tag namev47.1 (45f98b425d38511b945122c84e7e0133a8be68df)
tag date2020-08-26 17:12:35 -0400
tagged byDavid P <>
tagged objectcommit 0d5c488921...
archiso v47: * ensure files in the ISO's rock ridge file system are owned by root * change run_archiso to also support booting as hard disk * add joliet file system to ISO * revise the output info output of mkarchiso * deprecate scripts and mkarchiso commands in favor of profiles * create per profile, providing a way to choose boot modes to support * change mkarchiso to provide profile directories as parameters * update documentation * various fixes and cleanup archiso v47.1: * fix issue with unbound variable `override_install_dir` parabolaiso v47.1: * add systemd packages to IgnorePkg (openrc profiles) * rename refind efiboot directory (openrc profiles) * mkparabolaiso: add _cleanup inside 'for' loop * mkparabolaiso: improve directory creation in make_refind_efi() * add/modify scripts to emulate systemd counterparts (openrc profiles) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQEzBAABCgAdFiEEbbnEtPDYwNxDLPbkInynxVayungFAl9G0UUACgkQInynxVay uni4Wwf+Nrg2MHMtnMdu7DlWlFo3sKboDAsJgX5IZHgAN4Jwg73NiUdYqxdMsH9z n6kL+PlpGWKzwIqWAiqhbf+4z3VND52fM0QLQpyBeSj/LaWjpIWCw+gAZOJ4I/Nx r5fVbC6TCgG+cTh9wx7Fd5NpaUctxtYcJO1H4zbQDohXCqvOcog0RKChf7FzhohL hnqvoR7WbdJB6FpPMmSr/rpLYkaUk0AHdTfMqx9UnSyX33boFYk35rU8gaH11frP NtkqEK/+EM1rE6/yUM4REqjzrKLhVC+OebZvh+r8Gxf3zAR7njFCELqBJIOZoPSL TF+Dxd8cDVzEkTg8e8z4K0JNWvJyUA== =OulJ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----