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-- Create the new pagelinks table to merge links and brokenlinks data,
-- and populate it.
-- Unlike the old links and brokenlinks, these records will not need to be
-- altered when target pages are created, deleted, or renamed. This should
-- reduce the amount of severe database frustration that happens when widely-
@@ -19,14 +19,14 @@
CREATE TABLE /*$wgDBprefix*/pagelinks (
-- Key to the page_id of the page containing the link.
pl_from int unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
-- Key to page_namespace/page_title of the target page.
-- The target page may or may not exist, and due to renames
-- and deletions may refer to different page records as time
-- goes by.
pl_namespace int NOT NULL default '0',
pl_title varchar(255) binary NOT NULL default '',
UNIQUE KEY pl_from(pl_from,pl_namespace,pl_title),
KEY (pl_namespace,pl_title)