BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
efistash - efibill-auger14 months
master[talkingparabola] sync with talkingarchDavid P6 months
rebase-arch32-dual-v39squashme - housekeepingbill-auger9 months
unifiedwip - consolidate install wizardsbill-auger3 months
v43commit 7e747c1264...David P6 months
v42commit e187817c14...David P13 months
v39commit afcdbdeae9...David P22 months
v37commit 1cdf9a108b...David P23 months
v36commit a242d8f29a...David P24 months
b46commit a128174312...bill-auger2 years
v35commit 02c5e4a30e...David P2 years
v34commit eae41cf12c...David P2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-01-22[talkingparabola] sync with talkingarchHEADmasterDavid P
2020-01-19[lxde-openrc] update scriptDavid P
2020-01-19[lxde-openrc] final packages.bothv43David P
2020-01-18correct few thingsDavid P
2020-01-18add baseline, rename 'profile' to 'releng'David P
2020-01-18only run on x86_64David P
2020-01-18[openrc configs] remove elogind-openrcDavid P
2020-01-18update customize_airootfs.shDavid P
2020-01-18[openrc configs] do not 'rc-update add' dbus nor elogindDavid P
2020-01-18[openrc configs] change MODULES variable to arrayDavid P