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remove some long-gone packages
(or move from blacklist.txt to aur-blacklist.txt when applicable). this is a very delayed follow-up of
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@@ -573,7 +573,6 @@ povray:povray:::[semifree] contains nonfree documentation (CC by-nc-sa) see: htt
primus::::[uses-nonfree] only useful with bumblebee
proguard:proguard:::[technical] Arch version was not built from source
psutils:psutils:fsf:psutils:[semifree] has nonfree files
pycharm-pro-eap::::[nonfree] proprietary trialware, built from binary installer (from Antergos)
pycuda-headers::::[uses-nonfree] depends on nonfree cuda
@@ -632,7 +631,6 @@ snes9x::::[nonfree] noncommercial software
snes9x-gtk::::[nonfree] depends on nonfree package faac and the core of snes9x-gtk is snes9x under snes9x license
sopcast::::[nonfree] forbids commercial use
soundkonverter:soundkonverter:::[uses-nonfree] recommends nonfree faac and mac optional installation
-spacefm:spacefm:::[semifree] has nonfree unrar support for RAR
speedtouch::::[uses-nonfree] [speedtouch] needs unfound possibly nonfree firmware issue168
spring-kp::::[nonfree] noncommercial, unknown and unknown public domain
sqlite-doc::::[FIXME:description] sqlite3-doc update
@@ -756,7 +754,6 @@ unrar:unar:fsf:unrar:[nonfree]
unzip:unzip:::[semifree] contains a source file that doesn't mention modification
urbanterror::::[uses-nonfree] GPL2, but it can use together with proprietary data only
urbanterror-data::::[nonfree] proprietary, it permits distribute together with the game only
vapoursynth-plugin-fluxsmooth:::parabola:630:[nonfree] no license
veracrypt::parabola:1139:[nonfree] partially licensed under the terms of the TrueCrypt License 3.0 which is nonfree ->
vhba-module:vhba-module:::[technical] adapted to nonfree linux kernel
@@ -788,14 +785,12 @@ virtualbox-host-modules-arch::::[uses-nonfree] depends on virtualbox
virtualbox-sdk::::[uses-nonfree] depends on virtualbox
vivaldi::::[nonfree] proprietary EULA, missing sources, built from binary installers, etc (from Antergos)
vncviewer-jar:vncviewer-jar:::[technical] Arch version was not built from source
winetricks:winetricks-libre:parabola:366:[uses-nonfree] recommends and installs nonfree software
wings3d:wings3d:::[uses-nonfree] supports nonfree kerkythea renderer
wiznote::::[uses-nonfree] depends on nonfree qt5-webengine
xalan-java:xalan-java:::[technical] Arch version was not built from source
xarchiver:xarchiver:::[uses-nonfree] recommends nonfree unrar
xarchiver-gtk2:xarchiver-gtk2:::[uses-nonfree] recommends nonfree unrar
-xchat:xchat:fsf:XChat:[semifree] refers to a nonfree browser in its URL handlers
xerces2-java:xerces2-java:::[technical] Arch version was not built from source
xmms2:xmms2:parabola:841:[uses-nonfree] depends and recommends nonfree mac installation