AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-09rename project to parabola-cross-bootstrapHEADmasterAndreas Grapentin
2018-06-22fixed readme layoutv1.1Andreas Grapentin
2018-06-22rebootstrapped powerpc64le toolchain with multilib, and added grubAndreas Grapentin
2018-06-15finished patches for stage4Andreas Grapentin
2018-06-15progress in stage4Andreas Grapentin
2018-06-11updated stage4 patchesAndreas Grapentin
2018-06-09stage4 patches progressAndreas Grapentin
2018-06-07more progress in stage4 patchesAndreas Grapentin
2018-06-07various fixesAndreas Grapentin
2018-06-07added missing patchesAndreas Grapentin
2018-06-07updating some more stage4 patchesAndreas Grapentin
2018-06-06stage3 ppc64le completeAndreas Grapentin
2018-06-06updated patchesAndreas Grapentin
2018-06-04patch updatesAndreas Grapentin
2018-06-03made it past stage3 glibcAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-28... retryAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-28changing to bugfix branch of binutilsAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-26removed python support from stage3 gcc buildAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-26gcc patch hotfixAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-26fixed pure64 on ppc64le and tweaked configAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-26gcc patch hotfixAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-26reverting stage3 and 4 gcc to 7.3.1Andreas Grapentin
2018-05-25downgraded to gcc-7.3.1 as a workaround for cross-compile issuesAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-24fixing riscv64 patchesAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-24updated glibc stage3 patchAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-24updated patching logicAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-23hotfixAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-23beware of the monster - this commit unifies the separate porting efforts into...Andreas Grapentin
2018-05-23modularized configAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-19added AUTHORS, THANKS filesAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-16cleanup commitAndreas Grapentin
2018-04-18finished READMEv1.0Andreas Grapentin
2018-04-18stage4 is doneAndreas Grapentin
2018-04-14progress towards stage4Andreas Grapentin
2018-04-11home stretch of stage4Andreas Grapentin
2018-04-07progress into stage4Andreas Grapentin
2018-04-01changed order of packages builtAndreas Grapentin
2018-04-01fixing more stage3 patches; adding logic to auto-fix bad patch pathsAndreas Grapentin
2018-04-01fixing stage3 patchesAndreas Grapentin
2018-04-01fixing stage3 patchesAndreas Grapentin
2018-04-01fixed libpsl patchAndreas Grapentin
2018-03-31fixed notification issue in package.shAndreas Grapentin
2018-03-31fixed issues in stage1Andreas Grapentin
2018-03-31rework arrived in stage4Andreas Grapentin
2018-03-29major restructure, builds ok up to end of stage2Andreas Grapentin
2018-03-28progress towards stage4Andreas Grapentin
2018-03-26made stage4 more robustAndreas Grapentin
2018-03-22progress into stage 4Andreas Grapentin
2018-03-18added readme for stage 3Andreas Grapentin
2018-03-17finished stage3Andreas Grapentin