AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-16Makefile: Don't remove pre-minified (intermediate) fileslukeshu/to-upstream/assetsLuke Shumaker
2018-01-15Add a Makefile to download 3rd-party assets, and generate derived filesLuke Shumaker
2017-01-02reporead: Check if package exists in other repo before adoptingrelease_2017-01-02Johannes Löthberg
2017-01-01Remove link to Beginners' guiderelease_2017-01-01Alad Wenter
2017-01-01reporead: Only try to add maintainer if none existsJohannes Löthberg
2016-11-10Fix auto-adoptionJohannes Löthberg
2016-08-09Merge pull request #4 from brain0/workingrelease_2016-08-09Angel Velasquez
2016-08-10Update ipxe imagesThomas Bächler
2016-08-01mirrors: api: Add ISOs information to JSON outputrelease_2016-08-01Johannes Löthberg
2016-07-31Update missing names on AUTHORSAngel Velasquez
2016-07-31Update AUTHORS filerelease_2016-07-31Angel Velasquez
2016-07-31Add missing migration from ad0bddb209dcdb3704370ce0129babbba54e41b2Angel Velasquez
2016-07-31Fix typo in known_bad help textJelle van der Waa
2016-07-31reporead: Auto-adopt new packages to packagerJohannes Löthberg
2016-06-03Merge pull request #3 from brain0/workingrelease_2016-06-04Angel Velasquez
2016-06-03Remove AirVM ads since AirVM has ended their sponsorshipThomas Bächler
2016-06-03Netboot: Disable network interface renaming by defaultThomas Bächler
2016-06-03Add information and ipxe images for the new netboot systemThomas Bächler
2016-05-26Add netboot ipxe environment to archwebrelease_2016-05-29Angel Velasquez
2016-04-22Version bump of the Django version to 1.7.11release_2016-04-24Angel Velasquez
2016-04-22Add link to unixstickers on the indexAngel Velasquez
2015-12-31Allow linking to the PGP server over HTTPSEvangelos Foutras
2015-12-31settings: Fix settingJohannes Löthberg
2015-06-18Bump several requirementsDan McGee
2015-06-18Handle Django's level 3 verbosity properlyDan McGee
2015-06-18Catch SSL CertificateErrors and log themDan McGee
2015-06-18Silence DNS errors we see too often in productionDan McGee
2015-06-05Revert "Force minimum last modified date for package files pages in sitemap"Dan McGee
2015-06-05Tweak display of todolist descriptionsDan McGee
2015-04-15Fix error in test where HTTP_HOST doesn't existDan McGee
2015-04-15Shore up some failing testsDan McGee
2015-04-15Don't blow up if we can't fetch an SVN revisionDan McGee
2015-04-13Add JSON-LD search engine configurationDan McGee
2015-04-13Use UTF-8 copyright sign; save a few bytesDan McGee
2015-04-12Force minimum last modified date for package files pages in sitemaprelease_2015-04-13Dan McGee
2015-04-12Add true parameter to Jinja2 default filterDan McGee
2015-04-07Fix URL details page when checks don't have locationsrelease_2015-04-09Dan McGee
2015-04-02The usual requirements bumpingDan McGee
2015-04-02Update to latest django-countriesDan McGee
2015-03-20Turn off real user/JavaScript NewRelic monitoringDan McGee
2015-03-20Update newrelic configuration to more recent templateDan McGee
2015-03-15More dependency version bumpsDan McGee
2015-03-15FS#44192 fix dead link to ftp.archlinux.orgDan McGee
2015-03-08Django version bump to 1.7.5Dan McGee
2015-02-26Fix URL precedence due to /json/ and mirror name overlapDan McGee
2015-02-26Include error message in JSON detail responseDan McGee
2015-02-26Break out mirror JSON API viewsDan McGee
2015-02-26Break out mirrorlist viewsDan McGee
2015-02-26Pylint suggested cleanupsDan McGee
2015-02-26Move mirrors views into subdirectoryDan McGee