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Update to MediaWiki 1.25.2
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@@ -1840,6 +1840,11 @@ $param: Associative Array with the following additional options:
"&lt;div ...>$1&lt;/div>").
- flags Integer display flags (NO_ACTION_LINK,NO_EXTRA_USER_LINKS)
+'LogException': Called before an exception (or PHP error) is logged. This is meant for integration
+with external error aggregation services; returning false will NOT prevent logging.
+$e: The exception (in case of a plain old PHP error, a wrapping ErrorException)
+$suppressed: true if the error was suppressed via error_reporting()/wfSuppressWarnings()
'LoginAuthenticateAudit': A login attempt for a valid user account either
succeeded or failed. No return data is accepted; this hook is for auditing only.
$user: the User object being authenticated against