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*** Building Parabola GNU/Linux-libre Live ISOs.
-* Install needed packages.
- # pacman -S squashfs-tools libisoburn rsync --needed # 'baseline' ISO
- # pacman -S squashfs-tools libisoburn dosfstools --needed # 'releng' derrived ISOs
+First decide if you want to build one of the standard releases,
+or if you plan to do development on parabolaiso itself.
-* Install parabolaiso via pacman to build the standard releases.
+* To build the standard releases, install parabolaiso via pacman.
# pacman -S parabolaiso
# cd /usr/share/parabolaiso/configs/releng
-* Clone parabolaiso from git for development.
+* Or, for parabolaiso development, clone parabolaiso from git.
# pacman -R parabolaiso
# pacman -S parabolaiso-data git
# git clone git://
# cd parabolaiso/configs/releng
+* For parabolaiso development, there are some extra dependencies.
+ * For 'baseline' ISOs
+ # pacman -S squashfs-tools libisoburn rsync --needed
+ * For 'releng' derrived ISOs
+ # pacman -S squashfs-tools libisoburn dosfstools --needed
+* In either case, if you are a Parabola dev, and are making a release ISO,
+ you can install the following packages, in order to make a complete release,
+ ready to publish, with all metadata files (torrent, checksums, etc)
+ # pacman -S mktorrent rhash --needed
* Build one or more ISOs.
# ./ # dual-architecture SystemD/CLI
# ./ -T i686 # 32-bit x86 target SystemD/CLI