BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developmentadd fsd search scriptbill-auger16 months
masterRemove kinfocenter -> Vega Ramos33 hours
old-masterblacklist.txt: touch up some descriptionsLuke Shumaker5 years
pyqt5bugfix/refactor chech.shbill-auger4 months
ref-and-idAdd more refs randomly looking on the FSF page.Michał Masłowski5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
33 hoursRemove kinfocenter -> Vega Ramos
47 hoursblacklist.txt: remove kio-extras, it does not recommend qt5-webengine anymoreDavid P
6 daysblacklist [community/freerdp] which now requires faac. Replace with [libre/fr...Freemor
6 daysBlacklist [community/awesome-terminal-fonts] and [community/lsd] to close #2331Freemor
2019-04-23Add lutris to blacklist almost entirely [recommends non-free]. Few free thing...Freemor
2019-03-23add new linux-armv7 kernelsDavid P
2019-03-09Remove pyqt5-common, python-pyqt5, python2-pyqt5Omar Vega Ramos
2019-02-26added thunderbird-extension-enigmailAndreas Grapentin
2019-02-26added root-cudaAndreas Grapentin
2019-02-26adding libksysguardAndreas Grapentin