is installed, without having to mess with the environment through the serial port. TODO: - Add an installation script to install barebox in a way that is similar to what people are used with GRUB. - Enable USB console at boot - Add support for other architectures (i686, x86_64) Signed-off-by: Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli <>
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pkgdesc="Barebox for devices with an am335x system on a chip"
diff --git a/libre-testing/barebox/barebox.install b/libre-testing/barebox/barebox.install
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+install_barebox() {
+ echo "To install barebox on supported am335x computers , you need to first make sure that:"
+ echo "- Your board is capable of booting from microSD or eMMC"
+ echo " For that it's best to consult your board documentation to see:"
+ echo " - which boot media it supports"
+ echo " - in which order it tries to boot on them"
+ echo "- The boot media(the microSD or eMMC) is partitioned with MBR"
+ echo "- The boot partition has the bootable flag set. It can be set with fdisk."
+ echo "- Your boot partition is formatted in FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32"
+ echo ""
+ echo "Note that in some case it may not work if your boot media that is smaller than 4GB"
+ echo ""
+ echo "You can then install and update barebox on the Beaglebone green computer by running:"
+ echo " # cp -f /boot/barebox/barebox-am33xx-beaglebone-mlo.img /boot/MLO"
+ echo " # cp -f /boot/barebox/barebox-am33xx-beaglebone.img /boot/barebox.bin"
+ echo ""
+ echo "This package also supports other am33xx computers."
+ echo "You can also install barebox on them in a very similar way."
+ echo "You just need to change the filenames to the one that corresponds to your computer."
+ echo ""
+ echo "The installation procedure may change in the future, to make it more easy."
+## arg 1: the new package version
+post_install() {
+ install_barebox
+## arg 1: the new package version
+## arg 2: the old package version
+post_upgrade() {
+ install_barebox