BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
efistash - efibill-auger4 years
masterset correct efiboot.img pathDavid P4 months
rebase-arch32-dual-v39squashme - housekeepingbill-auger3 years
unifiedwip - refactor metedata scriptbill-auger9 months
unified-wizard-2022-05sq - extract install wizardbill-auger9 months
wip-2022-04tweak package listsbill-auger9 months
v65commit 5db81c454c...David P7 months
v64commit 35b683466b...David P8 months
v62commit 68e730ca61...David P8 months
v63commit e893ae01f9...David P8 months
v62.1commit 2768fbb025...David P8 months
v61commit 3358f812eb...David P12 months
v60commit 83ee7d98a0...David P13 months
v59commit 3a96fc770d...David P13 months
v58commit 8f2aee0a12...David P17 months
v57commit f95bbcacb4...David P18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-10-13set correct efiboot.img pathHEADmasterDavid P
2022-10-10sync with archiso fbc7224David P
2022-10-10sync with archiso 674f004David P
2022-07-17sync with archiso 3050203David P
2022-07-17drop refindv65David P
2022-07-15remove '+' sign where it shouldn'tDavid P
2022-07-15sync with archiso b7373f5David P
2022-06-26snyc with archiso fda1907David P
2022-06-01Add changelog for 64v64David P
2022-05-29fix refind validationDavid P