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2014-04-15add *.xz on .gitignore and .hgignore because there are files like Linux-libre...André Fabian Silva Delgado
2013-07-12spliting ryzom PKGBUILD; ryzom-hg-client doesn't build because an issue from ...Shackra Sislock
2013-07-08ryzom PKGBUILD works nowShackra Sislock
2013-07-06adding Ryzom SRCBUILDShackra Sislock
2013-07-06removing python2-sfml2 since it is on community repository nowShackra Sislock
2012-12-26(scripted) fix file permission breakage introduced in commit d62bd1Luke Shumaker
2012-09-12adding owncloud-client!!Shackra Sislock
2012-07-27new changes on ryzom-client and ryzom-nel, adding an .hgignore for me ;)Shackra Sislock