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@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@
- "The Evil IP address"
+ "The Evil IP address",
+ "Umherirrender"
"spam-blacklist": "See also: [[MediaWiki:spam-whitelist]] and [[MediaWiki:captcha-addurl-whitelist]]. You can translate the text, including 'Leave this line exactly as it is'. Some lines of this messages have one (1) leading space.",
@@ -17,10 +18,13 @@
"spam-blacklisted-email-text": "Text of errorpage when trying to send an e-mail with a blacklisted e-mail address",
"spam-blacklisted-email-signup": "Error when trying to create an account with an invalid e-mail address",
"spam-invalid-lines": "Used as an error message.\n\nThis message is followed by a list of bad lines.\n\nParameters:\n* $1 - the number of bad lines",
- "spam-blacklist-desc": "{{desc|name=Spam Blacklist|url=}}",
+ "spam-blacklist-desc": "{{desc|name=Spam Blacklist|url=}}",
"log-name-spamblacklist": "Name of log that appears on [[Special:Log]].",
"log-description-spamblacklist": "Description of spam blacklist log",
"logentry-spamblacklist-hit": "Log entry that is created when a user adds a link that is blacklisted on the spam blacklist.\n\n{{logentry}}\nAdditional parameters:\n* $4 - the URL the user tried to add",
"right-spamblacklistlog": "{{doc-right|spamblacklistlog}}",
- "action-spamblacklistlog": "{{doc-action|spamblacklistlog}}"
+ "action-spamblacklistlog": "{{doc-action|spamblacklistlog}}",
+ "apihelp-spamblacklist-description": "{{doc-apihelp-description|spamblacklist}}",
+ "apihelp-spamblacklist-param-url": "{{doc-apihelp-param|spamblacklist|url}}",
+ "apihelp-spamblacklist-example-1": "{{doc-apihelp-example|spamblacklist}}"