tag namev49 (286a0b279cf60c6934e25d4d1591412357b45539)
tag date2020-11-13 21:18:40 -0300
tagged byDavid P <>
tagged objectcommit 6ce377c73e...
archiso: * add accessibility support for run_archiso and the releng profile * remove functionality from profiles * add documentation on how to create profiles * enable non-mkinitcpio based hosts to build images * extend by settings for image type and image creation options * ensure to be able to re-run more steps * do not require root for mkarchiso help output * add squashfs-tools and udftools to the releng profile * add basic bootloader capabilities for UEFI to the baseline profile * update mkinitcpio.conf to be in sync with mkinitcpio 29 parabolaiso: * don not get $arch from environment in mkparabolaiso * remove talkingparabola profile -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQEzBAABCgAdFiEEbbnEtPDYwNxDLPbkInynxVayungFAl+vItAACgkQInynxVay ung/bQgAhEwUAIZ5GfVC7BWGTCucfHhqsQGN9tdK9HuI674t+CuC1aigVidasqJ0 4EGjUcEooSyvguxHHuuzT7buN5bENspFCnM2PjMUusuRPfNT8wJV2Xbnecj94v5H mi7hIY8F9K4SjdlQYsdHtNrzvBo7DZlD2ZXpe5+d2v48A0IYNJO/MgrDLwOf1p3h zMoggUKsNm+05FNQFhfoxh9vdaADFniUt52/bQkyKBDZao/lhECoNLYTWIclVOo5 Hoc8v49HAnPGHrLwEMZ+x1PsNLvdb0Ufd/wMjP5BEy1uOjQ+QHAnmmvEVqOduVmd 80JD43L9IBdgi/vKItwnij9ByRWp4Q== =BPuA -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----