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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-13[icedove][icedove-l10n]: upgrade to v68.8.0bill-auger
2020-05-12libre/iceweasel: Bump version, sync with Arch Linux, remove dependenciesgrizzlyuser
2020-05-12libre/iceweasel: Remove nonfree handlers in Preferences - Applicationsgrizzlyuser
2020-05-12libre/iceweasel: update patchesgrizzlyuser
2020-05-07[iceweasel]: allow skipping the profiling build stagebill-auger
2020-05-04[iceweasel]: rebuild against icu v67 - thanks eli :)bill-auger
2020-04-30[iceweasel]: adapt v75 for i686 (broken)bill-auger
2020-04-30[iceweasel]: refactor build env varsbill-auger
2020-04-18libre/iceweasel: changed prefs to make jitsi work <3Andreas Grapentin
2020-04-13libre/iceweasel: Disable promo card for nonfree Firefox mobile in NewTabgrizzlyuser
2020-04-13libre/iceweasel 75.0-1: Bump version and refresh patch accordinglygrizzlyuser
2020-04-13Revert "libre/iceweasel 75.0-1: Bump version and refresh patch accordingly"Andreas Grapentin
2020-04-13Revert "libre/iceweasel: Remove promo card for nonfree Firefox mobile in New ...Andreas Grapentin
2020-04-09libre/iceweasel: Remove promo card for nonfree Firefox mobile in New Tabgrizzlyuser
2020-04-09libre/iceweasel 75.0-1: Bump version and refresh patch accordinglygrizzlyuser
2020-04-04Update [libre/iceweasel] to 74.0.1Freemor
2020-03-27libre/iceweasel: updpkgsums and remove duplicate maintainer/contributorgrizzlyuser
2020-03-27libre/iceweasel: Adjust vendor.js preferences for search engines and addonsgrizzlyuser
2020-03-27libre/iceweasel: Update patches for changes from Firefox 74.0grizzlyuser
2020-03-27libre/iceweasel: Sync with changes from Arch Linux firefox 74.0-2grizzlyuser
2020-03-13updpkgsums, branding version bump, minor fixesgrizzlyuser
2020-03-13Make extensions actually work on Mozilla domainsgrizzlyuser
2020-03-13Disable 'What's New' gift icon in toolbar and main menu.grizzlyuser
2020-03-13Change search placeholder in about:addonsgrizzlyuser
2020-03-13Update rebranding of DevTools What's New tabgrizzlyuser
2020-03-13Drop patching of source code comments and non-user-facing documentationgrizzlyuser
2020-03-13Sync with changes from Arch Linux ARM Firefox 73.0-1grizzlyuser
2020-03-13Sync with changes from Arch Linux Firefox 73.0-1grizzlyuser
2020-02-02[iceweasel]: normalize patch loggingbill-auger
2020-02-02[iceweasel]: wip - armv7hbill-auger
2020-01-20[iceweasel]: i686 v72.0.1 workingbill-auger
2020-01-20[iceweasel]: wip - i686bill-auger
2020-01-19[iceweasel]: wip - i686bill-auger
2020-01-19[iceweasel]: rework patches for v72.0.1bill-auger
2020-01-13[iceweasel]: wip - upgrade to v72 (patches need re-working)bill-auger
2020-01-13[iceweasel]: upgrade to v71 (not tested)bill-auger
2019-11-22libre/iceweasel: updated to 70.0.1oaken-source
2019-09-06[iceweasel][iceweasel-l10n]: upgrade to v69.0bill-auger
2019-09-06[iceweasel][iceweasel-l10n]: upgrade to v68.0.2bill-auger
2019-08-06[iceweasel]: oops typobill-auger
2019-08-01[iceweasel]: better comments for FIXME issuesbill-auger
2019-08-01[iceweasel]: upgrade to v68.0.1bill-auger
2019-05-26libre/iceweasel: build passes for 67.0Andreas Grapentin
2019-05-23[iceweasel]: adapt prepare function to new versionbill-auger
2019-05-23[iceweasel]: re-worked libre-searchengines.patchbill-auger
2019-05-23[iceweasel]: upgrade to v67.0 (broken)bill-auger
2019-05-04Rebuild [libre/iceweasel] i686 against new icuFreemor
2019-04-13libre/iceweasel: updated to 66.0.3Andreas Grapentin
2019-03-29libre/iceweasel: updated to 66.0.2Andreas Grapentin
2019-03-10libre/iceweasel: rebuilt for new libvpxAndreas Grapentin