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developmentadd fsd search scriptbill-auger23 months
masterremove pyrit from blacklist.txtOmar Vega Ramos7 days
old-masterblacklist.txt: touch up some descriptionsLuke Shumaker6 years
pyqt5bugfix/refactor chech.shbill-auger12 months
ref-and-idAdd more refs randomly looking on the FSF page.Michał Masłowski6 years
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7 daysremove pyrit from blacklist.txtHEADmasterOmar Vega Ramos
13 days[signon-ui]: add packagebill-auger
2020-01-13added issues for bazel and tensorflowAndreas Grapentin
2020-01-12remove ruby2.5David P
2020-01-10[electron6]: add to listbill-auger
2020-01-08Remove deprecated packagesDavid P
2019-12-14move sorting into, log to file, add summarybill-auger
2019-12-14sort entriesbill-auger
2019-12-14add reference for 'antlr2', 'python-antlr2'bill-auger
2019-12-12added linux-raspberrypi4* to blacklistAndreas Grapentin