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Fix tarsnap description
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@@ -637,7 +637,7 @@ syslinux:syslinux:::[branding]
systemd:systemd:::[branding] Parabola, not Arch [technical] Use linux-libre [recommends-nonfree] Say GNU/Linux, use FSDG distros as examples
systemd-sysvcompat:systemd-sysvcompat:::[technical] Because systemd and libsystemd are being repackaged anyway (same PKGBUILD)
tangerine-icon-theme::::[branding] Archlinux logo rebranding
+tarsnap::::[nonfree] self-admittedly non-free ; "use ... is permitted for the sole purpose of using the ... service provided by Tarsnap Backup Inc."
teamspeak3::::[nonfree] nonfree, nondistributable, built from binary installers, etc
texlive-bin:texlive-bin:::[branding] [semifree] rebranding due to other TeXLive changes
texlive-core:texlive-core:::[semifree] some nonfree packages