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Massive documentation and copyright clean-up.
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+The software in this repository is under a number of licenses:
+ src/getgr LGPL v2.1+
+ src/inotify LGPL v2.1+
+ src/nslcd LGPL v2.1+
+ src/dl GPL v2+, with documentation output clarification
+ src/nshd GPL v2+
+ src/sd_daemon Apache v2.0
+ test/ LGPL v2.1+
+The general notion is that the core application is GPL, while
+supporting libraries that might be useful outside of this specific
+application are LGPL, with the 2 exceptions:
+ - The sd_daemon package is Apache licensed because of code taken from
+ CoreOS and Docker.
+ - The dl package is GPLv2+ licensed because of wording in comments
+ taken from the Linux Programmer's Manual.
+For more details, see each individual file.