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@@ -2,13 +2,18 @@ Some information about database access in MediaWiki.
By Tim Starling, January 2006.
+ Database layout
-For a database API reference, please see the auto-generated
+For information about the MediaWiki database layout, such as a
+description of the tables and their contents, please see:
To make a read query, something like this usually suffices:
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@@ -286,6 +286,10 @@ $isminor: minor flag
$iswatch: watch flag
$section: section #
+'AuthPluginSetup': update or replace authentication plugin object ($wgAuth)
+Gives a chance for an extension to set it programattically to a variable class.
+&$auth: the $wgAuth object, probably a stub
'AutoAuthenticate': called to authenticate users on external/environmental means
$user: writes user object to this parameter
@@ -309,6 +313,10 @@ $diff: DifferenceEngine object that's calling
$oldRev: Revision object of the "old" revision (may be null/invalid)
$newRev: Revision object of the "new" revision
+'EditPage::attemptSave': called before an article is
+saved, that is before insertNewArticle() is called
+&$editpage_Obj: the current EditPage object
'EditFormPreloadText': Allows population of the edit form when creating new pages
&$text: Text to preload with
&$title: Title object representing the page being created
@@ -408,6 +416,17 @@ my talk page, my contributions" etc).
&$personal_urls: Array of link specifiers (see SkinTemplate.php)
&$title: Title object representing the current page
+'PingLimiter': Allows extensions to override the results of User::pingLimiter()
+&$user : User performing the action
+$action : Action being performed
+&$result : Whether or not the action should be prevented
+Change $result and return false to give a definitive answer, otherwise
+the built-in rate limiting checks are used, if enabled.
+'PreferencesUserInformationPanel': Add HTML bits to user information list in preferences form
+$form : PreferencesForm object
+&$html : HTML to append to
'SiteNoticeBefore': Before the sitenotice/anonnotice is composed
&$siteNotice: HTML returned as the sitenotice
Return true to allow the normal method of notice selection/rendering to work,
@@ -437,6 +456,17 @@ $article: article object to be removed
$user: user that was watching
$article: article object removed
+'UploadForm:initial': before the upload form is generated
+$form: UploadForm object
+You might set the member-variables $uploadFormTextTop and
+$uploadFormTextAfterSummary to inject text (HTML) either before
+or after the editform.
+'UploadForm:BeforeProcessing': at the beginning of processUpload()
+$form: UploadForm object
+Lets you poke at member variables like $mUploadDescription before the
+file is saved.
'UploadVerification': additional chances to reject an uploaded file
string $saveName: destination file name
string $tempName: filesystem path to the temporary file for checks
@@ -488,9 +518,10 @@ $article: article object that was watched
$catpage: CategoryPage instance
'SkinTemplateContentActions': after building the $content_action array right
- before returning it, see content_action.php in
- the extension module for a demonstration of how
- to use this hook.
+ before returning it, see Content_action.php in
+ the extensions/examples/ directory
+ ( )
+ for a demonstration of how to use this hook.
$content_actions: The array of content actions
'BeforePageDisplay': Called just before outputting a page (all kinds of,