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This LiveISO is running the LXDE desktop environment that is as close as possible of an experience to a fully installed Parabola Operating System in its standard graphical configuration. Many other desktop environments are available after install. Use the "Install Parabola" desktop shortcut to begin the install.

Standard installation requires 9GB of disk space and 1GB RAM (or RAM plus swap space). Installation from the 'netinstall' ISOs requires an active connection to the internet; whereas the 'complete' ISOs contain everything necessary to install Parabola offline. The title of this window indicates the distinction.

For computers with less than 1GB RAM, the command-line ~/ and ~/ scripts are provided; either of which can be used to install either a minimal command-line system or a full graphical system.

Please report any bugs that you may find to the Parabola "Installation Media" bug tracker using the "Report a Bug" desktop shortcut. If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to join the Parabola support chat using the "Parabola IRC Channel" desktop shortcut.