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Change notes from older releases. For current info see RELEASE-NOTES.
+== MediaWiki 1.11 ==
+This is the Summer 2007 branch release of MediaWiki.
+MediaWiki is now using a "continuous integration" development model with
+quarterly snapshot releases. The latest development code is always kept
+"ready to run", and in fact runs our own sites on Wikipedia.
+Release branches will continue to receive security updates for about a year
+from first release, but nonessential bugfixes and feature developments
+will be made on the development trunk and appear in the next quarterly release.
+Those wishing to use the latest code instead of a branch release can obtain
+it from source control:
+== Configuration changes since 1.10 ==
+* $wgThumbUpright - Adjust width of upright images when parameter 'upright' is
+ used
+* $wgAddGroups, $wgRemoveGroups - Finer control over who can assign which
+ usergroups
+* $wgEnotifImpersonal, $wgEnotifUseJobQ - Bulk mail options for large sites
+* $wgShowHostnames - Expose server host names through the API and HTML comments
+* $wgSaveDeletedFiles has been removed, the feature is now enabled unconditionally
+== New features since 1.10 ==
+* (bug 8868) Separate "blocked" message for autoblocks
+* Adding expiry of block to block messages
+* Links to redirect pages in categories are wrapped in
+ <span class="redirect-in-category"></span>
+* Introduced 'ImageOpenShowImageInlineBefore' hook; see docs/hooks.txt for
+ more information
+* (bug 9628) Show warnings about slave lag on Special:Contributions,
+ Special:Watchlist
+* (bug 8818) Expose "wpDestFile" as parameter $1 to "uploaddisabledtext"
+* Introducing new image keyword 'upright' and corresponding variable
+ $wgThumbUpright. This allows better proportional view of upright images
+ related to landscape images on a page without nailing the width of upright
+ images to a fix value which makes views for anon unproportional and user
+ preferences useless
+* (bug 6072) Introducing 'border' keyword to the [[Image:]] syntax
+* Introducing 'frameless' keyword to [[Image:]] syntax which respects the
+ user preferences for image width like 'thumb' but without a frame.
+* (bug 7960) Link to "what links here" for each "what links here" entry
+* Added support for configuration of an arbitrary number of commons-style
+ file repositories.
+* Added a Content-Disposition header to thumb.php output
+* Improved thumb.php error handling
+* Display file history on local image description pages of shared images
+* Added $wgArticleRobotPolicies
+* (bug 10076) Additional parameter $7 added to MediaWiki:Blockedtext
+ containing, the ip, ip range, or username whose block is affecting the
+* (bug 7691) Show relevant lines from the deletion log when re-creating a
+ previously deleted article
+* Added variables 'wgRestrictionEdit' and 'wgRestrictionMove' for JS to header
+* (bug 9898) Allow viewing all namespaces in Special:Newpages
+* (bug 10139) Introduce 'EditSectionLink' and 'EditSectionLinkForOther' hooks;
+ see docs/hooks.txt for details
+* (bug 9769) Provide "watch this page" toggle on protection form
+* (bug 9886) Provide clear example "stub link" in Special:Preferences
+* (bug 10055) Populate email address and real name properties of User objects
+ passed to the 'AbortNewAccount' hook
+* Show result of Special:Booksources in wiki content language always, it's
+ normally better maintained than the generic list from the standard message
+ files
+* (bug 7997) Allow users to be blocked from using Special:Emailuser
+* (bug 8989) Blacklist 'mhtml' and 'mht' files from upload
+* (bug 8760) Allow wiki links in "protectexpiry" message
+* (bug 5908) Add "DEFAULTSORTKEY" and "DEFAULTCATEGORYSORT" aliases for
+ "DEFAULTSORT" magic word
+* (bug 10181) Support the XCache object caching mechanism
+* (bug 9058) Introduce '--aconf' option for all maintenance scripts, to provide
+ a path to the AdminSettings.php file
+* (bug 8781) Remind users to check file permissions for LocalSettings.php
+ post-installation
+* Use shared.css for all skins and oldshared.css in place of common.css for
+ pre-Monobook skins. As always, modifications should go in-wiki to MediaWiki:
+ Common.css and MediaWiki:Monobook.css.
+* (bug 8869) Introduce Special:Uncategorizedtemplates
+* (bug 8734) Different log message when article protection level is changed
+* (bug 8458, 10338) Limit custom signature length to $wgMaxSigChars Unicode
+ characters
+* (bug 10096) Added an ability to query interwiki map table
+* On reupload, add a null revision to the image description page
+* Group log output by date
+* Kurdish interface latin/arabic writing system with transliteration
+* Support wiki text in all query page headers
+* Add 'Orphanedpages' as an alias to Special:Lonelypages
+* (bug 9328) Use "revision-info-current" message in place of "revision-info"
+ when viewing the current revision of a page, if available
+* (bug 8890) Enable wiki text for "license" message
+* Throw a showstopper exception when a hook function fails to return a value.
+ Forgetting to give a 'true' return value is a very common error which tends
+ to cause hard-to-track-down interactions between extensions.
+* Use $wgJobClasses to determine the correct Job to instantiate for a particular
+ queued task; allows extensions to introduce custom jobs
+* (bug 10326) AJAX-based page watching and unwatching has been cleaned up and
+ enabled by default.
+* Added option to install to MyISAM
+* (bug 9250) Remove hardcoded minimum image name length of three characters
+* Fixed DISPLAYTITLE behaviour to reject titles which don't normalise to the
+ same title as the current page, and enabled per default
+* Wrap site CSS and JavaScript in a <pre> tag, like user JS/CSS
+* (bug 10196) Add classes and dir="ltr" to the <pre>s on CSS and JS pages (new
+ classes: mw-code, mw-css, mw-js)
+* (bug 6711) Add $wgAddGroups and $wgRemoveGroups to allow finer control over
+ usergroup assignment.
+* Introduce 'UserEffectiveGroups' hook; see docs/hooks.txt for more information
+* (bug 10387) Detect and handle '.php5' extension environments at install time
+* Introduce 'ShowRawCssJs' hook; see docs/hooks.txt for more information
+* (bug 10404) Show rights log for the selected user in Special:Userrights
+* New javascript for upload page that will show a warning if a file with the
+ "destination filename" already exists.
+* Add 'editsection-brackets' message to allow localization (or removal) of the
+ brackets in the "[edit]" link for sections
+* (bug 10437) Move texvc styling to shared.css
+* Introduce "raw editing" mode for the watchlist, to allow bulk additions,
+ removals, and convenient exporting of watchlist contents
+* Show "undo" links in page histories
+* Option to jump to specified time period in user contributions
+* Improved feedback on "rollback success" page
+* Show distinct 'namespaceprotected' message to users when namespace protection
+ prevents page editing
+* (bug 9936) Per-edit suppression of preview-on-first edit with "preview=no"
+* Allow showing a one-off preview on first edit with "preview=yes"
+* (bug 9151) Remove timed redirects on "Return to X" pages for accessibility.
+* Link to user logs in toolbox when viewing a user page
+* (bug 10508) Allow HTML attributes on <gallery>
+* (bug 1962) Allow HTML attributes on <math>
+* (bug 10530) Introduce optional "sp-contributions-explain" message for
+ additional explanation in Special:Contributions
+* (bug 10520) Preview licences during upload via AJAX (toggle with
+ $wgAjaxLicensePreview)
+* New Parser::setTransparentTagHook for parser extension and template
+ compatibility
+* Introduced 'ContributionsToolLinks' hook; see docs/hooks.txt for more
+ information
+* Add a message if category is empty
+* Add CSS compatibility for Opera 9.5
+* Remove largely untested handheld stylesheet, which was causing more trouble
+ than good. Proper handheld support will be added at a future date. For now,
+ display should be acceptable either with CSS turned off or when using a so-
+ phisticated handheld browser.
+* (bug 3173) Option to offer exported pages as a download, rather than displaying
+ inline, as in most browsers
+* Pass the user as an argument to 'isValidPassword' hook callbacks; see
+ docs/hooks.txt for more information
+* Introduce 'UserGetRights' hook; see docs/hooks.txt for more information
+* (bug 9595) Pass new Revision to the 'ArticleInsertComplete' and
+ 'ArticleSaveComplete' hooks; see docs/hooks.txt for more information
+* (bug 9575) Accept upload description from GET parameters
+* Skip the difference engine cache when 'action=purge' is used while requesting
+ a difference page, to allow refreshing the cache in case of errors
+* (bug 10701) Link to Special:Listusers in default Special:Statistics messages
+* Improved file history presentation
+* (bug 10739) Users can now enter comments when reverting files
+* Improved handling of permissions errors
+* (bug 10793) "Mark patrolled" links will now be shown for users with
+ patrol permissions on all eligible diff pages
+* (bug 10655) Show standard tool links for blocked users in block log messages
+* Show standard tool links for blocked users in Special:Ipblocklist
+* Miscellaneous aesthetic improvements to Special:Ipblocklist
+* (bug 10826) Added link trail with Cyrillic characters for Mongolian language
+* (bug 10859) Introduce 'UserGetImplicitGroups' hook; see docs/hooks.txt for
+ more information
+* (bug 10832) Include user information when viewing a deleted revision
+* (bug 10872) Fall back to sane defaults when generating protection selector
+ labels for custom restriction levels
+* Show edit count in user preferences
+* Improved support for audio/video extensions
+* (bug 10937) Distinguish overwritten files in upload log
+* Introduce 'ArticleUpdateBeforeRedirect' hook; see docs/hooks.txt for more
+ information
+* Confirmation is now required when deleting old versions of files
+* (bug 7535) Users can now enter comments when deleting old versions of files
+* (bug 11001) Submit Special:Newpages as a GET, rather than a POST request
+* The <strong></strong> around links to watched pages in change lists now
+ has a class - "mw-watched"
+* (bug 9002) Provide a "view/restore deleted edits" link on Special:Upload
+ when a destination filename is provided that corresponds with previous
+ deleted files
+* Make the "invalid special page" message clearer
+* Add accesskey 's' and tooltip to 'upload file' button at Special:Upload
+* Introduced 'SkinAfterBottomScripts' hook; see docs/hooks.txt for
+ more information
+* (bug 11095) Honour "preview on first edit" preference when preloading
+ text for a non-existent page
+* (bug 11022) Use a more accurate page title for Special:Whatlinkshere and
+ Special:Recentchangeslinked
+* Add link to user contributions in normal watchlist edit mode
+* (bug 9426) Add 'newsectionheaderdefaultlevel' message to allow
+ modification of the heading formatting for new sections when section=new
+ argument is supplied
+* (bug 10836) Add 'newsectionsummary' message to allow modification of the
+ text that prefixes a new section link in Recent Changes
+== Bugfixes since 1.10 ==
+* (bug 9712) Use Arabic comma in date/time formats for Arabic and Farsi
+* (bug 9670) Follow redirects when render edit section links to transcluded
+ templates.
+* (bug 6204) Fix incorrect unindentation with $wgMaxTocLevel
+* (bug 3431) Suppress "next page" link in Special:Search at end of results
+* Don't show unblock form if the user doesn't have permission to use it
+ (cosmetic change, no vulnerabilities existed)
+* Subtitle success message when unblocking a block ID instead of a pseudo link
+ like [[User:#123|#123]]
+* Use the standard HTTP fetch functions when retrieving remote wiki pages
+ through transwiki, so we can take advantage of cURL goodies if available
+* Disable user JavaScript on Special:Userlogin, Special:Resetpass and
+ Special:Preferences, to avoid a compromised script sniffing passwords, etc.
+* (bug 9854, 3770) Clip overflow text in gallery boxes for visual cleanliness
+ instead of letting it flow outside the box or trigger ugly scroll bars.
+* Tooltips for print version and permalink
+* Links to the MediaWiki namespace for system messages having their default
+ values are no longer shown as nonexistent (e.g., in red)
+* Special:Ipblocklist differentiates between empty list and no search results.
+* (bug 5375) profiling does not respect read-only mode.
+* (bug 7070) monobook/user.gif has antialias artifacts
+* (bug 9123) Safer way when applying $wgLocalTZoffset
+* (bug 9896) Documentation for $wgSquidServers and X-FORWARDED-FOR
+* (bug 9417) Uploading new versions of images when using Postgres no longer
+ throws warnings.
+* (bug 9908) Using tsearch2 with Postgres 8.1 no longer gives an error.
+* (bug 1438) Fix for diff table layout on very wide lines.
+ Diff style rules have been broken out to common/diff.css,
+ and the dupes removed from the default skin files.
+ Skins can still override the default rules.
+* (bug 1229) Balance columns in diff display evenly
+* Right-align diff line numbers in RTL language display
+* (bug 9332) Fix instructions in tests/README
+* (bug 9813) Reject usernames containing '#' to avoid silent truncation
+ of fragments during the normalisation process
+* (bug 7989) RSS feeds content now use black text when using white background.
+* (bug 9971) Typo in a french language message.
+* (bug 9973) Changed size was shown in advanced recentchanges collapsible items
+ with $wgRCShowChangedSized = false.
+* Fix PHP strict standards warning in enhanced recent changes.
+* (bug 5850) Added hexadecimal html entities comments for $digitTransformTable
+ entries.
+* (bug 7432) Change language name for Aromanian (roa-rup)
+* (bug 908) Unexistent special pages now generate a red link.
+* (bug 7899) Added \hline and \vline to the list of allowed TeX commands
+* (bug 7993) support mathematical symbol classes
+* (bug 10007) Allow Block IP to work with Postgrs again.
+* Add Google Wireless Transcoder to the Unicode editing blacklist
+* (bug 10083) Fix for Special:Version breakage on PHP 5.2 with some hooks
+* (bug 3624) TeX: \ker, \hom, \arg, \dim treated like \sin & \cos
+* (bug 10132, 10134) Restore back-compatibility Image::imageUrl() function
+* (bug 10113) Fix double-click for view source on protected pages
+* (bug 10117) Special:Wantedpages doesn't handle invalid titles in result
+ set [now prints out a warning]
+* (bug 10118) Introduced Special:Mostlinkedtemplates, report which lists
+ templates with a high number of inclusion links
+* (bug 10104) Fixed Database::getLag() for PostgreSQL and Oracle
+* (bug 9820) session.save_path check no longer halts installation, but
+ warns of possible bad values
+* (bug 9978) Fixed session.save_path validation when using extended
+ configuration format, e.g. "5;/tmp"
+* Don't generate a diff link in the patrol log if the page doesn't exist
+* (bug 10067) Translations for former skins removed from message files
+* (bug 9993) Force $wgShowExceptionDetails on during installation
+* (bug 9980) Validate administrator username and password during
+ installation
+* (bug 9383) Don't set a default value for BLOB column in rc-deleted
+ database patch
+* (bug 10149) Don't show full template list on section-0 edit
+* (bug 9909) Ensure access to binary fields in the math table use encodeBlob()
+ and decodeBlob()
+* (bug 6743) Don't link broken image links to the upload form when uploads
+ are disabled
+* (bug 9679) Improve documentation for $wgSiteNotice
+* (bug 10215) Show custom editing introduction when editing existing pages
+* (bug 10223) Fix edit link in noarticletext localizations for fr, oc
+* (bug 10247) Fix IP address regex to avoid false positive IPv6 matches
+* (bug 9948) Workaround for diff regression with old Mozilla versions
+* (bug 10265) Fix regression in category image gallery paging
+* (bug 8577) Fix some weird misapplications of time zones.
+ {{CURRENT*}} functions now consistently use UTC as intended, while
+ {{LOCAL*}} functions return local time per server config or $wgLocaltimezone.
+ Signature dates for Japanese and other languages including weekday now show
+ the correct day to match the rest of the time in local time.
+* Escape the output of magic variables that return page name or part of it
+* (bug 10309) Initialise parser state properly in extractSections(), fixes
+ some cases where section edits broke because tags were improperly stripped
+* Avoid PHP notice errors when doing HTTP proxy purges for an empty list
+* As intended, *skip* the HTTP proxy purges when doing HTCP purges
+* (bug 9696) Fix handling of brace transformations in "pagemovedtext"
+* (bug 10325) Fix regression in form action on Special:Listusers
+* Fixed installation on MyISAM or old InnoDB with charset=utf8, was giving
+ overlong key errors.
+* Fixed zero-padding issues with MySQL 5 binary schema
+* (bug 10344) Don't follow a redirect after changing its protection level
+* (bug 10333) Correct date format in Slovenian
+* (bug 10160) Show error message for unknown namespace on Special:Allpages and
+ Special:Prefixindex; making forms prettier for RTL wikis.
+* (bug 10334) Replace normal spaces before percent (%) signs with non-breaking
+ spaces
+* (bug 10372) namespaceDupes.php no longer ignores namespace aliases
+* (bug 10198) namespaceDupes.php no longer ignores interwiki prefixes
+* namespaceDupes.php should work better for initial-lowercase wikis
+* (bug 10377) "Permanent links" to revisions still work if the page is moved
+ and the redirect deleted
+* (bug 7071) Properly handle an 'oldid' passed to view or edit that doesn't
+ match the given title. Fixes inconsistencies with talk, history, edit links.
+* (bug 10397) Fix AJAX watch error fallback when we receive a bogus result
+* (bug 10396) Fix AJAX error when $wgScriptPath/index.php is not valid;
+ using $wgScript now included in JS info
+* Use native XMLHttpRequest class in preference to ActiveX on IE 7; this
+ avoids the "ActiveX "Do you want to allow ActiveX?" prompt when something
+ security settings are cranked this way and AJAX-y gets used.
+* Delay AJAX watch initialization until click so IE 6 with ugly security
+ settings doesn't prompt you until you use the link.
+* (bug 10401) Provide non-redirecting link to original title in Special:Movepage
+* Fix broken handling of log views for page titles consisting of one
+ or more zeros, e.g. "0", "00" etc.
+* Fix read permission check for special pages with subpage parameters, e.g.
+ Special:Confirmemail
+* Fix read permission check for unreadable page titles which are numerically
+ equivalent to a whitelisted title
+* '?>' closing tag removed from all files to help avoid problems with extraneous
+ whitespace (broken XML feeds, etc.)
+* Don't use garbled parser cache output when viewing custom CSS or JavaScript
+ pages
+* (bug 10406) Fix Special:Listusers filter form for non-ASCII localizations
+* Fix empty message checks for message names containing &
+ This corrects some odd behavior with sidebar items and custom namespaces
+ containing ampersands.
+* (bug 10375) Change thousands separator character to &nbsp; for Latin (la)
+* (bug 10477) Fix AJAX watch for Farsi on Firefox: JavaScript encoding tweak
+* (bug 10496) Fix broken DISTINCT option logic in database backend
+* Fix CSS media declaration for "screen, projection"; was causing some
+ validation issues
+* (bug 10495) $wgMemcachedDebug set twice in includes/DefaultSettings.php
+* (bug 10316) Prevent inconsistent cached skin settings in gen=js by setting
+ the intended skin directly in the URL.
+* (bug 9903) Don't mark redirects in categories as stubs
+* (bug 6965) Cannot include "Template:R" with {{R}} (magic word conflict)
+* Padding parser functions now work with strings like '0' that evaluate to false
+* (bug 10332) Title->userCan( 'edit' ) may return false positive
+* Fix bug with <nowiki> in front of links for wikis where linkPrefixExtension is true
+* (bug 10552) Suppress rollback link in history for single-revision pages
+* (bug 10538) Gracefully handle invalid input on move success page
+* Fix for Esperanto double-x-encoding in move success page
+* (bug 10526) Fix toolbar/insertTags behavior for IE 6/7 and Opera (8+)
+ Now matches the selection behavior on Mozilla / Safari.
+ Patch by Alex Smotrov.
+* Don't show non-functional toolbar buttons on Opera 7 anymore
+* (bug 9151) Fix relative subpage links with section fragments
+* (bug 10560) Adding a space between category letter heading and "continues"
+* (bug 4650) Keep impossibly large/small counts off Special:Statistics
+* (bug 10608) PHP notice when installing with PostgreSQL
+* (bug 10615) Fix for transwiki import when CURL not available
+* (bug 8054) Return search page for empty search requests with ugly URLs
+* (bug 10572) Force refresh after clearing visitation timestamps on watchlist
+* (bug 10631) Warn when illegal characters are removed from filename at upload
+* Fix several JavaScript bugs under MSIE 5/Macintosh
+* (bug 10591) Use Arabic numerals (0,1,2...) for the Malayam language
+* (bug 10642) Fix shift-click checkbox behavior for Opera 9.0+ and 6.0
+* Work around Safari bug with pages ending in ".gz" or ".tgz"
+* Removed obsolete maintenance/changeuser.sql script; use RenameUser extension
+* (bug 2735) "Preview" shown in title bar for action=submit on special pages
+* Removed "restore" links from the deletion log embedded in Special:Undelete
+* Improved error reporting and robustness for file delete/undelete.
+* Improved speed of file delete by storing the SHA-1 hash in image/oldimage
+* Fixed leading zero in base 36 SHA-1 hash
+* Protection form no longer produces JavaScript errors
+* (bug 10741) File histories show "delete" links for non-sysops
+* (bug 10744) Treat "noarticletext" and "noarticletextanon" as wiki text when
+ used on a non-existent page with "action=info"
+* Fix escaping of raw message text when used on a non-existent page with
+ "action=info"
+* (bug 10683) Fix inconsistent handling of URL-encoded titles in links
+ used in redirects (i.e. they now work)
+* (bug 8878) Changes to $dateFormats in German localization (removing unused,
+ nonexistent formats, putting time after date)
+* (bug 10769) Database::update() should return boolean result
+* Fix preference checkbox display for right-to-left languages which caused
+ them to be hidden in IE in some cases
+* Fix upload form display in right-to-left languages
+* Fixed regression in blocking of username '0'
+* (bug 9437) Don't overwrite edit form submission handler when setting up
+ edit box scroll position preserve/restore behaviour
+* (bug 10805) Fix "undo" link when viewing the diff of the most recent
+ change to a page using "diff=0"
+* (bug 10765) img_auth.php will now refuse logged-out requests where
+ $wgWhitelistRead is undefined, instead of (incorrectly) honouring them
+* Fixed img_auth.php file name extraction for whitelist checking
+* Tweak spacing of email preference display
+* Table sorting JavaScript prefers textContent over innerText to allow hidden
+ sort keys to work on Safari
+* (bug 4530) Fix local name of Kurdish language
+* (bug 10830) Fix local name of Haitian Creole language
+* Fix invalid XHTML in Special:Protectedpages
+* Fix comments in contributions and log pages for right-to-left languages
+* Make installer include_path-independent, so it should work on hosts which
+ disable user setting of PHP include_path setting
+* glob() is horribly unreliable and doesn't work on some systems, including
+ shared hosting. No longer using it in Language::getLanguageNames()
+* (bug 10763) Fix multi-insert logic for PostgreSQL
+* Fix invalid XHTML when viewing a deleted revision
+* Fix syntax error in translations of magic words in Romanian language
+* (bug 8737) Fix warnings caused by incorrect use of `/dev/null` when piping
+ process error output under Windows
+* (bug 7890) Don't list redirects to special pages in Special:BrokenRedirects
+* (bug 10783) Resizing PNG-24 images with GD no longer causes all alpha
+ channel transparency to be lost and transparent pixels to be turned black
+* (bug 9339) General error pages were transforming messages and their parameters
+ in the wrong order
+* (bug 9026) Incorrect heading numbering when viewing Special:Statistics with
+ "auto-numbered headings" enabled
+* Fixed invalid XHTML in Special:Upload
+* (bug 11013) Make sure dl() is available before attempting to use it to check
+ available databases in installer
+* Resizing transparent GIF images with GD now retains transparency by skipping
+ resampling
+* (bug 11065) Fix regression in handling of wiki-formatted EXIF metadata
+* Double encoding broke Special:Newpages for some languages
+* Adding a newline before the statistics footer, to prevent parsing problems
+* Preventing the TOC from appearing in Special:Statistics
+* (bug 11082) Fix check for fully-specced table names in Database::tableName
+* (bug 11067) Fix regression in upload conflict thumbnail display
+* (bug 10985) Resolved cached entries on Special:DoubleRedirects were being
+ supressed, breaking paging - now strikes out "fixed" results
+* (bug 8393) <sup> and <sub> need to be preserved (without attributes) for
+ entries in the table of contents
+* (bug 11114) Fix regression in read-only mode error display during editing
+* Force non-MySQL databases to use an ORDER BY in SpecialAllpages to ensure
+ that the first page_title is truly the first page title.
+* (bug 10836) Change the summary on creating of new section
+* Inclusion of Special:Wantedpages now works again
+== API changes since 1.10 ==
+Full API documentation is available at
+* New properties: links, templates, images, langlinks, categories, external
+ links
+* Breaking Change: imagelinks renamed into imageusage (il->iu)
+* Bug fix: incorrect generator behavior in some cases
+* JSON format allows an optional callback function to wrap the result.
+* Login module disabled until a more secure solution can be implemented
+* (bug 9938) Querying by revision identifier returns the most recent revision
+ for the corresponding page, rather than the requested revision
+* (bug 8772) Filter page revision queries by user
+* (bug 9927) User contributions queries do not accept IP addresses
+* Watchlist feed now reports a proper feed item when the user is not logged in
+* Watchlist feed date bug fixed - automatically shows one last day
+* Watchlist feed now allows to specify number of hours to monitor
+* list=allpages now returns a list instead of a map in JSON format
+* Breaking Change: in json, revisions are now returned as a list, not as a map.
+* Add: prop=info can show page is new flag, current page length, and visit
+ counter.
+* Change: Query watchlist now shows flags only when explicitly requested with
+ wlparam=flags
+* rc_this_oldid (textid) is no longer accessible from query watchlist
+* action=usercontribs: additional filtering by ucshow=; selection of needed
+ fields with ucprop=; the textid (rev_text_id) is no longer being exposed
+* (bug 9970) Breaking Change: backlinks, embeddedin and imageusage now return
+ lists in JSON instead of a map, and do not return anything when titles do
+ not exist
+* (bug 9121) Introduced indexpageids query parameter to list the page_id
+ values of all returned page items
+* (bug 10147) Now interwiki titles are not processed but added to a separate
+ "interwiki" section of the output.
+* Added categorymembers list to query for pages in a category.
+* (bug 10260) Show page protection status
+* (bug 10392) Include MediaWiki version details in version output
+* (bug 10411) Site language in meta=siteinfo
+* (bug 10391) action=help doesn't return help if format is fancy markup
+* backlinks, embeddedin and imageusage lists should use (bl|ei|iu)title parameter
+ instead of titles. Titles for these lists is obsolete and might stop working soon.
+* Added prop=imageinfo - gets image properties and upload history
+* (bug 10211) Added db server replication lag information in meta=siteinfo
+* Added external url search within wiki pages (list=exturlusage)
+* Added link enumeration (list=alllinks)
+* Added registered users enumeration (list=allusers)
+* Added full text search in titles and content (list=search)
+* (bug 10684) Expanded list=allusers functionality
+* Possible breaking change: prop=revisions no longer includes pageid for rvprop=ids
+* Added rvprop=size to prop=revisions (The size will not be shown if it is NULL in the database)
+* list=allpages now allows to filter by article min/max size and protection status
+* Added site statistics (siprop=statistics for meta=siteinfo)
+* (bug 10902) Unable to fetch user contributions from IP addresses
+* `list=usercontribs` no longer requires that the user exist
+* (bug 10971) `aufrom` parameter doesn't work with spaces
+* Fix username handling issue with `auprefix` parameter
+* Treat underscores as spaces for `aufrom` and `auprefix` parameters
+* Added edit/delete/... token retrieval to prop=info
+* Added meta=userinfo - logged-in user information, group membership, rights
+* (bug 11072) Fix regression in API image history query
+* (bug 11115) Adding SHA1 hash to imageinfo query
+* (bug 10898) API does not return an edit token for non-existent pages
+* (bug 10890) Timestamp support for categorymembers query
+* (bug 10980) Add exclude redirects on backlinks
+* IPv6 titles in User namespace are normalized (run cleanupTitles.php to fix any old stray pages)
+== Maintenance script changes since 1.10 ==
+* Add support for wgMaxTocLevel option in parserTests
+* (bug 6823) Disable article view counter in maintenance/dumpHTML.php
+* Fix maintenance/importImages.php so it doesn't barf PHP errors when no
+ suitable files are found, and make the list of extensions an option (defaults
+ to $wgFileExtensions)
+* Add option to maintenance/createAndPromote.php to give the user bureaucrat
+ permissions (--bureaucrat)
+* Allow overwriting existing files with a conflicting name using
+ maintenance/importImages.php
+* (bug 10266) Use native newlines when rebuilding a messages file.
+== Languages updated since 1.10 ==
+* Afrikaans (af)
+* Arabic (ar)
+* Bikol (bcl)
+* Bulgarian (bg)
+* Catalan (ca)
+* Danish (da)
+* German (de)
+* Greek (el)
+* Esperanto (eo)
+* Spanish (es)
+* Estonian (et)
+* Extremaduran (ext)
+* Farsi (fa)
+* Finnish (fi)
+* Vöro (fiu-vro)
+* French (fr)
+* Français Cadien (frc) (new)
+* Franco-Provençal/Arpetan (frp)
+* Galician (gl)
+* Hakka (hak)
+* Hebrew (he)
+* Upper Sorbian (hsb)
+* Haitian (ht)
+* Indonesian (id)
+* Icelandic (is)
+* Italian (it)
+* Japanese (ja)
+* Georgian (ka)
+* Kabyle (kab)
+* Kazakh (kk)
+* Korean (ko)
+* Kinaray-a (krj) (new)
+* Kurdish (ku)
+* Latin (la)
+* Lao (lo)
+* Lithuanian (lt)
+* Latviešu (lv)
+* Malayalam (ml)
+* Bahasa Melayu (ms)
+* Burmese (my)
+* Low German (nds)
+* Dutch (nl)
+* Norwegian (no)
+* Occitan (oc)
+* Punjabi (Gurmukhi) (pa)
+* Polish (pl)
+* Piedmontese (pms)
+* Portuguese (pt)
+* Romani (rmy)
+* Romanian (ro)
+* Aromanian (roa-rup)
+* Russian (ru)
+* Sakha (sah)
+* Sango (se) (new)
+* Slovak (sk)
+* Slovenian (sl)
+* Shona (sn)
+* Somali (so)
+* Albanian (sq)
+* Sundanese (su)
+* Swedish (sv)
+* Tamil (ta)
+* Thai (th)
+* Tigrinya (ti)
+* Setswana (tn)
+* Tok Pisin (tpi)
+* Uyghur (ug)
+* Volapük (vo)
+* Winaray (war) (new)
+* Yiddish (yi)
+* Old Chinese / Late Middle Chinese (zh-classical)
+* Chinese (PRC) (zh-cn)
+* Chinese (Taiwan) (zh-tw)
+* Cantonese (zh-yue)
== MediaWiki 1.10 ==
This is the Spring 2007 branch release of MediaWiki.
@@ -4501,10 +5089,10 @@ For notes on 1.3.x and older releases, see HISTORY.
=== Online documentation ===
Documentation for both end-users and site administrators is currently being
-built up on Meta-Wikipedia, and is covered under the GNU Free Documentation
+built up on, and is covered under the GNU Free Documentation
=== Mailing list ===
@@ -4512,10 +5100,10 @@ License:
A MediaWiki-l mailing list has been set up distinct from the Wikipedia
wikitech-l list:
A low-traffic announcements-only list is also available:
It's highly recommended that you sign up for one of these lists if you're
going to run a public MediaWiki, so you can be notified of security fixes.