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@@ -737,7 +737,7 @@ uboot-zedboard::::[technical] adapted to nonfree linux kernel and Arch ARM versi
unace::::[nonfree] license forbids making competing ACE archivers from unace
unarj::::[nonfree] license forbids making competing ARJ archivers from unarj. arj shouldn't be mentioned as replacement as long as it isn't modified to conflicts=(unarj), etc
unp:unp:parabola:715:[uses-nonfree] recommends nonfree unace, unrar and unarj optional installation
unzip:unzip:::[semifree] contains a source file that doesn't mention modification
usbip:linux-libre-tools-usbip::: [semifree] (linux-tools) Build from the Linux-libre kernel
vapoursynth-plugin-fluxsmooth::parabola:630:[nonfree] no license